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Just 75 miles from the bustle of Washington, D.C., Shenandoah National Park is your escape to cascading waterfalls, spectacular vistas and one of the best drives on the east coast. There are 75 overlooks along the park’s Skyline Drive that offer stunning views of Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley to the west or the rolling Piedmont to the east. So roll down your windows, feel the breeze and experience every curve and turn of this beautiful drive. Photo from The Point Overlook at milepost 55 by National Park Service.

On this day in 1809, Abraham Lincoln was born. Despite his humble beginnings and lack of formal education, Lincoln distinguished himself as an honest leader and a powerful speaker. Leading the nation through the Civil War, our 16th President fought for unity and helped bring an end to slavery in our country. Modeled after the Parthenon in Greece (the birthplace of democracy), the Lincoln Memorial honors his legacy. It’s a towering icon on the Washington, D.C., landscape that attracts visitors from all over the world to be inspired by Lincoln’s words and accomplishments. Photo courtesy of Drew Geraci.


Superman/Batman: Public Enemies
(2003-2011) #3

Mister President, let’s begin with the obvious. You’ve offered, and I quote, ‘a one billion dollar reward for the individual or individuals who bring Superman to the Federal authorities here in Washington.’ Given the precarious nature of the world, don’t you think that’s a little extreme?

“Lois, first off, let me tell you how nice it is to see you out from that musty old desk at the Daily Planet—“

“—You didn’t answer my question.”

*long sigh* Okay, well, I think now is as good of a time as any that we talk a little bit about my process when it comes to making these reviews. I’ve developed this format over – gosh, I guess it’s been about six years since I started these now – and it’s not a terribly unique way of doing it, but what I do is treat my reviews like partial liveblogs and partial analyses. 

I’ll read through a comic, usually online through comiXology, and I’ll take the screenshots I want – sometimes that takes a little more planning than usual because multiple stories will be shown simultaneously. In this case, I had to cut the press conference here out from the pages through the majority of the book to make a point. 

But I also don’t immediately write up my reviews. I save them with small notes in my drafts for this blog, a couple hundred posts at a time usually. with maybe nothing more than a joke that I felt at the time, or a loose idea of how I will delve deeper later. Then, when I have the time, usually about once a week, I’ll come back to my drafts and go all the way to the oldest ones, and type up whatever it was I wanted to say in full. 

This  has been my method for literally years. And I mean years now.

So about two weeks ago when I first read through Superman/Batman #3 and got these clips together for a review, we… strangely enough, lived in a very… very different world. One where it was absurd to believe that a President Lex Luthor would publicly, on live television, try to rationalize his administration’s support of super villains. 

And I had my notes for this post literally say “Trump Joke” because I thought I would be witty and clever. 

And now it’s just… really sad. I think we’ve all grown sadder as a world together. 

There is literally nothing about the President Lex storyline from the early 2000s now that doesn’t seem horrifically possible in reality. 

I shit you not, Trump can come out in a giant mechanized purple and green super suit and laugh maniacally while shooting himself up with some glowing green drugs and I guarantee you none of us would bat an eye anymore. This is where we all are now. 

But. Laughter is the best medicine so:

At least Lex fixed his hair better than Trump before a press conference. 

Now we’re done. Everyone move on. Watch an eclipse if that’s still relevant when you’re reading this. 


HUZZAH! It is National Library Week, bookworms and library cats!! 

And that means it is the perfect time of year to show some love to your local (and not local) Libraries, both in person and online. So, just as we took time to make a special post on Follow a Library Day last year, we’ve created ANOTHER master post to honor all the libraries we know so far on tumblr so that you can #followalibrary!! 

Check out their tumblrs below and show them some love, bookworms!
(Alphabetical by url)

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@badgerslrc (The Klamath Community College’s Learning Research Center)

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Whew! There’s a LOT of you. :) But we now this list is just getting started! Feel free to keep the library love going by adding any libraries we missed/don’t know of yet! (And if you’re not following US already, well, what better time to start than this week? ;) Eh? Eh?) And, of course, never hesitate to visit your Library in person. We love seeing you! :) 

Happy National Library Week, library cats!

The BatKids go to British Public School

- Dick is that one kid that no one knows how he gets by, he hangs around with everyone, loads of girl-friends and extremely flirty with EVERYONE, low-key very gay, always hands in his work late. Doesn’t wear the full uniform and instead just wears the t-shirt and trousers but no one complains, has that relationship with the Head of Behavior where he safes (Fist-bumps for all you uncultured weasels) him when he walks past.

- Jason is a different story, no one knows where he is half the time but he always gets into fights, barely goes to lesson, is only really involved in English and Literacy, smoaks in the bathroom with his friends, writes message on the wall, high-key gay and will start a fight with you if you disrespect his friends, people always point out: “Oh! You’re Dicks brother! He was such a sweetheart,”

- Tim is the know-it-all who miss-behaves in class, shouts out and swears without realising, has and will punch someone for bullying someone else, never has equipment, everyone is nice to him because they pity his tired ass, read Harry Potter once, has become the go-to person for the knowledge, is kinda popular, wears full uniform but who the hell knows where his bag is

- Duke is never late, got in a fight once when he was backing up a friend, is the first to share his answers with you in class, ended up doing Claires work once when she forgot to, is super nice to everyone, never talks about his family, kinda closed off but treats everyone like they should be treated, doesn’t like to get involved in beef.

- Cass is very quiet in class, she doesn’t like to talk in lessons, is trusted with everyone’s secrets, the teachers can’t remember her name, doodles all over her book, never have the right equipment, once punched a dude in the nose and now they’re all afraid of her.

- Damian is a Year 7 (the first year at secondary) but he already knows all the older kids thanks to his siblings, he never does his homework, gets in trouble for fights a lot, is the kind of kid that you don’t know what the hell he does in his spare time, can never hang out after school, most girls have had a crush on him at some point - they call it the Damian phase, most people get over it after a week or so.

Let me know if you want me to do more like this!


Please ⬅️  to see the amazing day I had working with Turnaround Arts at Moten Elementary School in the #DCPublicSchools. Huge THANKS to Universal Studios Entertainment for backpacks 🎒 and Pure Growth Organic for snacks for these inspiring students. We sang, we danced, we talked about the solar system. I love MOTEN’s commitment to #ArtsEd - it was my #mondaymotivation. Thank you Principal Stanfield-Dogbe.


Superman Throughout Animation


I’m not proud of what I had to do – but I would do it again. You all quit, you all die, I can still guarantee you one thing – the Squad will go on. - Amanda “The Wall” Waller