dc clothes


Who doesn’t like Batman! <3


       _==/          i     i          \==_
     /XX/            |\___/|            \XX\
   /XXXX\            |XXXXX|            /XXXX\
  |XXXXXX\_         _XXXXXXX_         _/XXXXXX|
  |XXX|       \XXX/^^\XXXXX/^^\XXX/       |XXX|
    \XX\       \X/    \XXX/    \X/       /XX/
       "\       "      \X/      "      /"

William got new clothes the other day ! I fixed up a pair of leather pants, which I sowed in, and made longer since dc legs are a pain !! He also got a smaller, more detailed cross, a black shirt and a leather scarf. Soo pretty! I just wish I hadn’t broken his boots. I need to glue the heel back on, but I can’t find any superglue v.v

OTP Art prompts

“Your OTP is ice skating. Trying it ice skate. It doesn’t work well”

“Your OTP goes to pick a dog together”

“Cuddling on the couch with their pets and watching their favorite movie series”

“Reading their favorite book out loud to each other”

“Morning nose kisses”

“They go to see the movie and one pulls the cheesy yawn and arm trick”

“Study buddies. But it’s really hard to study when you keep making out on your books”

“Arguing over what’s better- Marvel or DC”

“Trying clothes on together/making each other try on ridiculous clothes”