dc halloweenstuck

Just imagine you’re minding your own business and spending a day with family and friends at a museum. You decide to stop at the food court and all of a sudden, you see a bunch of teens and young adults dressed up as all these different characters and hanging out.

This is my way of taking a break from med school. And it was a great break!

DC halloweenstuck tumblr list

heres the tumblr list, if your not on here or i spelled something worng, just tell me

Keprals-syndrome                        Ares           Lil’ Cal

My-santuary-is-simple-and-clean   Ashley       Dave

bitterassfandom                          Erin           GTDave

ironic-as                                    Kate          Doctor Dave

tastysuey                                  Michael      Deadpool

queenechidna                             Sara          eridan

volatileserenade                          Aby          Aranea

thelureofadream                         courtney    meenah

mojomomo                                 Mo           Doug rattman

cretinouschronicler                      David        John

ashshem                                   Jesse         sort of hussie

arrayofqueuestacks                     alexey       also sort of hussie

reallyquantum                             Molly        GTaradia

adiostoredumb                            Stella        sollux

songbirdsonata                           Tammy       femkat

chisha                                      christina        trickster!terezi

jump-in-the-pudding                   kat              darkleer

kawaguni                                  emily          trickster jade

thedreamlord                             amanda         herself

tridentmaster                            lexxi             bettycrocker/condense mask

 latulabutterandmitully                Jenna          purple bangs/eridan scarf