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  • Remus: ...Sirius, what's that on Harry's head?
  • Sirius: Hmm? His scar? Don't talk about his scar, Remus, he get's very self conscious-
  • Remus: Not the scar, you dolt, what did you put on the baby's head?
  • Sirius: First of all, I am INSULTED that you would insinuate I would do anything to the precious little fawn-
  • Remus: *Pushes Harry's hair off of his forehead*
  • Sirius: Second of all -
  • Sirius: -they're a great band
  • DC Fans: Suicide Squad was awesome I can't wait for Wonder Woman next year
  • DC: hey we're already giving you a movie about the most iconic female superhero of all time, but since you liked the Squad so much how about we start planning a couple solo movies about the female lead and the POC lead even though it's only been a few months?
  • Marvel Fans: it's been nearly a decade since Natasha Romanoff first arrived in the MCU and we still would really love a solo movie about her, could you please take our wishes into account?
  • Marvel: Tony Stark in Spider-Man Homecoming!!

Comic Book Meme: [2/5] favorite FEMALE characters: Cassandra Cain

 “But you are not what they made you be. You are something more. You are what you choose to be […] You aren’t a monster, that’s what they tried to make you but it didn’t work. You are a hero. Because that’s the path you took yourself.”

You’re Pre-Med Right?

Prompt: Could you write a story where Jason moves in with the reader as a roommate and over time they get really close?

Words: 576

AN: I really like how this turned out. Not too long, but not too sweet or mushy gushy either. I feel like it’s a bit more on the edgy side of things i write, but what do I know? I’m probably the least edgy person there ever was.

You move in with him, because you’re desperate. Your former roommate tells you that her boyfriend is moving in and that you need to be out in three days, or she’s dumping your stuff in the hallway. She seemed so normal during that first meet and greet too.

Jason comes to your rescue. You’ve known each other since your days on the streets. You both found a way out; him through Bruce Wayne, you through working your ass off for that scholarship to Gotham University, a full ride thanks to tennis. You’ve stayed in touch over the years, and he offers the moment he sees your rant on Facebook.

You’re a bit worried about living with a guy. You’ve never lived with one before and you hear that they can be gross. Two days in, you realize it won’t be a problem. He works during the day, comes home for a few hours, before going out. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. You only know that he’s still there because he leaves his dishes in the sink. He never brings anyone home, and you never hear him come in. You find this strange since you’re such a light sleeper.

One night, you resolve to stay up until he gets home. It reminds you of trying to catch Santa Claus as a kid. You stay up really late, but thanks to a tiring day of classes and work, you fall asleep to Golden Girls rerun by 10 pm. Despite this fact, you wake up in bed, carefully tucked in. Your curiosity grows.

It becomes one of your new obsessions. It reminds you of getting addicted to a really good T.V. show, or trying to figure out who the killer is in a book before it’s revealed. You finally catch him about six months in, and you only catch him because he’s bleeding EVERYWHERE.

You come home from a night out with friends and there he is, bleeding on your couch, and dressed in a suit you’ve only seen in the papers. You don’t even hesitate when he looks up at you and says, “You’re pre-med, right?”

You spend the next several hours stitching him up with whatever he has on hand; whisky for sterilizing, and pain control, a not so sharp needle, and a first aid kit that is so sparse it makes you want to throw a tantrum. Still, you listen as he tells you his story, including the dying parts, killing parts, and not being on great terms with his family parts.

It hits you the next day, as you’re buying a decked out first aid kit that you’re living with someone who kills people. You don’t freak out like a normal person, you just buy an extra first aid kit.

Jason starts spending more time at home after that. You come home to him sprawled out on the couch, or sometimes cleaning his guns, and various weapons. You can’t help but feel that you should be a bit more creeped out by all of this, but you aren’t. You just spread your books out, grab the remote, and change the channel.

You don’t realize your relationship is progressing beyond friendship until one day, as you’re sitting in his lap, watching trashy T.V. while he plays with your hair, you realize that you want to kiss him. So, you do, and you’re very happy to report that he seems just as enthusiastic about the idea as you are.