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Drawn as an accompanying piece to @drabblemeisters fic…

“a Study in Red”

I’ve had this piece and I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, cheering her on and lemme tell you its absolutely worth it. You guuuuuys. She’s been working so hard on it and it’s turning out sosososo well. Please read and send her all your love.

And of course a humongous thank you to @drabblemeister for letting me partake in your creative journey <333 -muah muah-

also: megane Jason… yes please

Good Things Don’t Last Forever -- Jason Todd x Reader, Platonic!Roy Harper x Reader

First off, I’m not sorry for what you’re about to read. It is arguably one of my favorite things I’ve ever written. Secondly, this part got a little away from me. I didn’t mean for it to be so long, but here we are! Thirdly, I do not write smut. I just don’t. I’ll read it every once in a while, but I do not write it. This part is borderline lime, but not smut.

Now with all of that out of the way, enjoy my dears! And try not to hate me!!

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WARNING! Fluff ahead! And slight lime? Also, angst. There is angst. Prepare your hearts loves!! Might be some adult themes too.

Part One   Part Two   Part Three   Part Four

Word Count: 1369

“He’s treating you right, right?”

You rolled your eyes in annoyance. “Yes Roy, Jason is a perfect gentleman when we’re together.”

“I never thought I’d hear you say ‘Jason’ and ‘perfect gentleman’ in the same sentence.”

A soft chuckle escaped your lips at his words.

Roy had been the first person you’d called after Jason dropped you off a few weeks ago. He was over the moon that the two of you had worked things out. Once he saw the lovely…ahem…gift that Jason left on you, he’d jumped into over protective big brother mode. It didn’t matter that you two weren’t blood related, you and Roy had been through thick and thin together and he wasn’t about to let a guy mistreat you. Especially not your soulmate.

“When is Jade supposed to be here?”

“Soon, I hope.” Roy glanced at his watch in thought. “She seemed pretty reluctant to come, but she finally agreed.”

“What did you have to promise her?”

A deep blush crossed Roy’s cheeks. “Things.”

“Right…I’m not gonna ask for you to elaborate.”

He shot you a grateful look.

Twenty minutes later and you found yourself in an upscale restaurant with Jason sitting on your right and Jade and Roy across from you. You could tell Jade felt uncomfortable in this setting. She kept fidgeting and glancing around the room, no doubt mapping out possible exits should she need one. The ninja wore a beautiful green dress that showed plenty of skin and left little to the imagination. This also meant it was difficult for her to carry multiple weapons with her. You knew she had at least one weapon on her. She didn’t go anywhere without something sharp and pointy.

Roy and Jason were dressed similarly in nice suits and ties. While Roy had you to help him with his hair, Jason had opted to not ask Alfred to do his. It was still as shaggy and unkempt as ever. Just the way you liked it.

You wore a (F/C) halter dress that tied around your neck in an elegant bow. It hugged your body in all the right places and you knew it was driving Jason crazy. His hand was laying high on your thigh under the table. Your (H/C) hair was up in a beautiful half up, half down style with the bits that were down curled and cascading down your back. Enough of your hair was pulled back that your neck was exposed, another thing driving Jason insane. You knew he wanted to kiss your neck and leave his mark there, but given the current company and location he refrained.

“You’re being awfully restrained tonight.” You whispered to the dark-haired male teasingly.

He growled low in his throat. “You’re gonna pay for this later.”

“I’ll hold you to that.”

The dinner went a lot better than any of you were expecting. No one was rude or tried to start anything and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. Jade had a genuine smile on her face; a sight that pleasantly surprised you. You knew this whole evening was outside her comfort zone, but she was trying for Roy. You could respect that.

After Roy and Jason had a small argument over who would pay the bill, the four of you made your way out of the restaurant. They all waited for the valet to bring their respective cars around and made small talk.

“You’re good for him.” Jade suddenly whispered in your ear.

“You think so?” You glanced briefly at the two men who were playful shoving one another. “I’m just glad that he’s happy. I’m glad that we’re happy. For once in my life, I feel like things are going right.”

Jade nodded in understanding. “I get that. Just remember (Y/N), good things don’t last forever. Especially in our line of work.”

You opened your mouth to respond when the valet brought Jason’s, or in this case Bruce’s, car to where you all stood. The man got out of the car and went back to his post. You gave Jade a small smile and pecked Roy on the cheek before letting Jason pull you away. He opened the passenger door and helped you into the car. Once both of you were in your seats and had your seatbelts on, Jason pulled away from the curb and turned to head toward your apartment.

“Any other plans for tonight?”

Jason scowled playfuly at you. “You know damn well what we’re doing tonight.”

“Oh, I know.” You let a catlike smirk grace your red lips. “Just reminding you.”

He snorted at your snarky remark. Taking his right hand off the wheel, Jason placed it on your thigh and squeezed it. You felt a shiver run down your spine at the contact. The desire and attraction was palpable between the two of you. How you’d both managed to keep it together all through dinner was astonishing.

Jason whipped into the extra parking spot of yours outside the apartment complex. He cut the engine off and then attacked your lips without warning. You moaned in delight against his lips as you let your hands knot themselves in his hair. The hand that had previously been on your thigh moved further and Jason slipped it under the slit in you dress. Another moan slipped from you as his hand inched up further and further.

The shrill sound of sirens broke the atmosphere that had settled around you two.

You pulled away from Jason and glanced outside the car. “Do you think you should…?”

“They’ll call if I’m needed.”

As if on cue, Jason’s phone rang incesently in the cup holder. You both groaned in irritation at the timing of it all.

“Every damn time…” Jason growled in anger as he moved away from you and answered the damn thing. “Yeah? Fine, I’ll be there in ten.”

You adjusted your hair from its disheveled state and made sure your dress hadn’t ridden up during your make out session with Jason. “I should go. Don’t want you getting in trouble with the big man.”

“I’m sorry (Y/N). This isn’t how I wanted this evening to end.”

“I know.” You gave him a rueful smile. “but we knew that this would happen. Call me when you get done.”

Jason sighed heavily before nodding. He leaned over and placed a sweet kiss to your slightly bruised lips. You savored the familiar taste of him then let yourself pull away first. You bid him goodbye and slipped out of the car. Jason stayed in the parking lot until he saw you enter the lobby of your building. He put the car in drive and sped out of the parking lot.

You took your time getting to your apartment. Fishing out your keys, you found the correct one and unlocked your door.

It was dark as you stepped into your apartment. You flicked on the nearest light as you made your way through the hallway. Slipping out of your heels, you reached up and took the barrette out of your hair allowing it to fall loosely behind you. You ran a tired hand gently over your face completely ignoring the fact that you were wearing makeup.

“I would’ve expected the soulmate of a vigilante to be more aware of their surroundings.”

You whipped your head around to search for the owner of the voice that had just spoken to you. A heavy object made contact with the back of your head. Pain radiated through your head. You stumbled forward clutching your throbbing head. Your vision became clouded with black dots as you tried to focus on the intruder.

“Hm…” The voice spoke up again. “You’re tougher than I thought. No matter, I’ll finish my objective.”

“W-Who…? What are you…?”

A loud bang cut through the air and an agonizing pain filled your gut. You gasped for air as your body collapsed to the floor. Shakily, you placed a hand to your stomach. Your fingers met a wet substance that your rapidly fading consciousness registered as blood.

As your eyes slid shut, your mind wandered back to the words that Jade said to you earlier that evening.

Good things don’t last forever.


Comic Book Meme: [2/5] favorite FEMALE characters: Cassandra Cain

 “But you are not what they made you be. You are something more. You are what you choose to be […] You aren’t a monster, that’s what they tried to make you but it didn’t work. You are a hero. Because that’s the path you took yourself.”

D.C. Douglas sends me an incredible message on twitter!
So there's a bit of a story to this....

Okay so I put up this message after recording Wesker Mode footage from HD Resident Evil 0. Which it turned it a sort of podcast that will be posted in three parts on my youtube account through out the next three days. 

Here’s the original pic. VVV

Then he replies back and this makes me wonder if he knew about Wesker Mode at all?

Then THIS MAN, THIS STRANGE WONDERFUL MAN SENDS ME (and I was just trying to make a joke with the original post by the way) THE VIDEO ABOVE. 

god bless the dceu for giving me finally the clark and lois love story i’ve always wanted to see. Thanks to Zack Snyder for caring so much about them and show finally the importance of lois lane in clark kent’s life. Justice League just proves once again the power couple that they are. the ultimate ship. the king and queen of dc ships. they’re THE couple and if you don’t ship them you don’t know what you’re missing.                           


SUPERMAN … costume redesigns :)

I had a wild hair up my arse … He is not so easy to reimagine . But , I really got into it . I hope you like … any favorites?