dc girls in sweater

Another take of Donna Troy/Wonder Girl in sweater, based on her late 60s-70s red bodysuit costume. It’s basically made up of a red plunging V-neck sweater worn with a black long sleeve shirt inside, with matching red pants.I toyed around with the idea of having her pants in a different colour but decided against it - it doesn’t feel like THAT Wonder Girl outfit if it isn’t red all the way :D



DC Girls In Sweaters

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Another take of Kate Kane in sweater. This one is also somewhat inspired by Grace Kelly.

I received Batwoman: Elegy for my birthday and J.H Williams III’s artwork in there is seriously SICK. His visual style and layout are just aaarghh. I can’t even find the words. Loving this book much :)


DC Girls In Sweaters

Just a quick one of Cassandra Cain in hoodie sweater. I’ll do a better one once I have more time on my hands :D

This one was a bit of a struggle for me because 1) I find it hard to imagine Cass wearing a cutesy hoodie with ears XDD and 2) Her original superhero outfit is so badass I just want to see her in it all day (though I do wonder how she breathes through the mask, and whether or not it’ll be comfortable enough as not to impede her ass-kicking?). But as visuals go, it’s intimidating and menacing - as befits the character.

thehappysorceress:Would you please draw all hero-ish/comic-y women in fall attire? Please?


Thought that I’d do another take on Barbara Gordon sweater piece! Originally I wanted to give either her or Stephanie Brown a batwing cape sweater (for obvious reasons XD) but that didn’t translate to the last picture I did. I ended up drawing Barbs in a more modern and casual outfit (which in hindsight I probably should’ve drawn Stephanie in!). So here’s another rendition, WITH the batwing cape. It’s also a partly a tribute to Yvonne Craig’s Batgirl in the 60s Batman TV show.

The next DC heroine in sweater is.. Vixen! Though this is really more like a jacket rather than a sweater. Anyways, her original superhero outfit has really neat features (like the fox amulet) so I incorporated those into this outfit as accessories.

p/s did she really wear like a whole jumpsuit (i.e with non detachable footwears) in her normal outfit? Because I keep thinking that with that sort of outfit it must be hard to go to the toilet. Come to think of it most superhero outfits will have this problem. (even superheroes need to pee sometimes, right? No? Am I overthinking this?)

Fire and Ice from DC in appropriate autumn outfits (though it’s nearly winter now is it not?) There’s not much that I changed from their superhero outfits - Ice’s original costume is already nearly decked out for the cold (with the fuzzy boots and all) and I though cozy arm warmers would be nice instead of white tight gloves for her. Fire - well I just went all 80s on the top half of her body. Padded shoulder jacket (which matches her pants, no less!) over turtleneck sweater and ankle length boots. In retrospect perhaps I should’ve given her leg warmers too XD

Happy Halloween! I hope you all had fun!! Did any of you dress up as a DC superheroine in sweaters? On that note - I noticed a lot of replies/ reblogs from people who say that they’re avid knitters and would like to make these outfits for real. If that actually happens - will you, said amazing people, post up photos of these outfits so I may see them? I would love to see some, if not all of them fully realized!

Friend called up and said ‘Congratulations!’ and my first thought was - did I get engaged without knowing it? - which would in turn be completely ridiculous and I don’t even know how I’d come to that conclusion - BUT ANYWAYS he said go check out io9.com and there it was. On the front page. It was like a dream.

I also find the discussion that follows (on the same page, just scroll down a little) regarding Sweater!Supergirl quite interesting. Of all the girls’ outfit, hers drew the most critical response due to her midriff baring sweater and bare thighs, because it defeats the purpose of warm outfits. My take on this would be this: Supergirl technically doesn’t need warm outfits to keep her warm - but she IS a teenager and sometimes, just sometimes, teenagers wants to dress up chic according to the season XD

That being said - with so many different versions of superhero costumes there’s a lot of room to play around with these outfits (Supergirl included) which also means there’s also room for improvement! I personally like the customization of Sweater!Supergirl by one half of the Dangerous Ladies in this cosplay picture - it’s cute and chic and functional - while still staying true to the essence that is Supergirl.