dc new 52

What I love about Superman Reborn is how it made Superman and Lois the center of DC universe again and it was them who were key element in creating new continuum. This is a very subtle homage to very first Action Comics #1 that debuted back in 1938 and introduced Superman and Lois Lane to the world, while also giving birth to the entire super hero comics genre and DC universe in general. They were centeric then and they are centric now. They started entire universe then and now they are giving start to this new reality created from two timelines. They are like King and Queen of DC Comics. Superman represents super heroes and Lois Lane represents simple people living in this world, but who are still able to accomplish great things that are not less than what super heroes do. Beautiful! 


The current Justice League members in order of when they first appeared in DC Comics!


The Woman….THE Woman.