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Mangled by Mongul featuring Mattel’s DC Signature Collection Wally West & DC Direct’s Infinite Crisis Series 1 Mongul 

So one of my favorite stories from back in the 90’s was a issue after the events of Terminal Velocity. Wally had just returned from the speed force a changed man with new powers and this was the first real look we got into them and just how much more powerful they made Wally. Even though Mongul is usually a villain reserved for Superman and/or Green Lantern I had to get him to commemorate this issue. 

-Flash Johnson


DC Signature Collection Mirror Master!

Mattel’s latest Flash-related release, Mirror Master has arrived! Mirror Master follows Jay Garrick as the latest the DC Club Infinite Earths Subscription has to offer. For those who are somehow not still in the know, due to poor showings at retail, Mattel has changed to offering a subscription for the more obscure, fan-requested action figures as Target, Wal-Mart, and Toys R Us only want guaranteed sellers (in other words anything with an “S” or a “Bat” on the chest). This year if you didn’t sign up for the subscription, they still offered a substantial amount for sale on Mattycollector.com after the fact.  Mattel promises that it will be much harder for non-subscribers to get their hands on product next year. Hopefully I will find a way. That Wally West will be mine. 

As for the product itself Mirror Master looks spectacular. Definitely happy that I broke through my moment of brief hesitation and bought one. There is a small part on the inside of his left forearm where a tiny bit of paint is missing but overall the paint job is superb. Even the little details like the slightly sparkly headgear pieces stand out nicely.

The extra nice touches come with the sculpted “Hood”(I was never quite sure what that was supposed to be on the back of Mirror Master’s uniform) and two(!) laser pistols, with interchangeable pieces that allow you to display them open/armed and closed, as well as dual holsters. If you have the “closed” piece on you can fit the pistols in the dual holsters. They really pulled out all the stops with this one. Especially when it came to the two different settings of laser pistol. They definitely did not need to add that awesome touch.

The facial sculpt in my opinion, reminds me more of Sam Scudder than Evan McCulloch. His jaw looks much too pronounced to be McCulloch who I always thought had a rounded baby face. In fact now that I think about it even the art on the back and side say “Sam Scudder” to me. It could just be me though, let me know what some of you other Rogues fans think.

Comparison pictures with the DC Direct version, DC Signature Collection Jay Garrick and a few others coming up soon.

Thanks for reading,

-Devin ‘Flash’ Johnson