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DC’s Countdown teaser. Drawn by Phil Jimenez. I wish DC would do teasers like this again. I also wish the series was as good as the teasers/covers.

Okay so Batfam headcanon time to start off 2016:

Tim Drake is really really competitive when it comes to board games. And not only is he competitive, he’s also very good at winning. Monopoly especially. Play monopoly with the batfam and you’re signing your own death warrant.

Tim just owns the board completely, somehow managing to snatch all the properties out from everyones noses. He raises the tax up as much as possible and smugly takes everyones money. Because of this, some members of the fam refuse to play, Dick would rather not get involved with it at all but Cass loves to watch and ‘be on Tim’s team’ (because she knows he’ll win) and likes to play the banker.

Alternatively, Bruce and Damian are awful at monopoly. Bruce winds up stuck in jail nearly every time he plays because he doesn’t have any money left to bail himself out. Every time, he questions how this has happened because he’s a billionaire dammit, monopoly should be easy. Damian is similar, only he gets more actively annoyed and usually the game board gets thrown over (or thrown at Tim) because monopoly is a stupid game for losers.

This is a common theme when it comes to other board games. Tim is that sneaky fucker who manages to get four in a row in connect-4 without Damian even noticing and winds up with the little chips thrown at him shuriken-style. Once, Tim has had to have stitches.

Another game is cluedo. You might think that the fam would be great at this game but ooohhh nooo. Every single clue is pointing towards professor plum but once it turns out not to be him, everyone is stumped. Then Tim just looks up smugly like ‘I know who the murderer is’ and everyone is like ‘what?!’

Then Tim grins. ‘The murderer is me’

Of course chaos ensues and that is why you should never play board games with the batfam


My Top 22 Two-Face Stories of All Time Countdown!

#14.) “Heads or Trails,” from The Judas Coin (2012) written and drawn by Walter Simonson

When Harvey steals a cursed coin which is supposedly one of Judas’ thirty pieces of silver, he finds himself targeted by mercenaries working for an elusive crime queen who wants Two-Face dead and the coin for herself. When Batman comes to save Harvey, the hero and the crooks alike discover that the coin’s curse is very real, leaving an unscathed Harvey Dent to ponder who should live, who should die, and what should be done with the coin.

Of course, as you can tell from these scans, the plot of the story is almost secondary to the experimental storytelling that Simonson employs with “Heads or Tails.” He adjusts his distinctive art style to model that of the 60’s James Bond artist Yaroslav Horak, and takes the homage further by not only making the comic sideways like a comic strip, but also by adding includes relevant little newspaper stories and articles that add backstory, depth, and irony to the events on each page.

For example, one story mentions how the museum’s building inspector was complaining about a lack of structural integrity. On that very same page, the ceiling collapses on Batman! Trying to recreate all that in this post has proven quite a challenge, one which really needs to be seen in context to appreciate.

But all this would just be a fun gimmick if the story itself weren’t great. It’s harder than one might think to create a story with a villain protagonist, but this works by giving the often-humorless Harvey a dash of sass and pitting him against crooks who are worse than himself.

Best of all, the subtext of Batman and Harvey’s strained friendship is the heart and soul of the story, and even though it ends with Two-Face winning (!), the victory seems poignantly hollow when Batman fails once more to save his old friend’s soul.


All You Had To Do Was MEOW

We finally are done with our costumes three days before the tour! We are so excited to see you and Shawn Mendes!!! We are dressing up as cats. This is my second time seeing you and Mary’s first time. We are going to the July 13th Washington, D.C. Night one concert!

We will be siting in Section 116 Row PP Seats 7-10 please look out for us! If you see us come say hi! taylorswift
Jazlynn and Mary

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