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Imagine - El Diablo


Imagine being chubby and El Diablo loving you despite you not being confident.

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“Oh look, the perfect combination, a flame and marshmallow.” The Joker laughs.

“What did you say about my girl?” Diablo stood up to him.

“Woah calm down big boy.”

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“Are you sure you want to be with someone like me.” You asked Diablo. 

He looked up confused, “What do you mean?” he asked.

“I’m not the type of person people picture when they say great body.”

“What makes you even think that your body shape matters to me?” He said. You looked down ashamed, “Your question, my turn, are you sure you want to be with someone like me?”

“Of course. I never want anyone else.”

(A/N: 8/7 SS post, this marks the end of SS week! Hope you guys enjoyed it, and BTW if someone doesn’t want to love you because of whatever size you are, tell them to piss off. As long as you’re happy and healthy, you do you.)

-Mich ;)

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I LOVE the miraculous au so much it's just so *clenches fist* well written and thought out!!!!! Here's a quick thought what if there was a class overnight trip????? Just gonna put that right here for yah palio! 💕👌

So. The second I got your ask I sent a message to @emthimofnight to see what they thought about this. Below is what we brainstormed (pretty much all of it by emthim though haha) and below that are some small drabbles of this since there’s no way I could write the whole thing ^^;

So you guys get to see a look into the spamming that is me and emthim’s messages about this au hahahaha

But yeah here we go! Thank you for the ask, it was super fun to think about ^-^


emthim’s Miraculous x Hunter fanart that started this whole AU 

my miraculous x hunter tag with other drabbles


  • so a bunch of kids from Gon and Killua’s school go on a class camping trip to a forest preserve to learn more about nature for their biology class or something
    • Zushi is there
      • he’s a year younger than Gon and Killua and looks up to them a lot and kind of sort of has crushes on both of them??? (more so on Gon bc he’s more approachable but still)
      • Zushi thinks they’re just both so cool and amazing and wow
      • He feels special that he gets to be a (small) part of their relationship
    • Kite is the biology teacher and shows them interesting species and insects its great
    • Knuckle and Shoot are chaperones. Zushi has so much fun with them but they get him in trouble a lot haha
  • The bus ride over would be fantastic of course
    • cue Gon, Killua and Zushi being dorks and causing trouble on the bus
    • Killua squished between Gon and Zushi bc nope, I love you Zushi but THERE IS NO WAY YOU ARE SITTING NEXT TO GON NOPE
      • Killua can kind of tell Zushi crushes on Gon so there’s no way he’s letting Zushi get that close to his best friend lol
      • He’s kind of like, ‘ummm who do you think you are? Who’s the best friend in this situation? Its definitely not you buddy. You’re good but not that good’
      • But of course Zushi wouldn’t mind sitting next to Killua either though……………
    • And they throw chips and stuff at each other and complain about how hot it is XDDDD Its all good and fun
  • And when night falls they tell stories around the camp fire and make smores 
    • Killua puts like double chocolate on his smore obviously bc this is Kilua we’re talking about here
    • Gon gets it all over his face and Killua wipes it off out of instinct and earns a lot of looks for it like wow
    • Killua dies from embarrasment XD
    • Killua tells a really spooky story that scares Gon and Zushi
  • When they retire to their tents, Zushi comes over to theirs for a while to chat and hang out
    • Killua and Gon share a tent because yes they’re that close
  • When Zushi leaves Killua is relieved because he finally gets some alone time with Gon and then BOOM akuma–maybe from someone playing a prank on another student like unleashing a jar of Kite’s insects into their tent
    • The forest is close enough to Yorknew for Meruem to sense it

Campfire scene first for emthim~ :

“What are you saying, Gon?” Killua asked hotly and Zushi winced at his tone. Killua sounded really annoyed this time. “There’s no way Ladybug could defeat Chat Noir on a one-on-one fight.”

Gon didn’t seem to notice Killua’s anger, though. He just puffed out his cheeks indignantly. “Yes, he would! Ladybug’s got his yo-yo!”


“So, that’s the strongest ability out of all the Miraculouses! Chat would have no chance-”

Killua cut him off, “That yo-yo only works against akumas, stupid. It wouldn’t work on Chat.”

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Character Portrait - Jonathan Crane (Scarecrow)

“For I am The Scarecrow, the master of, well, you know what I’m the master of.”


The summer of 2000 I discovered Washington DC !! it was surreal waiting in line at 4:30am to get a visitor pass to tour the Clinton’s White House. Then we got the bug and went in the FBI building, the Capitol, the Pentagon… and every museum on the mall, it was an mind expanding experience for a 25yr old.

** everytime I used my passport to enter the USA after visiting DC, I’d always get asked - you really been to the White House and Pentagon , young lady??? ** How cool is that!!!


I had a great time meeting Loey Lane and Meghan Tonjes this weekend at Playlist Live DC!

I will be posting my vlog from the weekend tomorrow as my Tuesday video! This was such an amazing experience (even for an introvert like me) and I feel determined that making videos is something I want to do with my life. I hope you all will join me on this journey!

Thank you so much for your love and support xx