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Imagine Being Harley Quinn And The Joker’s Daughter

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Your life had a bad start.

You were bullied relentlessly in school so badly you tried to kill yourself and ended up admitted to a Psych ward.

Budget cuts in Gotham he you transferred to the civilian ward in Arkham.

There you were cared for by Dr Harleen Quinzel.


“Hello (Y/N) how are you today?” Dr Quinzel asks quickly as she rushes into your room. She looks ruffled and flushed. I watch her from the top of my loft bed.

“I’m fine how are you? You look like you just had a quickie,” you remark and giggle raucously. As a coping method you’ve started joking and laughing more.

“I’m good and it’s wasn’t a quickie (Y/N) it was just a kiss. Not like any of that of your business though,” she says. “Please come down.” Laughing you jump down and land on your feet.

“So Missus Quinzel tell me about the person who gave you the kiss,” I request and bat my eyelashes at her. Harleen shakes her head and ruffles my hair.

“He’s very clever, quite handsome in an unconventional way, and he makes me laugh,” she murmurs.

“If he makes you laugh it must be true love,” you declare and clap your hands. “If you get married don’t run off and leave me here please!!”

“Oh (Y/N) I would never. I’m going to be here for you always,” she promise and kneels down to my height. “I promise if I run off I’ll take you with me.”


She kept her promise.


“Mister J she’s in there!” Dr Quinzel shouts from outside your door. Raising an eyebrow you peer over the edge of your loft bed and watch the door.

Seconds later it busts open revealing Harleen and a green haired man.

“Missus Harleen! Is this the man you’re running off with?” you ask immediately and hop down.

“Yes (Y/N) now take my hand we have to go,” Harleen replies and holds out her hand. She seems nervous and you quickly realize it’s because this man is the Joker and she’s helping him escape.

“Is this Mister Joker? He doesn’t seem as bad as the other nurses say,” you muse and look the man up and down. He smiles widely at you, it’s a smile you instantly like.

“I ain’t so bad babydoll. Now just take your mommas hand, we hafta go,” he instructs. The thought of Harleen being your mom makes you squeal.

“You’ll be my daddy?” you question and take her hand without thinking.

“Sure thing baby.”

And with that you broke out of Arkham with your new family.

Aaron’s Top 7: Attractive Animated Males

I’m not a fan male designs in animation. At least, not in the way I’m going to be judging them in today’s list.

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Previously, I did a top 7 list of attractive female characters. The problem I had with that one was selecting characters based on personality over design with cosmetics being an aesthetic factor. With this list, the issue is reversed.

When you think of a male anime character, you think of a slim guy with slumped shoulders and a soft face. Any character that’s ‘masculine’ is often to an extreme to show how muscular they are. The point is that they look ‘pretty’. Just about 70% of male characters in anime can easily be redrawn as a girl. 

Which brings me to my issue with male characters in western cartoons. I can look at them and immediately tell who the protagonist is. You’re the comic relief. You’re the wise old mentor. You’re the token black character. Either that, or they’re animals. I like Stan Pines from Gravity Falls because they put a spin on the grumpy old man trope making him a greedy conman who doesn’t stop conning people as the show goes on. But design wise, I see him and go, ‘you’re the grump with a big heart’. And before you ask, no, that old dust buckle is nowhere near this list.    

I just became numb to designs of a lot of male characters since there’s so many men outnumbering females in media. I don’t really think about which one stands out. I’m just seeing how the character develops in the show. 

‘Nerd who wants to prove himself and has some sort of famous/prestigious family/background’. Let me guess, you just named 20 male characters in your head didn’t you? So why am I doing this list? Well, here are some characters who have a design that I found interesting with personalities to match. 

Same rules as the women’s list: 

Character comes before design. 

No villains/antagonist. 

Characters must be 18+.

It’s my list so if your hubby isn’t here…too damn bad.

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Guys Gals & Non-Binary pals, this is Animated Aaron’s Top 7 Attractive Animated Male Characters.

Honorable Mentions:

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John Stewart/Green Lantern-Justice League; Justice League Unlimited 

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Scar-FMA (Franchise) 


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He’s a fucking idiot. Know that you know why he’s at the bottom, he’s actually got one of the most unique designs in anime. As I said before, anime men are fucking twigs with slumped shoulders.

Goku is actually muscular in a way that isn’t comical like in most cartoons. He’s build like an Adonis, true, but he’s still very close to how a real human would look opposed to the over the top shit in stuff like ‘JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’ or ‘Kenichi-The Mightiest Disciple’.

That being said, everyone tries to emulate the character. A big/powerful guy who’s as gentle as a bird and believes in the good of others while holding his ground for his beliefs. I’d like him a lot better if this dynamic didn’t create so many clones of the guy. Naruto, Luffy (One Piece), Gon Freecss (Hunter x Hunter), ect.  


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Spike Spiegel-Cowboy Bebop 

Alright. So while Goku is built like a brick house, Spike here is more on the slim side. Most men in anime don’t look like their balls have dropped despite being ‘martial arts experts’. Spike isn’t stacked but the few scenes where he’s shirtless prove that he’s got some meat. Again, he’s more how someone would realistically look given his fighting style. He’s quick on his feet and loose with his punches. He’s actively trying to wear the person down but knows where to hit them for a k.o if he’s in a hurry. 

He’s cocky but doesn’t go around bragging about his skills like most protagonist. Rash and impulsive but isn’t hyperactive. He’s just a cool dude with a checkered past. If the situation gets the best of him, he’ll let his wounds heal and go at it again. If there’s money involved that is. 

Whatever happens, happens.  


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Takashi Shirogane-Voltron LD

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Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are so great

like look at these losers

just when i think i cant love them more they prove me wrong

they’re so goofy im love






My Top 22 Two-Face Stories of All Time Countdown!

#14.) “Heads or Trails,” from The Judas Coin (2012) written and drawn by Walter Simonson

When Harvey steals a cursed coin which is supposedly one of Judas’ thirty pieces of silver, he finds himself targeted by mercenaries working for an elusive crime queen who wants Two-Face dead and the coin for herself. When Batman comes to save Harvey, the hero and the crooks alike discover that the coin’s curse is very real, leaving an unscathed Harvey Dent to ponder who should live, who should die, and what should be done with the coin.

Of course, as you can tell from these scans, the plot of the story is almost secondary to the experimental storytelling that Simonson employs with “Heads or Tails.” He adjusts his distinctive art style to model that of the 60’s James Bond artist Yaroslav Horak, and takes the homage further by not only making the comic sideways like a comic strip, but also by adding includes relevant little newspaper stories and articles that add backstory, depth, and irony to the events on each page.

For example, one story mentions how the museum’s building inspector was complaining about a lack of structural integrity. On that very same page, the ceiling collapses on Batman! Trying to recreate all that in this post has proven quite a challenge, one which really needs to be seen in context to appreciate.

But all this would just be a fun gimmick if the story itself weren’t great. It’s harder than one might think to create a story with a villain protagonist, but this works by giving the often-humorless Harvey a dash of sass and pitting him against crooks who are worse than himself.

Best of all, the subtext of Batman and Harvey’s strained friendship is the heart and soul of the story, and even though it ends with Two-Face winning (!), the victory seems poignantly hollow when Batman fails once more to save his old friend’s soul.