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Secret Meetings (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Snart X Fem!Reader, Barry X Sister!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Sexual mentions


Request: Hey :-) I know you don’t write smut but kind of hint around it - could you do that for Snart and Barry’s sister. Sorry I’m filthy but there’s a depressing lack of dirty captain cold. Thanks!

Originally posted by coldsflash

Snart and you were… well… preoccupied, let’s just say. You had been sneaking around to see Leonard for a few months now, and you wished you could see each other whenever, but with your brother being the Flash and him being Captain cold, it was a mix for disaster, so sneaking around was the only option.

You were in the middle of your time together, when your phone rang. The familiar chime made Leonard groan, getting off of you, and waiting as you answered it quickly. “Hey Barry.” You answered. Snart laid on his side, watching you, waiting to continue.

“Hey Y/N… you sound out of breath, you OK?” Barry asked.

“O-Oh yeah, I was in the other room so I ran in.” You lied.

“Oh okay. I was just checking up on you, how are things?” Barry asked.

“Everything’s hunky dory over here. How’s you?” You asked.

“Good. Oh- I’ve got to go, I’ll call you tonight, alright? Bye sis! Love ya!” Barry told you.

“Bye Barry, love you too.” You said and quickly hung up, and threw your phone onto the drawer beside your bed, before turning back to Leonard, who had a smirk on his face. He took your waist and pulled you on top of him, before continuing what was interrupted.

Thank you for reading! If you have any questions or requests, please send them in!

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I’m Not Letting You Go (Snart X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Leonard Snart X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC, Flash

Warnings: Mention of violence, murder, mild swearing, guns

Request: A Snart reader where he has to physically stop her going after a crime boss who killed her parents because he knows she won’t survive it? Happens at star labs and they’re all shocked by his concern? Xx

Originally posted by coldsflash

You had lost your parents when you were little. But not little enough to not remember the whole traumatic experience of seeing their bodies. It was no secret that your parents were low on cash, so your dad took a loan out, unfortunately with loan sharks, who raise the price dramatically every week they can’t pay, and after a certain point, they go after the people who owe them money.

Your parents had reached that point. They broke into your house, while you played outside. You heard the gunshots and ran into the house as they drove away to see their bodies, and screamed.

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I Missed You (Snart X Reader)

Characters: Snart X Reader

Universe: DC

Warnings: Mentions of drugs and alcohol

Request: Snart coming back from a heist in the middle of the night and his so is sound asleep?

Originally posted by xxcaptaincanaryxx

Snart had took part in another heist that night. He couldn’t say he enjoyed his job, but it was his only source of income and he had to have some sort of income, even if it was stolen. It was either that or be homeless, and he didn’t want that, especially since you, his significant other, had been living with him for a while now. He didn’t want you on the streets, so this was his only choice.

Walking down the hall of the apartment complex, he cringed when he smelt the countless drugs and alcohol from your neighbours, and silently thanked those cheap candles you buy every weekend to dull the awful smells.

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Can’t Wait (Mick Rory X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Mick Rory X Fem!Reader

Universe: DC

Warnings: None

Request: An imagine where Mick Rory kisses the reader while she’s talking?

Originally posted by lightgamble

“Hey Y/N.” Mick called when you opened the door to your apartment. You had known Mick since your school years, and you had been bickering like an old married couple since day one, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Mick actually hoped one day you would be an old married couple bickering.

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