dc comic reboots

LEGOS!! Another piece of art I prepared for an upcoming con in my town! This is generally based of the game Lego Dimensions, but I suppose it’s just as much of a celebration of all things Lego!

Favorite title reboots:

  • Lone Ranger by Dynamite Comics
  • Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers by BOOM!Studios
  • ROM by IDW Publishing
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by IDW Publishing
  • X-O Manowar by Valiant Entertainment

Least favorite title reboots:

  • New 52 by DC Comics
  • A.N.A.D Marvel by Marvel Comics (come on, it was basically a reboot..)
  • G.I. Joe by IDW Publishing
  • Archie by Archie Comics
  • I really can’t think of another one, sorry, @yawar-fiesta.
Now that Ghostbusters is getting a ladies-only reboot...

I, tumblr user khaleesi, had an idea for for another cast that keeps getting frigging rebooted. Because I have like basically no Photoshop skills and also I am lazy, this is fully text-based sorry 2 make u read (only not rly).

BATMAN. BATMAN AS ALL WOMEN. I know Batwoman is already a thing and she should have her own movie but just FOLLOW ALONG CHILDREN. TRUST IN ME.

Batwoman: Viola Davis OR Laverne Cox. I am not picky and think they would both bring something different and much more interesting to a role that is, tbh, really fucking boring overall. (Sad rich white dude gets mad, seeks justice through money! I FELL ASLEEP HALFWAY THROUGH THIS SENTENCE.) Tbh I am envisioning this as a Bruce Wayne thing and not a Kate Kane thing, though I also want Kate Kane around. Viola can be one and Laverne can be the other. There.

Robin: Stephanie Beatriz. I’m thinking a Jason Todd Robin here – equal parts sheer badass and surprising vulnerability. We’ve seen that Beatriz can do both in spades in Brooklyn Nine-Nine. 

Nightwing: Lupita Nyong'o. I will hear nothing else. Preternaturally beautiful and an eternal optimist? I would LOVE to see this goddess in this role.

Alfred(a): Maggie Smith. Just the right level of gravitas, snark, and innate competence.

Comissioner Gordon:Lucy Liu. I think she does soooort of a similar role as Watson on Elementary, but imagine Lucy Liu and Laverne Cox or Viola Davis working together to take down the forces of evil. You’re welcome.

The Joker: Rosamund Pike. End of discussion. Did you see Gone Girl? That’s what I thought.

Catwoman:Rosario Dawson. I am in no mood for making Catwoman a dude and in every mood for villain/hero lesbian relationships bye.

Harvey Dent: Yo, this is a Gina Torres role if ever there was one. Dent’s a tragedy – I think she would be very, very capable of bringing that edge of desperation and heartbreak to Dent’s villainy. I kinda like keeping Harvey as her name, too. Why the hell not. Gender is a construct anyway.

The Riddler: Rachel Weisz. I actually have no idea why, I just think it would be amazing.

Harley Quinn: Jesse Williams. Again I don’t have a justification for this, just a deep-set surety that it is Right.

Poison Ivy: Idris Elba. Unexpected but again PRETTY PERF. Also I think he would like fantastic in a lot of green.

Oracle: Sebastian Stan. Just imagine it with me for a minute. Everything is beautiful and nothing hurts. No, look, I know that would mean Sebastian Stan would have to be Lucy Liu’s child and also somehow exist as people in both DC and Marvel universes. The obstacles are many, but the chin dimple is worth it. Just let me have this. JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, INTERNET.

If DC retcons Harley finally divorcing herself from Joker as her own character, I won’t stop ever shut up, the whole world will hear me fight about this until I die. You don’t go from a woman finally getting the upper-hand against her sometimes abuser to putting them back again willy-nilly. Continuity may forget, but readers won’t. “Remove the thorn, but remains the scar.”

when things start getting confusing in comics
  • DC: that's fine we can just make another universe how's 2 universes or INFINITE universes hm no, too many, how about 48? 52? No?? Idk let's reboot EVERYTHING again
  • Marvel: no its okay... it's all good it's all canon... guys... dont worry.. we can retcon this...
I hate to say i told you so..

Who am i kidding?

I told you so. Hundreds of times.

Nobody wants to see Felicity in comics except shippers who do not read them.

So let me happily show you this:

Wonder who Benjamin Percy is?Just the Writer of the new Green Arrow Rebirth book. The kind of reboot DC Comics has going at the moment.

And yes! No felicity! Because as i told you:

She is not harley quinn. Nobody cares.

Now you might look at this and say: “Why can i not find it on Twitter?”

Well Apparently he had to take it down because Olicity fans spammed him so hard  that it became unbearable.

They actually started “Dropping Truth bombs”  about how integral Felicity is to the Green Arrow canon……to the current author of Green Arrow.

And not only that! Their was one where the person said Ben was just “pandering to comic fanboys”.

In the comics books! THAT’S JUST INSANE RIGHT?!

Oh but it gets so much better!

They keep diggle.

Yeah. That smile on your face. 

Enjoy that

Edit: I was also just informed that Felicity’s Comic Debut apperantly was retconned shortly after. She was in 5 issues before the book was canceled.