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Batfamily Skyrim Adventure

Special thanks to @audreycritter for kindling this monstrosity

So for some reason all the fam gets thrown into the world of Skyrim, but they all get placed in different sections of the map.Hilarity and Confusion ensues.

Damian ends up around Falkreath

Bruce in the middle of Riften

Jason on the road to Helgen

Dick outside Aftand 

Steph in the middle of the plains in Whiterun Hold

Tim in the marshes around Dawnstar

Barb and Cass in Markarth

And Finally Alfred in the middle of Whiterun

So Bruce immediately is like “Oh God it’s Gotham no” and leaves immediately. He has kids to find. None of this norse scottish viking bullshit. Everyone he passes on the road gives him weird looks or tries to attack him because he looks like a goddamn Demon with how he is dressed. He ends up looting the clothes off some guy he knocked out who was trying to rob him. He looks ridiculous in fur btw. 

By this point Dick has ventured into Aftand and is making his way to Blackreach, sneaking past all the falmer and HACKING his way to the Elder Scroll cause he thought it looked cool. 

Jason immediately gets arrested and thrown into the wagon heading to Helgen. He sees Alduin in the distance coming closer and nopes the fuck out and runs, ending up in Ivarstead where he chills out for a bit. 

Cass and Barb stop the murder attempt at the Markarth market and try to solve the case but get thrown into Cidhna Mine Prison. They escape with the Forsworn and hang with them. Viva La Revolution bitches. 

Steph wanders around avoiding the local wildlife until she stumbles into Whiterun and gets into a drinking contest with Sam. She ends up all over the place after that night of “fun”. 

Dick ends up in Ivarstead and finds Jason heading up the mountain. They travel up and just.. leave the Elder Scroll with the Greybeards? Who are confused as hell??? 

Tim finds the Kahjit caravan outside Dawnstar and decides to tag along with them. They obviously know where they are going. When Dick and Jason find him they are like “You fucking furry”. The Kahjits are confused. More confusion comes their way when the trio see Steph sprinting across the land but she ignores them cause apparently shes MARRIED???? 

Meanwhile Bruce gets attacked by an assassin with a Dark Brotherhood note that says “Father, I have found my people. -Damian”. Bruce is having an migraine as we speak. 

The boys find Cass and Barb after getting attacked by forsworn and soon after end up in Whiterun with Alfred, who is hanging out in Dragonsreach scolding the Jarl’s gremlin children. 

Damian is still MIA but Bruce still keeps getting notes from failed assassination attempts telling his father how cool everything in the brotherhood is. Bruce finds Steph after a whlle and she’s like “Hey guess what I can summon a Demon now”

A few days later Damian ends up in Whiterun. “Yeah so things got weird after a corspe talked to me. Also this is Shadowmare. I’m keeping it.”

After a less than eventful family reunion, Turns out Alfred is the dragonborn.

Fus Roh Dah gentlemen.


                    ❝ He should be DEAD within thirty seconds. The W E R E W O L F heart is about two-thirds the size of a human’s ; but, in order to shrink, first, it has to stop. In other words, he has a heart attack. All the internal organs are smaller; so, while he’s having his heart attack, he’s having a liver and kidney failure too, & if he stops screaming, it’s not because the pain has dulled : his throat, gullet, & vocal chords are tearing & reforming. He literally can’t make a sound. By now, the pituitary gland should be working overtime, flooding his body with endorphins to ease some of the pain, but that, too, has SHUT DOWN. Anyone else would have died of S H O C K long ago, but IT won’t let him. & that’s the thing I find most remarkable : IT drags him through FIRE and keeps him alive & even conscious to ENDURE every second. Nothing like this could just evolve ; this is the fingerprint of God, an IMPOSSIBLE, LETHAL curse, spread by tooth and claw. VICTIM BEGETS VICTIM BEGETS VICTIM. It’s so cruel, it’s… perfect.  ❞    

                                                     I N D E P E N D E N T O C R O L E P L A Y 

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Final Fantasy
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The Lord of the Rings
The legend of Zelda

Snapshot Interpretations of Fandoms

DC (cinematic verse): I’m Batman. 

Dishonored: *a brief smirk and a knowing nod of acknowledgement*

Disney: I am happy and prepared to dissect this down to its bitter core.

Doctor Who: *excited screaming* I swear it makes sense!

Dragon Age: Anger has become me.

Dreamworks: I am torn between childish glee and crushing adult understanding.

Harry Potter: We’re still here! Dumbledore’s army is still strong!

Last of Us: *clutches heart with tears in eyes*

Lord of the Rings: Aesthetics! - but the book was better.

Marvel (cinematic verse): *slides on shades* Tight clothes and gymnastics. *smirks*

Mass Effect: I wait, and I hunger.

Sherlock: Benebidit Cumberbambesh! 

Skyrim: You thought that was weird, well… 

Supernatural: We’re miserable, but we’re happy about it.

Teen Wolf: We don’t ponder too deeply on canon for a reason.
Walking Dead: That was really brutal, but now I will make a pun, Carl.


Game of Thrones 

Orange is the New Black

Legend of Korra/Avatar the Last Air bender 

Attack on Titan

Harry Potter

Hunger Games


YouTubers Such As: Mianite, omgitsFireFoxx, ldshadowlady, Emma Blackerry, Dan and Phil, ect.





Dragon Age

Mass Effect  

Taylor Swift

Fall Out Boy


Angel Beats

Sailor Moon

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ID #91122

Name: Kimmy
Age: 16
Country: USA

I’m a very quiet person who enjoys reading and writing fanfiction during my leisure. I love computer games like Sims 3 and Skyrim, as Well as Mass effect and Dragon age inquisition. My favorite music genres are folk, Indie (some), rock (soft and heavy), pop and classical. I am a huge fan of Marvel and DC comics, anything Tolkien, and Metalocalypse. My favorite books/ book series are Charlie Bone, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Murkmere, The Graveyard book, and Clan of the Cavebear.

Unfortunately, I only know English, but hope to learn Spanish soon. I consider myself kind, and very open-minded!

I’ve never had a pen pal, so I thought it would be a nice learning experience.

Preferences: I would prefer people who are not bias or prejudice against those of the lgbt community, or minorities. I do not care about gender, but ages 14-18.

I’d like to converse via online, but snail mail may be considered later.

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