dc implosion

Much of the unpublished work saw print in Cancelled Comic Cavalcade, a Summer 1978 two-issue ashcan “series” which “published” the work in limited quantity solely to establish the company’s copyright. The title was a play on DC’s 1940s series Comic Cavalcade. Some of the material already produced for the cancelled publications was later used in other series, however. The two volumes, composed of some of these stories along with earlier inventoried stories, were printed by DC staff members in black-and-white on the office photocopier. A total of 35 copies of each volume were produced, and distributed to the creators of the material, to the U.S. copyright office, and to Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide as proof of their existence

Cancelled Comic Cavalcade #1 and 2, Summer and Fall 1978

Issue #1 cover by Al Milgorm

Issue #2 cover by Alex Saviuk

2 issue ashcan series printed to preserve copyright after the DC Implosion of 1978. About 35 photocopies of each were printed. Most of the material was later published as backup features in various DC comics.