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Happy birthday, Jason Todd!

This summer has been incredibly busy for me and it’s going by so fast. I have a ton of mini comics in progress that I just have to sit down and finish once I get the bulk of my work projects out of the way. I can already tell you there’s going to be skin care, magical warehouses, and Duke’s new clothes.

Today’s the day!! If he were still alive, Jack Kirby would have been 100!!! So much stuff in comics pop culture and superhero art and film, (especially Marvel) owe it immensely to the imagination of Jack “the King” Kirby!! I hope you all have enjoyed my ABC tribute and this bonus piece, it had been a long time coming and hopefully a worthy tribute to the King of Comics. Happy Birthday Jack!!!

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It’s February the 13th! It means that I’m on tumblr since 1YEAR :3 !! Thanks for your support and the lovely comments, I have a lake of self-confidence so it helps :D <3 ( I think I already said this somewhere else…) I want to do so many things and explore others stuffs than character design. I will put really soon some of the 3D works we do at school, it takes a lot of time but I love it (:

Here a fanart of Harley Quinn to show that I’m not winter sleeping (: 

Today Is Jason’s birthday, Honesty, I know he isn’t real or anything But I love him and He is one of my favorite fictional characters.
First Appearence: Batman #357 1983.

I feel like he is one of the more relatble characters out of the batfamily. Why? Well, He grew up very poor and struggled to get food and make a living, many people In real life have those situtations, also the feeling of being replaced is another very realistic feeling many humans have and struggling to open up to people.

He is amazing. Hapy birthday Jaybird!


If this isn’t a real life superhero, I don’t know what is. 

“Mary Cotter is a real-life Wonder Woman. The 103-year-old recently celebrated her birthday at the Montclair Senior Center, California, where she’s been volunteering for the last 25 years. 

Cotter’s friends bought her the costume, and the residents affectionately call her their “barmaid” because she serves them tea, coffee, and water.

What’s the secret to living a long life, according to Cotter? “Just keep busy, I guess” she told ABC news. In 1930 Cotter helped her high-school win the state swim championship, she was a children’s swim instructor into her 60s, and was still helping rescue see turtles in her 90s.”


*cred to @etherealwally on ig*


Happy Birthday Wally

so here’s just a lot of gifs of Wally being a cute shit and stealing my heart 

okay I’m swooning

Bart is me whenever I dream about Wally

and right here you can see my baby still being a shit but also a badass

please bring my baby back in season 3

okay I’m done now