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Food arguments

A/n: requested by anon. I’m sorry, I know that you probably wanted the reader in this but I figured Tim would work out better.
Description: Jason and Dick are fighting over food and Tim makes the argument worse.

Bruce heard the loud crash from the kitchen. He was about to go run down to stop whatever it was but then he heard the shouting. He let out a muffled groan and buried his face in the pillow. “Why couldn’t I have normal children?”

(I dunno Bruce maybe because normal children don’t patrol Gotham at night)

It had all started out as the usual morning, except for the fact that Jason was there. He had stayed the night after being stabbed on patrol. So when he went downstairs to eat, he wasn’t in the best of moods.

Dick was sitting there happily munching on his cereal. Jason walked by him and muttered under his breath as he started grabbing some bread to have for breakfast.

“What did you say little wing?” Dick asked when he notice Jason’s lips moving. His brother rolled his eyes.

“Nothing.” He answered. “Other than the fact that you only ever eat cereal, moron.” He mumbled. Unfortunately for him, Dick had the hearing of a bat. (Pun intended)

“Says the man who only eats bread. At least cereal is flavorful. Your bread just tastes bland.” He retorted. Jaosn whirled around.

“Excuse you, but there are many different flavors of bread! You’re just too stupid to realize that and know that it’s better than cereal!“ He shouted.

“Cereal is delicious and colorful! It’s healthy for you too!”

“You call that sugared up bowl of garbage healthy? It’s terrible, especially when you put milk in it! Bread is healthier than that over-commercialized shit!”

Tim had just entered the room. He could see them arguing and he just turned around and tried to leave. Sadly, his brothers noticed.

“Tim! Get over here and tell Jason that cereal is better!”

“Timbers! Come on, you’re smart! Tell dickhead over here how much better bread is!”

Tim sighed and glared at them. No wonder I’m considered the smart one… “Guys, I’m too tired for this. Why don’t you ask demon spawn or someone?”

Jason snorted. “You’re always tired, replacement. Besides, you’re here so just answer the damn question. Bread or cereal?” Jason leaned closer. “Vote for bread.” He whispered.

Dick tackled him. “Stop trying to corrupt his answer! It’s cereal.” Thus they both began shouting bread and cereal at each other. Tim pinched his nose to try and delay the headache.

They both looked over at him at the same time. “TIM, TELL HIM THAT HE IS BEING STUPID AND IM RIGHT!!!” They yelled in unison.

Tim snapped. He only wanted a peaceful morning with his coffee but no, the world was too mean for him to have that on little thing. “NEITHER! COFFEE IS BETTER THAN EITHER OF THEM!!!”

That set off a whole new round of arguing. “Coffee isn’t food, it doesn’t count!” Dick yelled. The Tim shouted that it did and Jason randomly yelled an insult, it just went downhill fast.

Damian couldn’t take it anymore. He had been minding his business is his room on the third floor when he heard yelling. He had put his headphones on and cranked them high but he still heard the fighting. Eventually he could hear the argument better then his (suggested) heavy metal music on the highest volume.

He stomped down the stairs to the ground floor and slammed the door open. There he saw Dick on the floor, Jason standing on his back waving an uncut loaf of bread around like it was a sword, and Tim cradling his coffee in one hand, and Dick’s cereal in the other.

Pure pandemonium.

“WILL YOU ALL SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET THE REST OF US HAVE SOME PEACE AND QUIET OR DO I NEED TO USE MY KATANA TO GET IT?!?!?!” Damian shouted. He stormed back up the stairs, leaving his brothers in the kitchen.

From then on, no one is allowed to criticize anyone else’s food choices or risk world war three starting. But, there were no rules on anyone’s cooking skills. That’s another story for another time.

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This was a request bribe from my dear friend @buckmebxrnes, who’s been drowning in this ship and taking the rest of us down with them.

My Captain America Edits / Li’s Delicious WinterSuperCap Ficlet Filth

To solve their marital differences between the Marvel and DC rivalry, Mr. and Mrs. Pond have issued a dance battle. It’s safe to say Mrs. Pond has learned well from her time guarding the galaxy with Starlord, while Mr. Pond looks a wee bit out of his time.

The Marvel vs. DC rivalry 100% has to stop.

I’m so sick of seeing “Thor: Ragnarok trailer has more views than Justice League.”  Or “Spider-Man: Homecoming is gonna surpass Wonder Woman at the box office.”  


Both franchises have their pros and cons.  Stop painting Marvel to be this wonderful franchise with flawless films (because honestly, there are a few I could name that were stupid and unnecessary but I will not mention so as to avoid hate).  DC is just starting their universe and doing their own thing.  Stop blaming Zack Snyder for “ruining the franchise.”

As a fan of film, pop culture, etc., I love both franchises.  I will go see their films opening weekend at the box office because I like to be entertained and I like to go to the movies.  It’s a way to escape from reality for 2+ hours.  Why can’t we all just enjoy that instead of fighting over which franchise is better?

anonymous asked:

Dick and Jason were like "screw this mindless antagonistic rivalry DC keeps forcing us into for drama. We're going to move on and be bros". Tim and Damian have yet to mature or figure out how to escape this dreaded status quo. Actually no. Damian has seemed to have gotten over it. But then DC decided Tim has to be creepy and probably blame Damian for things he had no control over.

If Tim goes in like “you have no right to be Batman/you’ll be a shitty Batman so I’m the one who needs to take over Bruce’s legacy” Damian is gonna sharpen a katana on his bones in no time. Which would be ironic since the attempted murder is exactly what’s lacking between them in the current continuity, along with a good reason for them to hate each other.

Idk, this looks like one big mess I really would like to live without. 

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Tim and Damian being de-aged and being tiny koalas to Jay and Dick's back and slapping each other as soon as they can reach.

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO. askljdljfafa OHMYGOSH I can see them just glaring at each other while just hanging off of their respective koala moms and Jay and Dick are just TRYING TO HAVE A NICE CONVERSATION ABOUT THE PAINS OF BEING BROTHERS and they have to be careful not to get too close because the last time they did that, Damian knocked out one of Tim’s baby teeth, and Damian still has a bald spot from Tim.

then they get to grow up and Dick and Jay have to put the two boys on baby leashes and Dami’s is a bat (obv) and Tim’s gets to be a lion because he is braver than Damian, no matter what Damian says.

An Extremely Short History of Mary Marvel

I saw at least one question asking “Who is Mary Marvel?” in response to my recent posts, so here’s an extremely short history lesson!

When Mary Batson says the name of the wizard Shazam, magic lightning turns her into Mary Marvel, the world’s mightiest girl, with powers imbued by six goddesses! (Mostly flying, punching, and invulnerability.) She’s the twin sister of Billy Batson, who becomes the mighty Captain Marvel when he utters the name of Shazam.

Mary debuted in Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942), making her one of the first classic superheroines and one of the first female spinoffs of a male hero — and about 10 years earlier than Supergirl first appeared. 

Mary Marvel was extremely popular in the 1940s, with a fan club and mail-order fashion club and everything. She regularly appeared across three or four different titles, including Mary Marvel Comics, Wow Comics, and Whiz Comics. Like her brother, she has a cheesy goody-two-shoes personality, but she’s scrappy and quick to throw a punch.

The Captain Marvel/Shazam family comics were originally published by Fawcett Comics (no relation to the Marvel Comics of today). Fawcett had a fierce rivalry with DC Comics throughout the 1940s, as the more lighthearted, cartoony Captain Marvel began outselling Superman! The rivalry was so fierce that DC sued Fawcett for copyright infringement, claiming that Captain Marvel was an illegal ripoff of Superman.

DC won their long legal battle in 1951, causing Fawcett to go out of business. All Marvel Family books were cancelled — thus ensuring Superman’s place as the pre-eminent American superhero. 

DC later bought the rights to the Captain Marvel family in the 1970s and gradually integrated the characters into the DC universe. 

But! In the legal limbo after DC shut down Fawcett, Marvel Comics swooped in and created their own completely unrelated character called “Captain Marvel” and trademarked the name. So DC’s version of the old Fawcett character eventually became known only as “Shazam.”

It wasn’t until the 1990s that Jerry Ordway fully rebooted the entire Shazam family for DC in Power of Shazam! — and Mary Marvel enjoyed a brief heyday as a strong supporting character, now wearing a white costume.

Of course, DC in the 2000s … was not kind to their good-natured B-list properties, so Mary Marvel got a black costume, got beat up, went into a coma, got possessed by an evil god, turned evil and … I dunno, it gets very dark and overwrought and honestly I have not kept up with DC Comics very much in recent years.

But I hear that Mary Marvel has appeared in some newer Justice League books since DC’s reboot in 2011. I myself have not read them.

—Top image from Captain Marvel Adventures #18 (1942) by Otto Binder & Marc Swayze

Dc, or Marvel? (Tom Holland X reader)

anon said: Could you do reader x Tom Holland where reader is on the flash tv show and in an interview Tom gets asked about DC and Marvel rivalry
A/N: ok so I was working on this for a while, and I realized that my writing is getting so much better! ( except for this one 😭) I have been in a slump😭😭😭please send in requests! Okay I love you. Oh yeah and the reader and Tom are going to be saying in this one okay?

“So Tom, you’re girlfriend is in the flash TV show correct?”
“Yeah, yeah she is” Tom says, smiling.
“Well if you don’t mind me asking, what are your opinions on it?”
“Well I mean, Y/N has been in it since it aired. I love the plot of the show, and there are so many paths the show could take. It is how Y/N and I met after all,”
He pauses trying to find what exactly he was going to say.
“I love the show. It’s really great.”
He laughs a bit.
“What are you opinions on the DC and Marvel rivalry?”
“Umm, well it is clear that I work for Marvel. But I still love DC, I mean it’s really interesting. Comparing it to marvel, in my opinion, it’s just as great. Like, that is probably the biggest rivalry in this century. But I am neutral. I love them both.”
You smile at Tom through the tv. 
“Well that’s all the questions we have for you today.”
“Thank you for having me.”
The TV switches right to commercials.
You sigh, sinking back into your couch.
‘I guess he really does like DC just as much as Marvel.’
You think to yourself.