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An Actual Scene From Supernatural:

Dean: Cas! *laughs* Damn, it’s good to see you.
Dean: [brushes a finger across Cas’ cheek] Nice peach fuzz.

Castiel: How did you find me.
Dean: The bloody way. You feeling okay?

Benny: Why’d you bail on Dean?
Dean: [defensively] Dude.
Benny: The way I hear it you two hit monster land and hot wings here took off. I figure he owes you some back story.
Dean: Look, we were surrounded, okay? Some freak jumped Cas, obviously he kicked it’s ass, right?
Cas: [ashamed] No.
Dean: [dumbfounded] What?
Cas: I ran away.
Dean: [disbelieving] You ran away??
Cas: I had to.
Dean: That’s your excuse for leaving me with those gorilla wolves?
Cas: Dean.
Dean: You bailed out and what, went camping? - I prayed to you Cas, every night.
Cas: I know.
Dean: You know and you didn’t… [taken aback] what the hell’s wrong with you?
Cas: I am an angel in a land of abominations. There have been things hunting me from the moment we arrived.
Dean: Join the club!
Cas: These are not just monsters, Dean, they’re leviathan! I have a price on my head, and I’ve been trying to stay one step ahead of them, to… to keep them away from you. That’s why I ran.
Dean: [relaxes] [understands]

Dean: Hold on, hold on. Cas, we’re getting out of here. We’re going home. 
Cas: Dean, I can’t.
Dean: You can.

Dean: Hey, we’ll figure it out. Cas, buddy, I need you.
Cas: [brokenly] Dean…


Dean: Let me bottom-line it for you. I’m not leaving here without you. Understand?
Cas: I understand.

When Superman was healed by the sun after the nuke blast nearly killed him, I accepted it because the sun was right there and it’s what gives him his power.

It wasn’t until I read some comments with people complaining about him dying because Doomsday stabbed him and he didn’t immediately heal (which, I mean, there was kryptonite involved, my guys). That was when I realized:

The sun was right there.

BvS wasn’t the first time we’d seen Clark in space, but it is the first time we see him directly hit with pure, atmosphere-free sunlight. That’s why he heals so quickly: a literal #nofilter.

It also comes back to the Doomsday fight: it was evening when Doomsday attacked Metropolis, and it was night by the time Superman and Doomsday took each other out. So to those people saying that Clark should have healed after getting away from the kryptonite: healed with what sun? If he’s using his solar cell reserves to heal, it’s going to take some time, especially with that hole in his chest. They’re not going to jettison him into space; none of the characters know exactly why he survived the nuke. They probably think that he absorbed the impact like Doomsday did or he was just knocked out and floated for a bit.

Remember, when Superman was killed in the comics they essentially buried him, too. No one thought he was coming back. The movies haven’t done anything new, let’s see how they being Supes back.

Everyone's so Frickin Majestic and Beautiful in Detective Comics This Week

…and then’s there’s Steph

God bless.

Hey guys,

So, this might be lame but i’m looking to follow more people from London/England that might some day want to do a tumblr meetup or something so if you post any of the following:

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random shit/memes/things to counter crippling mental illnesses


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Loki/Tom Hiddleston


Books (Though right now i’m on a Sarah J Maas high)

Harry potter

TV- Namely OITNB, Stranger Things, Walking Dead, Game of Thrones

Then just sprinkle all your lovely likes/reblogs on this and i’ll take a looky and follow. Btw, you don’t have to be from England but it would just be nice to have some followers I can actually see the beautiful faces of once in a while ya know.


I saw an opportunity to hurt someone. I saw a chance to prove a point. You think I’ve changed but all I’ve done is changed back. I’m more him than the monster he became.


Summary:  Hal always has a habit of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, especially around his son.

Notes: Small side fic to the Alliance one. Wrote it so that it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to read the other one to begin with. Remember, this is all in a sort of next gen world and the multiverse exists.

“So what do you want for dinner, kid?”

“I don’t know. What about burgers?”

“Burgers are good! And then ice cream after, eh?”

The small boy grinned, nodding. He took a deep breath of the cool night air. “Yes! I didn’t think you’d actually get me ice cream.”

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