dc new 52


The Woman….THE Woman.


There was nothing wrong with New 52 Diana. The amazons were darker sure but Diana was a beacon and a good example of female empowerment. The character itself was always Wonder Woman. Strong, proud of her heritage,compassionate, empathetic, confident, brave, noble, kind, and kicking ass better than ever. eg, She took on the likes of Darkseid, a Doomsday virus riddled Superman, Zod, Faora, Mongul, just to name a few and held her own. She used her compassion and wisdom as much as she used her skills to fight for truth and justice. 

DC undid her today. Totally wiping out her origin and more. To replace her with a version that is mentally unhinged since she came out the island, doesn’t know who she is and could not even work it out for herself. DC  didn’t reboot. They came and undid the hard work of creators and its a finger to fans who enjoyed this story. We don’t get to mourn her as dying with with the rest of her world as when DC reboot canon. No she was fake according to Rucka and company. Don’t know about anyone here but I find that disrespectful to Azaarello, Chiang, Soule etc and the fans.  

You know, Wonder Woman constantly gets rebooted. Her cast always get changed and she never gets to have anything stable. This was a case in pre new 52 when most writers would uproot her and start all over again. And we all know DC messed up the version created by Perez long before the new 52 reboot with Odyssey where most heroes remained the same but Diana got de-aged and a whole new origin. We have so many origin stories kicking around. Did DC need to crap on the new 52 ? No. If they had a problem with the darker Amazons, then tweak that. Don’t crap on a whole run. Diana needs a solid supporting cast and a much a better rogues gallery to compete with the likes of Batman and Superman etc. Azzarello started something with the retelling of the Olympians and created some great antagonists. Now they are all fake too. It would have been simple to reboot if the new team wanted to have their version. But no they don’t do that. Instead we get something underhanded. It takes the new 52 and pretends the Rebirth Diana was always her. It portents to be the definitive Wonder Woman and wants to create some deep story about mind manipulation and lies. But I am not stupid. I know a lazy cliche when I read it. I am not interested in knowing my heroine, who was pretty darn cool, has morphed into a crying, unsure, confused child/woman who had been a puppet on a string for five years. She lived on Themyscria all her life and is thousands of years old now but doesn’t know her mother or something is up? Steve who was there briefly on PI…oh yeah he does. I don’t have time for this wishy washy Rebirth Wonder Woman. My Wonder Woman, like my new 52 Superman, is now dead. 

Screw you, DC.