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“My name is Barry Allen. And I am the fastest man alive.

Ezra Miller as The Flash, BVS (2016) - SS (2016) - Justice League (2017)

To those who complain about Harley being ‘too sexy’ in Batman and Harley Quinn.

Are you people forgetting that Bruce Timm co created the character? This isn’t the first time that he has done sexy related things with the character. He’s drawn pin-ups of Harley 

And stuff that is considered nsfw material with Harley. 

If you guys think complaining about this is going to do anything, you really need a chill pill. Dont like it? Don’t look at it. Its bad enough there are people complaining about this in this day in age. Not everything has to be ‘for kids’, and not all artists draw just one for audience. 


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He was looking directly at you. His blue eyes taking you all in. There was something so fascinating about his gaze that sent shiver down your spine.
He knew he had your attention and gave you a wide grin. It screamed evil.
Your heart raising the moment you noticed him standing up from his table and hopping in your direction. He sat on a bench across from you still having Cheshire Cat’s wicked smile on his handsome face.
“Hi Gorgeous, I’m Jerome. So what a pretty lil thing like you is doing in a terrible place like this?”


No one asked for late night doodles but here I am uploading them anyway. Just wanted to do a personal take on them. Evidently, my take on them is mainly BTAS with hints of other iterations. I dig it. Have a good week ahead folks. :)

For @stephanieebrown in celebration of her beautiful new hair and my 200 followers.  Prompt was ‘timkon’

The Gotham air is cool on his face and Tim Drake feels like he’s dreaming.

Bruce is yelling something in his ear (stop please don’t do it) and he distractedly reaches up and tugs the comm out, lets it fall to the rooftop beneath his feet.

Tim can hear the whine of the drones as they rocket towards him, and it bothers him a lot less than it should.  They’ll be on him in a minute.  Maybe a minute, maybe less.

It doesn’t matter.

The thought strikes him so suddenly that he frowns, pauses.  

Of course it matters.  This is a sacrifice.  He’s seventeen for God’s sake.  He’s seventeen and he has college and Steph and the Titans and-

And it still doesn’t matter.  None of this is right, it all feels so wrong, and it’s only now that he’s about to die that he really notices.  It feels like a dream, it feels like it doesn’t matter because…

Because it’s not real?  

No, that’s not quite right.

Because he’s not real.

That doesn’t make any sense, and yet instinct tells him it’s the correct answer.  

But how can Tim not be real?  He’s Timothy Jackson Drake (real name buried, forgotten as best as possible) and he was Batman’s partner for a little less than a year as Red Robin.  He’s a genius, a hacker, a prodigy, and he’s going to take a break from being a hero to go to college.  He exists, just ask Steph or Jason or Cassie.  

And yet, there’s a small, cynical voice in him that just thinks, Wrong, wrong wrong.

Only now it really doesn’t matter because the drones are on him.  

Tim twirls his bo staff.  He hopes that he can maybe take some of them out before they get him, before it all ends.

(He doesn’t really bother to think about the ending.  It doesn’t matter it it hurts or if it’s quick or if there’s a bright white light or absolutely nothing.)

Everything seems to slow down.

Something’s hurtling towards him, past the drones.  Some of the drones are exploding, but not all of them, and the ones that are still active shoot.  Every single shot carefully aimed to take Tim down.  

The blur that’s made it past the drones crashes into Tim, arms are wrapping around him, there’s a familiar scent of leather and hay and home, someone is yelling, “Robin!”

Instinct takes over, like this is something he’s done a hundred times before.  He pulls his arms and legs in, making himself as small as possible.  Somehow he knows that he doesn’t have to worry about the body wrapped around him, he doesn’t have to be afraid that all the drones are firing on this person instead.  It will be okay.

The warm blast from a chain of explosions hits his face, and Tim knows it’s okay to look up.

The boy who’s holding him is achingly familiar, even though Tim’s never seen him before in his life.  He looks kind of like Superboy, but his hair is shorter, his face less angular.  His eyes aren’t as angry.

Besides, Superboy is gone.

The wreckage of the drones burns around them, and this beautiful boy lets out an agonized sigh, even as he smiles. “You stupid self-sacrificing bastard.”

And the words make Tim’s heart pound, make him realize there’s a warm happy glow in his stomach.

This is real.  This matters.

“I don’t remember you,” Tim says.  Because he knows this boy, somehow, some way.  Of that he’s sure.   

There’s a flicker of hurt in the boy’s eyes, and something in Tim flinches at the idea that he has hurt him.  But the look is gone in an instant, replaced by relief and a wild, uncontainable joy.

“That’s okay,” the boy says.  He smiles at Tim and it’s like the world has dropped out from under his feet.  “I’m Kon.”

“Clone boy,” Tim says.  He has no idea what the words mean or why they come out of his mouth so easily.  All he knows is that it feels like something has come loose in his chest, that he can breathe again, and it feels like he hasn’t been breathing in a very long time.

Kon’s hands are still on Tim’s shoulders and he looks like the sun has come out after years and years of rain.  “I’ve been looking for you a long time.”

This is real.

This matters.

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this is the whole plot.

Cinematic Masterpiece - Damian Wayne x Reader (Inked Soulmates AU)

(A/N - This is the first installment of my soulmates series! Let me know if you guys want to see a part two for this one!)

The day his older brothers saw the tattoo on his collar bone was debatably the worst day in Damian Wayne’s life. Jason was in tears and Dick was just about pissing himself with laughter.

“I have to be dreaming,” Jason cackled, “because there is no way that God himself would bless me like this.”

“I have to meet this girl. Holy crap,” said Dick, barely choking down his laughter long enough to speak at all. Damian scowled.

TT,” he huffed. When Tim entered the room, Damian didn’t have time to cover the words on his skin before the older boy saw them.

“You guys have got to be shitting me,” Tim said. “This is a joke, right?” When Dick and Jason started shaking their heads, Damian turned a dark shade of crimson.

“Mother of God. Just to clarify, you’re going to find your soulmate, and the first thing you’ll ever hear them say is ‘screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece?’” he asked. Damian nodded slowly. Tim snorted, his laughs immediately being joined by Jason’s.

“Well, guys, at least his soulmate has good taste,” Dick offered. Jason scoffed and Tim responded with a sarcastic “Yeah, right.

“Shut up, Drake. You too, Todd,” Damian said, hoping that they would leave it. They most certainly did not.

Damian sat alone on a park bench. A few weeks had passed, but the relentless teasing from his brothers hadn’t. He glanced at his watch, realizing that he couldn’t sit alone forever (regardless of how much he preferred his own company to Drake’s). He started walking over the cracked pavement, listening in on the group of three girls walking directly behind him.

“I agree, that guy back there did literally look like a discount Troy Bolton,” one insisted.

“Jesus Christ, girl. You two have problems, your bad taste in movies being one of them,” one said, giggling. Damian could swear he heard the bell from a bicycle as the third girl chimed in.

“Screw you, High School Musical is a cinematic masterpiece!” He didn’t have time to process what he had heard before he saw the bike coming.

“Look out!” he shouted, turning around and pulling a girl out of its path. Her friends, who had been standing further back, watched the passing bike in shock before turning to face him. He didn’t realize that he had yet to release the girl from his arms until he heard a small “whoa”. He let her go, hands lingering on her shoulders. She pulled up her sleeve, glancing at the tattoo on her bicep. Damian saw it as well - Look out! He wordlessly unbuttoned the top of his shirt, revealing his collarbone. She gasped.

“It’s you,” he said quietly, getting a better look at her face. Is it even possible for a person to look so perfect? he thought.

“I-I’m Y/N, Y/N L/N,” you greeted.

“Damian Wayne. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”  

“Holy crap, Y/N, your soulmate is hot!” one friend gushed. The other slapped her arm, excusing them both.

“We’ll give you some alone time,” she said. You chuckled as they walked away, taking Damian’s hand into your own.

“So, Damian Wayne, tell me about yourself,” you said. Damian shrugged.

“Well, to start, don’t ever tell my brothers, but I think I have to agree with you… High School Musical is, in fact, a cinematic masterpiece.”