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“I used to be just like you, a child of the night, wild and free. I was the cat who walked by herself, and the city was my hunting ground. I’d prowl through Gotham each evening going where I liked and taking whatever I wanted.”

Mark Hamill. The Legend. THE Joker.

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Raven (Rachel Roth) is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics. The character first appeared in a special insert in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980), and was created by writer Marv Wolfman and artist George Pérez. The daughter of a demon father (Trigon) and human mother (Arella), Raven is an empath who can teleport and control her “soul-self”, which can fight physically, as well as act as Raven’s eyes and ears away from her physical body.

Raven has also displayed the ability to control, manipulate and or generate pure shadows and darkness. Raven can manipulate energy, time, and emotions. This latter ability manifests in different variations, from causing supremely destructive pain, inducing tension, fear-based illusions, and stealing emotions from others.

Like her brothers, Raven can induce and amplify one of the seven deadly sins (in her case, pride) in any living being, however doing so will cause her to suffer spells of nausea and vomiting for several days afterward as side effects.

Her Father Is...?! - Barry Allen/The Flash x Reader

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Summary: Your Deadshot’s daughter, you’ve been keeping this secret from the team and Barry. When Cisco finds out just who this ‘Eagle Eye’ vigilante is, with the blood of the girl who got injured after helping The Flash against meta-humans they realize just who they are around with.

Team Flash has been wondering who this girl was, the one that would randomly show up just on time to either save Barry or just be around in the right time when help is needed. Barry actually didn’t mind the help but still wondered why someone would randomly help even though their aim with a gun was always on point that it kind of amazed him even more.

When Eagle Eye got injured she bleed a bit but had helped The Flash with ending the danger around one area, leaving quickly like she always did she didn’t realize Barry had been watching her leave.

“She left again.” Barry said.
“Dude she got injured right?” Cisco asked over the com.
“Yeah but what does that have to-” Barry started but realized something.
“Exactly! We can figure out who she is with the blood sample!!” Cisco explained.
“Alright be back there soon.” Barry agreed.

Looking around he saw no one was really around and quickly pulled out a cotton swab, apparently the chat with Cisco and Caitlin had been useful since they’ve been wondering who this girl was for months now. She always just came and left.

“Got a sample be there in a flash.” Barry said.

Rushing back he took off his mask and quickly handed the sample to Caitlin, taking it she went ahead to processed it. Cisco went ahead to compare it to any other DNA that their files had. About a good five or so minutes passed before they got a match.

And this match…was one they weren’t ever expecting.

“Oh my god…” Caitlin whispered.
“It’s…” Cisco started.
“It’s (Y/N)?” Barry finished shocked.
“Barry…look who she’s related to.” Caitlin pointed out.

The teams eyes widen as they saw the words right there.

’(Y/N) Lawton - 100% chance rate/related to Floyd Lawton A.K.A Deadshot’

“Her father is…Deadshot? The best assassin there is?” Cisco asked.
“That can’t be right…her last name is (L/N)…” Barry mumbled.
“Wait she hid this from us?” Caitlin asked.
“Course I did.” A female voice spoke.

Turning around they saw Eagle Eye standing there in her black and gold uniform, a mask over her face and a small like looking glass over her eye almost a like look to Deadshots but different.

“Why didn’t you tell us this?” Wells demanded in a question.
“I knew you’d never accept me if you knew who my father was.” You sighed taking off your mask.
“Wait so he’s really your dad?!” Cisco shouted.
“Where else do you think I learned my shots?” You sighed.
“So what we have…means nothing?” Barry asked rather hurt.
“What we have is real, I didn’t want to tell you about my father because I know no one here nor anywhere likes him. He’s done bad things but I’m not him…I’m using what he taught me to help.” You explained.

You knew that the looks they had were hurt, anger and betrayal. So thinking that all this was over you shook your head and left. Once again you’d have to move to a different city and change your last name. It wasn’t like you didn’t love your dad you were a soft spot to him his greatest weakness but to protect him you moved to Central City and went off the map so no one could use you as leverage on him to get whatever they needed from him.

Fighting your tears back you walked into your apartment that was a ten minute walk from Star Labs. Opening the closet door you looked at the empty and folded up boxes and sighed. Another move was gonna be hard but it had to happen since now you lost another good group of friends and what was worse you lost your boyfriend Barry Allen who you loved a lot.

He was actually the first guy you fell in love with and were overjoyed when he asked you out, dating Barry was something you actually loved. He brought so much happiness to you that you never thought you’d be having him not in your life.

“Well he is now..” You frowned as tears finally rolled down your cheeks.
**Back With The Team**
“Guys she hasn’t done anything wrong.” Barry explained.
“She lied to us Barry.” Cisco countered.
“But she must of had a good reason to, it was clear she wasn’t proud of what her father was doing…so we just let her go? Let her leave?” Barry asked.
“She could be dangerous, she could’ve killed us whenever she wanted to. You saw her out there Barry…she’s got the best aim like her father.” Wells explained.
“But she didn’t kill anyone.” Barry defended you.
“Yet.” Wells ended the conversation by leaving.

Barry sighed and sat down on a chair in the Cortex, he knew you weren’t lying since he saw the hurt in your eyes that you always try to hide from him and the others. It was just how you were. Even if he was mad that you didn’t seem to trust him enough with the information on who your father was he believed it had to be for a reason.

“What if she was scared to tell us?” Caitlin spoke up after thinking.
“Scared of what?” Cisco asked.
“Scared to tell us who her father was…maybe she was afraid how we will react.” Caitlin suggested.
“And we reacted the way she thought we would.” Barry said slowly.
“Oh god….(Y/N).” Caitlin said worriedly.
“I gotta go to her!” Barry explained.

Both Caitlin and Cisco nodded and Barry rushed out, he was at your house within seconds thanks to his powers. Frowning he noticed you were packing up your things and more fear formed within his chest.

“Don’t!” Barry shouted.
“What are you doing here?” You asked, voice cracking.
“I’m sorry we reacted the way we did, we were shocked at this…but it doesn’t mean we don’t trust you anymore…please stay.” Barry explained, slowly walking to you.
“Why should I? I lost my friends…and you.” You cried.
“No you didn’t, it doesn’t matter to me who your father is…your not him. Your you.” Barry told.

Cupping your cheeks in his hands he leaned in close to you, oh how much this boy loved you. If he could he’d scream it out loud but due to wanting to keep you safe from his rivals he would make due with telling you with each moment he could.

“I love you, (Y/N) okay? Don’t ever doubt it.” Barry whispered.
“I love you too, Barry…please don’t leave me.” You cried.
“I wont, I’m never letting go of you.” Barry replied.

Hearing these words comforted you more then you had thought, but just knowing that finally you were accepted despite who your father was made you feel so happy. Sure you were one of those tough girls who didn’t take crap from anyone (one thing Barry loved about you.) and sure you put off the ‘I have nothing to fear’ type of attitude..but you were still human.

You did have some fears and weaknesses.

One was Barry.

Two was your friends.

And yes…Three was your father.

Even if he does kill others for money he did make enough time to be there for you and be as much of a father that he could be.

Thankfully you wouldn’t have to move now cause you had a home, a new family and a wonderful boyfriend who accepted you no matter what happened.


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