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dc challenge 52 - week 2 - favorite n52 title 

Gotham Academy

(I know I’m late with this) Actually I was pretty close between Robin Son of Batman and this title, but I love all the original characters in this comic and the art is just so nice. Also I love all the random cameos of Gotham characters. (I really wanted to do this because its been at least like 2 years since I’ve made edits of anything)


Gotham Academy: Second Semester #4

Publisher: DC Comics
(W) Brendan Fletcher (A) Jonathan Lam (CA) Mingjue Helen Chen

When a mysterious circus sets up outside Gotham Academy, Detective Club is on the case! Even Headmaster Hammer seems to be keeping secrets about the Carnival Midnight, though, and Olive, Maps and company might find more lurking under the bigtop than they bargained for!

In Shops: Dec 14, 2016

reasons you should pick up gotham academy

so i’ve been getting a lot of people asking me whether or not gotham academy is the worth the money. and i get it. comics are expensive. but this one is worth it i promise. you should get it because:

  • teenage girls that actually look like teenage girls
  • if you like scooby doo or nancy drew or fun kid mysteries like that
  • several non-white protagonists
  • most of whom are girls
  • olive is great. she’s the first young protagonist who doesn’t like batman, because of what happened over the summer, and she could honestly go either way at the mo in the hero/villain department
  • also she can start FIRES
  • it’s also got a really heartfelt side in that this is a girl recovering from her mother’s death and then having her world torn apart again when she realizes that her mom’s not only alive but a SUPER-VILLAIN
  • also maps. maps is a great character. there are few characters in comics that make me laugh out loud but maps is one of them.
  • if you’re a killer croc fan and like seeing him being portrayed sympathetically then you will like issue 5/6. it’s the best written croc’s been in years imo
  • also if you’re a fan of damian wayne issue 7 is probably right up your alley
  • also it’s so much FUN. dc likes its dark and gritty, which is okay for a short while, but this is so far from that. it’s not about the DOOM OF GOTHAM it’s about these young kids growing up, being friends and exploring mysteries in their school/city
  • it’s off the wall at times but in a good way. there’s an issue where clayface battles the school’s drama teacher in a actor vs actor verbal battle. and then they defeat him with a water hose. that kind of 1966 batman stuff that makes gotham academy all that more special
  • they don’t have an lgbt+ lead yet however the creative team have said they are actively trying to work one into the upcoming issues.
  • the upcoming issues will also branch out into gotham some more. maps and olive will go exploring in gotham pretty soon and also have to go to arkham asylum to rescue one of their friends. that premise alone excites me so much
The real mysteries in Gotham Academy
  • Why Kyle doesn’t wear a school uniform?
  • How the kids never get caught?
  • Does Tristan go to classes?
  • How nobody has found Colton’s secret lair?
  • What happened to Kathrine?
  • How Heathcliff just left  the school?
  • When will Colton do something about his desperate crush on Kyle?
  • Will there ever be continuation on the whole Damian considering Maps as his friend thing? Like he’s the Damian Wayne, he doesn’t really consider many people to be his friends.
  • And finally, how did Batman return Maps to her dorm?