dc redesigns...sorta


Was scrolling through @bikiniarmorbattledamage and was inspired to do a couple of redesigns. First is Cat from Gravity Rush (which I’ll confess I haven’t played and it seems kinda fun but how does that outfit even work) and second is Wonder Woman because I saw what she looks like in the movies and just thought ugh.

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This October, Damian Wayne takes over the Teen Titans, aided in part by the incoming creative team of Benjamin Percy and Jonboy Meyers — who will debut the new-look version of the team in October’s “Teen Titans” #1. And it really is a new-look version of the team, as artist Meyers has decided to overhaul everything — not just the characters and their costumes, but Titans Tower, the Titans’ jumpship and more. Whilst keeping an eye to the classic designs and ideas of artists like George Pérez, Meyers’ take on the team looks to update the characters whilst paying tribute to their past. (CBR)