dc re

  • Me: Bring back Young Justice!
  • DC: We hear you, and we're bringing back Young Justice.
  • Me: ...Really? ...Damn, shit, this is awesome! Let me guess, it'll be on Netflix?
  • DC: No. we're starting our own streaming service.
  • Me: ...I mean this seems like kind of a cash grab...
  • DC: And it'll be premiering with a live action Titans series.
  • Me: ...Did I say cash grab? I meant shut up and take my money.
D.C. Douglas sends me an incredible message on twitter!
So there's a bit of a story to this....

Okay so I put up this message after recording Wesker Mode footage from HD Resident Evil 0. Which it turned it a sort of podcast that will be posted in three parts on my youtube account through out the next three days. 

Here’s the original pic. VVV

Then he replies back and this makes me wonder if he knew about Wesker Mode at all?

Then THIS MAN, THIS STRANGE WONDERFUL MAN SENDS ME (and I was just trying to make a joke with the original post by the way) THE VIDEO ABOVE. 


SUPERMAN … costume redesigns :)

I had a wild hair up my arse … He is not so easy to reimagine . But , I really got into it . I hope you like … any favorites?


Comic Book Meme: [2/5] favorite FEMALE characters: Cassandra Cain

 “But you are not what they made you be. You are something more. You are what you choose to be […] You aren’t a monster, that’s what they tried to make you but it didn’t work. You are a hero. Because that’s the path you took yourself.”


Suicide Squad Task Force XChato Santana “El Diablo.”       

            ∟ “If you had known me before I was recruited into the squad, you would have seen a different man. Dead inside, killing was easy. But I saw the light. I learned we all have a chance for redemption. None of us are truly bad.”