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DC Signature Collection [2013] action figure reviews:
Saint Walker

This has been one of my most wanted DC Universe Classics figures for a long, long time. Finally we have the Hal Jordan of the Blue Lanterns, the first to wield the blue spectrum of Hope (besides the First Lantern… shhh!); Saint Walker! Walker has the power to create constructs that calm his targets, to drain members of the Sinestro corps power rings, the power to heal and most spectacularly; to super charge Green Lantern rings, making him an ideal partner for a GL!

Real name; Bro’dee Walker (making him sound somewhat like a Californian surfer) uses the same base body as the latest version of DCUC Sinestro, with new sculpted forearms, hands and of course; head. The paint job fits really well next to Blue Lantern Flash and is hard to fault. His skin tone is really nice and seems to be dead-on what we expected from the Blue corpsman.

As with all DCUC figures, he has excellent articulation; the standard 23 points, plus, one point of articulation on the tail from his head which makes so much difference and gives many more options in his poseability! Saint Walker comes with a recast of the same Blue Lantern that came with the Flash, but with a slightly duller paint job, lending the feel that all lanterns, erm, lanterns are individual!

Saint Walker is a must for any big fan of the Green Lantern wing of the DC Universe… finally we have someone to join Blue Lantern Flash and represent hope through the Blackest Night. With one more of our Lantern leaders checked off the list, we are now only needing Larfleeze (who we’re expecting later this year) and Indigo-1 to complete the collection. But for now, we’ll have to be content with the addition of Saint Walker as the latest, most important member of Kyle Rayner’s New Guardians! Get this figure and “all will be well!”