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anyway!!!! allow me to present michael ealy as clark kent:

he’s got the baby blues:

he’s got the great smile:

he’s a dork:

here he is in glasses:

pls imagine this face directed at lois lane:

and this one:

he can do serious too:

look at him:

these gifs:

and finally:

michael ealy as clark kent 2k17


people sometimes ask my what my favorite part of living near dc is and it’s definitely living like 30 minutes away from the smithsonian


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frostbite883  asked:

DC Question: How old would Jason Todd be one hundred years into the future?

Hello cutie!

To my knowledge Jason is currently 21 years old (if he isn’t wasn’t for his death)

Hence, in the 100 years in the future he would be 121 years old.

Fun Fact: He is taller than Dick Grayson. Jason is 6′0″ whereas Dick is 5′10″.

Hope this helps! ^-^