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Bao Bao (宝宝) 2016-11-14 by kuromimi64


Mei Xiang (美香) 2016-11-13 by kuromimi64


Tian Tian, a son of Pan Pan 2016-11-14 by kuromimi64
Via Flickr:
His father Pan Pan (盼盼) passed away on Dec. 28, 2016 at the age of 31. This photo was taken in November 2016 when I visited Tian Tian and his family living at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington, DC, USA.

Some things that were Actually Good about 2016:
  • I made many new and wonderful friends here on Tumblr.
  • I celebrated my two year anniversary with my husband.
  • I’m doing really well at my new job, and I just recently got a raise!
  • I got back into the writing groove again!  After months and months and months of low energy and zero motivation and just general malaise.
  • My sister recovered from all of her hospitalizations throughout the year and is doing much better and has a boyfriend now!
  • My faith has deepened and become much stronger, and I’m praying more.
  • I fell deeper into some delightful new fandoms (Star Wars Rebels, Miraculous Ladybug, Smile! Precure), and older fandoms reinvigorated and recaptured my love (Star Wars, DC Comics, Kung Fu Panda).
  • I had a nice little mini-vacation with my sister-in-law and her husband at their home down in the country.
  • The husband paid off his car and we have a solid savings plan in place for a house, hopefully by the end of next year.
  • The birth of my beautiful baby girl.  No matter what crap 2016 threw at me, it can’t take that away.

Feel free to reblog and add your own.  Let’s get a positivity chain going here.

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i’ll talk about that next time but for now WHHHHHHY!


Chewy’s granddaughter Asa by Maija
Via Flickr:


Bei Bei (贝贝/貝貝) 2016-11-13 by kuromimi64


Weighing in at 17 ½ pounds, 4-month-old giant panda cub Bei Bei made his media debut Wednesday at the Smithsonian National Zoo. Keepers say the cub, born in August, is developmentally on track and ahead of his older sister Bao Bao in some milestones. The cub will make his public debut on Jan. 16.

“He’s actually walking a lot sooner than his older sister did,” said panda keeper Juan Rodriguez. “He’s about 4 or so pounds heavier than his sister was at this same age, so he’s definitely a much larger bear and developing a lot faster than his sister did.”

Bei Bei, pronounced “Bay-Bay,” was named by first lady Michelle Obama and China’s first lady, Madame Peng Liyuan, in September. The name means “precious treasure.”

At Tuesday’s debut, the cub was shown off to the media, then Bei Bei cuddled with mom Mei Xiang while dad Tian Tian enjoyed a few rounds of bamboo breakfast.

And in case you’re wondering if being panda keeper to Bei Bei is as good as it sounds, Rodriguez said it is. “You never get tired of it … it’s always a very unique and special moment.”

Panda Cub Bei Bei Is Set To Share His Adorableness With The World

Photos and GIF: Jun Tsuboike/NPR