dc nails


The Flash

Hey there!

Today I want to show my Flash Design I did… at the end of September. I took a lot of pictures, as I wanted to catch the little holo effect. Unfortunately it was barely visible everytime I tried to catch it on camera, as it turned red. And that’s the reason I couldn’t sort the good ones out to edit them.

No Time + A hundred pictures + University = I need a break! xD
Or I should get struck by a lightening…

The funny thing about this Design: It should be the beginning of my superhero nail design collection.

Guess how many Superher Nail Designs I’ve got?


I need more inspiration. :D

I hope you like it!

Dean Winchester playlist

1.Pour some sugar on me- Def Leppard

2. Jekyll & Hyde- Five finger death punch

3. Ramble on- led zeppelin

4. Traveling riverside blues- led zeppelin

5. I don’t wanna stop- Ozzy Osbourne

6. Black dog- led zeppelin

7. Sharp dressed man- zz top

8. in-a-gadda-da-vida- iron butterfly

9. Bad company- five finger death punch

10. Wrong side of heaven- five finger death punch

11. Take me to church- Hozier

12. Girls, girls, girls- Motley crue

13. Way down we go- Kaleo

14. Shook me all night long- ac/dc

15. Dancing on nails- We are harlot

16. Cherry pie- Warrant  (I couldn’t resist lmao)

17. Drop dead legs- Van Halen

18. Animal I have become- Three days grace

19. Kick in the teeth- Papa roach

20. Wanted dead or alive- Bon jovi

21. Shoot to thrill- ac/dc

22. Wild side- Motley crue

23. Are you gonna be my girl- Jet