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“My freakness is on the loose
And running all over you
Please, take me to places that nobody knows
Got me up so high I’m barely breathing
So don’t let me go…”

Since Barry Allen and Iris West are engaged I have something really important to say:
The only person allowed to be Iris bridesmaid is Linda Park, her best friend, her future sister-in-law, the love of Wally West’s life and future member of The Flash Family.
Ok, Flash Writers? Ok!

anonymous asked:

how do you think the batboys and batman would propose to their so

bruce would keep the proposal private, most likely in his house, with a modest ring, and would only do so when he was completely certain they would say yes. he smiles very softly the entire time, his eyes slightly crinkled at the edges.

dick would only keep the proposal private if he had a shy s.o.- otherwise, it’d be at a place they liked to eat at, and he’d slide the ring across the table casually. when they noticed it, he’d get down on one knee. he asked their friends what kind of ring they think they would like

jason looks a complete hot mess for several days before his proposal and he proposes to them in their kitchen, after panicking about how he would do so, doing it in a spur of the moment kind of thing. the ring is super gaudy but he assures them that he can exchange it for something smaller.

tim asks all of their friends about what kind of proposal they’d like. when he gets mixed answers, he literally researches it and is really bad at hiding it because he’s so focused on making sure it’s something they’d enjoy. he carries the ring in his pocket for weeks until he deems the timing right. he proposes with a simple one-diamond band ring.

older!damian would propose in the middle of dinner with no ring. he asks if they would like to be married and if they say yes, he’ll nod, glad, and ask what form they’d like the dowry to take (land/jewelry/money) (with arab marriages, the dowry usually goes to the wife/partner being proposed to for their own use). he goes out and buys the ring alongside them.

Romeo and Juliet is widely recognized around the world as the pinnacle of romance. It is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Love Story. it’s a cliche actually. A trope. Star crossed lovers, love at first sight, against all odds, it’s beautiful right?
Except it’s actually the story of a 17 year old kid that gets dumped by his girlfriend and hooks up with a 13 year old rebound girl at a party. They have sex, get married and kill themselves all within the span of 3 days while getting 4 other people killed along the way…so romantic?
If I were having a Romeo and Juliet themed wedding, people would Ooo and Ahh and think it was sweet. But I’m not.
Yes, my color themes for my wedding are based on Harley Quinn and the Joker. Yes, my engagement photos will be highly influenced by these two characters that Rob and I have bonded over for the last 6+ years. Yes, Joker and Harley are both extremely abusive to each other and their relationship is far from healthy or anything to strive for in a real partnership…
…they are also fictional murderous clowns, but no one seems nearly as concerned about that aspect?
We are nerds. We are cosplayers. We are not the typical wholesome couple and this will not, in any way, be a traditional type wedding. This is MY day. OUR day. And it’s going to be a fucking blast. We didn’t choose this theme because we thought what a wonderful, loving couple these characters are. We chose it because our love for them made our love for each other stronger. So if I hear another word about how inappropriate it is to base my wedding on them, you can keep it to yourself, Because I don’t really care.


Anime Expo- Day 2

Some of my favorite cosplays from day 2. I also got “married”. The merch I got was a Jasper print, an Asami post card print, a Malachite sticker, and an Opal button. Not pictured is these Haikyuu!! buttons that I got.


(W/A) Dan Jurgens & Various (CA) Ryan Sook

It’s the 1990s epic in which Clark Kent and Lois Lane tied the knot, featuring stories and art by some of greatest Superman storytellers of all time! Guest-starring Batman, Mr. Mxyzptlk and more!

On sale November 11 • 96 pg, FC, $7.99 US