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Spectating at the Marine Corps Marathon!

1) I met up with @malloryrunsthis, who had a very popular sign among both runners and spectators. A few runners even stopped to take a picture of it. There was a woman about 30 feet ahead of us who also had a Trump-related sign that said something along the lines of “Run like Trump is right behind you.”

2-3) I got two (good) photos of @busybeerunningfree! After snapping these two, I tried running ahead again to get a few more, but they didn’t turn out so great. I tried looking out for other Tumblrs, but I missed you all. (We definitely need matching Tumblr uniforms to make it easier to identify people when they’re running, ya knoooow?)

4-9) Costumed runners! Including a pirate, a 1920s gangster?, a cheeseburger, Forrest Gump, Harry Caray, and Waldo.

10) Not sure what to think of this guy. He’s wearing cargo shorts and a henley tee. Did he just wake up and decide to jump in the race? But also, that bib number belongs to a 43 year old woman. Was he running in place of a relative who couldn’t make it in the last minute? We may never know…

Congratulations to all of the finishers!

Tumblr Appreciation Post...

Cisco Ramon from the Flash is the best member of any current superhero show’s Scoobie Gang and if you don’t think so, you can fight me.

I mean, he’s in charge of gadgets - he made Flash’s suit, his weapons, and all the toys.

Not to mention, of course, but he’s in charge of the NAMING. (Unless its a good name, then he’s not mad at it, you know how it is.)

He’s got ALL the best references. Literally ALL of them. And you know you want to hang out with him because if he asked you to Netflix and Chill, he would absolutely want to actually watch Netflix with you.

And of course, he’s in charge of the damn plans because who else would be?

And he plays well with the other teams…

But don’t forget, you mess with him and he’ll bring the pain. Or the snark. (Or both. Both, both, both is good.)

And don’t forget….he’s totally got powers of his own. He is….Vibe.

And on top of ALL that, he is a beautiful cinnamon roll.

Too precious for this world.

Too pure.

Even if he’s object to that nickname because, you know, HE’S in charge of naming things.

But after all that, there’s only really one thing to say about Cisco Ramon.

Marvel vs DC *Stiles Stilinski*

Request: Ok😊 So I know this may sound a little cliché, but I really like the idea of a Stiles Stilinski smut where the reader and stiles are having a Marvel and DC movie marathon and they get into a playful argument about which character/company (Marvel or DC) is better and it turns into some like REALLY heated thing and ugghghhhhh I’m such a nerd like Stiles so that’s like my dream in life.

A/N: It’s super late, and I’m super sorry. I hope you like it.


“Marvel…is the greatest.” A simple statement.

“Excuse me?” That’s how it started.

“You heard me, Stilinski. Marvel could pull lint out of it’s ass and it would still be supreme to anything DC comics could come up with, heroes, villains, comics, movies, and lint included .”

Stiles gasped, clutching his chest dramatically he spoke “I had my suspicions of you Y/N, but this confirms it. No friend of mine is going to choose Marvel over DC Comics. I can’t even look at you right now. Maybe you should leave.”

“Maybe I will.” Y/N said defensively, rising to her feet. Stiles got a clear view of her lacy black underwear when she did. It wasn’t intentional. The way she lifted her leg to climb off the bed caused the oversized “Justice league” T-shirt to ride up her thigh. And he just couldn’t take his eyes away even if he wanted to, even if he tried.

Stiles also couldn’t help but to admire her ass as she made the short trip from his bed to the door. Gods, he was a perv. Y/N was one of his best friend. He’d known and loved (platonically, of course) her almost as long as he loved and knew Scott, and here he was gawking at her like some sort of horny hormonic teenager. Stiles wanted Y/N in the worst way. “And maybe I’ll ask Tyson to come get.”

But he hated Tyson.

“As a matter a fact I think you should stay.” He said quiclkly

Tyson had been after Y/N since the start of freshman year (about the same time Stiles had). It was like after Junior high they’d both realized Y/N wasn’t “another one of the guys” who’d they could wrestle, play lacrosse, and read comic books with (well, they could, but that wasn’t the point) Y/N was a girl, and they were starting to take notice of it.

“Nope, too late. I’m calling Tyson.”

“Wait!” He had the think fast “Um how about we make a wager?”

“I’m listening.” Y/N could never turn down a bet, her competitive nature (especially where Stiles was concerned) wouldn’t allow it.

“OK um…OK I got it!” he took a deep breath  “We’ll continue our Marvel vs DC Comics movie marathon, and whoever falls asleep first has to be the slave of the winner.”

“For how long? Y/N folded her arms across her chest. There was no way in hell she’d lose this. Having Stiles waiting on her hand and foot was too good of opportunity to pass up.

“Well that depends on what the winner wants.” He held his hand out to her praying she’d shake it.  “Do we have a deal?”

She nodded.

“You sure? Because once we shake on it there’s no turning back.” He questioned.

“Positive.” She shook his hand finalizing the deal. “I’ll take a picture to prove you fell asleep first.”

“If I fall asleep first.” Stiles retorted.

“When you fall asleep first.” Y/N countered.

Six hour, three batman, two X-men, and one Spider man movies later Y/N was snoring softly beside him. Her head resting on his shoulder, arm slung across his chest, and leg bent at the knee resting on his crotch and lower stomach. He tried to take a picture without disturbing her, nearly giving himself a heart attack when the flash went off.

Y/N was sound asleep Stiles won. Let the games begin.

“Fuck!” Y/N’s voice rang loud in his ears. He wasn’t surprise. She stood by the foot of the bed looking at Stiles in what could only be described as terror. “I know, I know…I fell asleep first.”

He sat up, giving her a evil smile “First thing you will do as my official servant is repeat after me.” A scowl masked her pretty face, but a deal’s a deal. “I, Y/N Y/L/N, think Stiles Stilinski is the handsome most  smartest man I ever, and will ever have the pleasure of knowing. And I am not worthy. Go.”

““I, Y/N Y/L/N, think Stiles Stilinski is the handsome most and smartest man I ever, and will ever have the pleasure of meeting. And I am not worthy.” She muttered reluctantly.

“Next, you will address me as ‘Sir’ and only ‘Sir. Clear?”

“Crystal, sir.” Y/N failed to notice the dark the look in his eye.

“And last…wait why are you standing so far away come a bit closer Y/N.”

“Yes Sir.” Y/N did as she was told. The way she said “sir” had Stiles on edge. It wasn’t in any way seductive, if anything it was innocent, and it was turning him on.

“Kiss me.”

“Yes Sir.” She smiled. Y/N figured Stiles would get some sort of pleasure in seeing her squirm, or in her breaking the deal by refusing to comply to his demands. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction.

Y/N went in for a quick peck on the lips, but Stiles had other plans. As soon as she tried to pull away he slung his arm around her waist, flipping Y/N on her back. She had barely been able to recover her breath after Stiles had knocked it out of her when he was lying between her spread legs on top of her leaving purple bruises along her jawline, throat, and chest.

Stiles brought his hands to the top of her underwear. Pulling them to down to her thighs and swiping his finger at her clit. Y/N couldn’t suppress the shudder or hitch in her breath when he repeated the action.q

“You like that sweetheart?” Stiles chuckled. Y/N remained silent as a light blush creeped across her face. She screamed when without warning he roughly pushed two fingers into her soaked pussy. Slowly pulling his digits out as to prolong the overwhelming feeling of pleasure. Stiles licked her juices from his finger never breaking eye contact. “If I were you, I’d answer me. So let’s try this again, shall we? Do you like it?”

Y/N nodded, and received the same harsh punishment. Tears spilled over as she struggled to hold in the shriek that would have slipped out. She clawed his forearm drawing small beads of blood, but Stiles was unaffected.

“Use your words.” He whispered. Staring down at her with the same emotionless smirked.

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Slowly he withdrew, then pushed back in, repeating the action and gaining momentum until she was a writhing and moaning mess beneath him. Her moans drowning out the squelching sound her pussy made as his fingers pumped in and out of her. He could tell Y/N’s orgasm was approaching. Her muscles clenched around his digits, her eye’s were screwed shut, and the increasingly heavy panting gave it away. He pulled his fingers away.

“You didn’t think I’d let you cum, did you?” Stiles asked teasingly. “No, if you want to cum you’ll have to work for it. Ride me.”

He sat up to remove his shirt and boxers before grabbing her by the hand, pulling her upright, and taking her previous spot and position. He tucked his hands behind his head, watching, waiting for Y/N to make a move.

Y/N straddled his hips. She’d been Stiles’ boner plenteous times before, but then he’d fully clothed and (more times than not) asleep. Now that she was up close and personal with his large veiny cock, she was starting to second guess herself. She wanted him, she wanted this, but what if she wasn’t good? What if she fucked up somehow?

Stiles seeing her hesitation thrust his hips upwards shoving his cock into her pussy in one swift motion. With both hands he grabbed Y/N’s round ass forcing her to stay still, and hissing as if in pain. His recovery was quick.

“Ride me.”

Without another moment’s hesitation Y/N did as she was told, rocking back and forth and bouncing on his stiff cock until her orgasm came crashing down on her. She shivered and leaned over, pressing her face into the crook of her neck. Y/N slowly continued to ride him riding out her climax. Heavy breathing taking the place of loud moans.

“You didn’t cum.” She said weakly

“You’re still my personal servant.” He teased “They’ll be more opportunities to cum.


A/N: Hope you liked it! I know it’s pretty short. Request are still open.

Marvel vs DC - Stiles Stilinski imagine

Plot: Highly inspired by this imagine

[A/n]: Sorry it’s not a request. I just wanted to post something since I haven’t in a while! Enjoy! :)

Word count: 350+

You were Lydia Martin’s very best friend. The two of you did everything together from shopping to studying to even dealing with supernatural with her. You didn’t mind, though. Spending time with her was your favorite thing to do even if you had to share her with her pack. However sometimes you wondered if it was really worth it.

Stiles Stilinski. You despised him, and you could never figure out why. It was almost as if every time the two of you were even in close proximity, an argument would break out between the two of you, and it annoyed everyone else around you to no end.

You sat with Lydia at lunch, mindlessly pushing leftover food around on your tray as you unwillingly listened to Stiles drone on and on about Batman. It wasn’t until he mentioned something about Batman being the greatest superhero ever that you intervened with a scoff.

“Something I can help you with, [Y/n]?” Stiles as with all means of sarcasm.

“Well, it’s just that Batman isn’t the greatest superhero ever. Actually, he sucks.”

A fake laugh escaped Stiles’ lips, “And how would you know?”

“I’ve seen all of the movies,” you spoke in an obvious tone, “and quite frankly, he’s terrible in all of them.”

Stiles gave a completely shocked look before shaking his head, “Okay then which DC characters do you like?”

You thought about it for a moment before actually responding. You shrugged. “None of them. I’m more of a Marvel girl.”

You could hear Scott scoff under his breath, “That explains it.”

“Explains what?”

“Why your taste in superheroes sucks!”

Both Lydia, Scott, and the rest of the pack watched as the two of you bickered back and forth about which was better: DC or Marvel?

Scott leaned a little closer to Lydia as he whispered, “Do you think they know they’re flirting with each other?”

Lydia rolled her eyes, “If they haven’t noticed the last four years of high school, I don’t think they know now.”

“Okay, that’s it. DC movie marathon. My house. 8:30 tonight. We’ll see which you like better afterwards!”