dc brunch

Yo Mallory!
Where are we running this weekend?


Why yes, DC bRUNch is still on the agenda for THIS SUNDAY (August 30, 10am-ish) Naturally, I have made no executive decisions regarding location because I want to add ~*mystery and excitement*~ (not because i have no idea).

Places I am considering:

1. Clarendon, VA area (Pros: parking and metro close by, good breakfast spots. Cons: Virginia)

2. Open City in Woodley Park, DC (Pros: metro and parking, good food, a classic, Cons: equally inconvenient for everyone)

3. Bethesda, MD area (pros: metro and parking. Cons: I’m not super familiar with the best breakfast area or the running routes)

Votes/ideas? emilydoesscience, runningwithcrohns, cupcakeconditioning, mrcarlosbc, notovernight @sadtosmfah, butterfliesandairplanes districtofsunshine and any body else.


“Sleeping in on Saturday mornings are like rent controlled apartments or lasting in uncomfortable heels through the night – very rare to experience as you get older in life! Unfortunately, I was not able to sleep in today but the cool trade off was that I got to cook my very own brunch, which everyone knows is my favorite meal on earth.  Joining me as well as making fun of me through the morning was my precious gf, Flor Militar, and the ever so stoic, Andrew Howard. Aside from the obvious of paying to cook your own food, the experience was excellent! 

Each cooking station required two people, which was a great idea because it allowed you to partner up with your friends or a complete stranger, like myself, who turned out to be pretty cool. The staff passed out a Bellini and a Bloody Mary for us to sip on while our chef taught us how to make it in our very own home. Who knew that instead of ordering a $12 cocktail, I can buy the ingredients to make a few drinks for myself for less than 10 bucks? Moving on and more importantly, we got to cook 3 dishes!

Yes, three and livingsocial was kind enough to let us keep the recipes – Eggs Chilaquiles, Maple Sausage and Sweet Potatoes Hash, and Eggs Benedict.  The event was well planned out by the staff as they were clearly organized, prepared with most of the ingredients already pre-cut and our instructor – Chef Egg was informative and entertaining.  Lastly, my friends and I created a hardcore healthy cooking competition that of course, I lost. Viva la brunch! 

LivingSocial’s Brunch Cooking Class Location: 918 F St NW, DC | Top: Hollandaise Sauce | Middle Left: Poached Eggs | Middle Right: Eggs Benedict | Bottom: Bloody Mary | For The Record: $60.00/2.5 hours cooking class

Coffee Date/Marathon Training Week 1!

My hand looks MASSIVE here. Thanks camera angles. #cameraadds10pounds.

It’s technically the first week of marathon training which I always find too easy. Training plans like to lull you into a sense of false security for the first couple of weeks: 3 mile runs, three rest days, nothing crazy and then the next thing you know BAM! speed work, tempo runs, and 16 milers come out at you.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m following Hansons plan for the Chicago marathon and it’s no exception: the beginner plan STARTS on a rest day and the weekly total is 10 miles. I’m ignoring this because I always feel like I know better than the plan (this is my downfall). To be fair, the Hansons plan also says to let the training catch up with you instead of going backwards on mileage.

I am using the next couple of weeks to get into the schedule of Hansons. Their plan has two back-to-back longer runs on Saturday-Sunday but I’ve shifted everything up a day so I’ll be doing them Friday-Saturday (Saturday being the actual LR). This just works better for my life and work schedule. I’m still keeping the order of the runs as is. But it does make me go to the track on Mondays which is one hell of a way to start off a week.

Just so you all can visualize:

Monday: Speed work

Tuesday: OFF

Wednesday: Tempo Run (5-10 miles)

Thursday: Easy Run (4-6 miles)

Friday: Easy Run (5-8 miles)

Saturday: Long Run (6-16 miles)

Sunday: Easy Run (4-7 miles)

The speed work for the beginners doesn’t start until week 5. Advanced plan has it starting on week 2. I’m tempted to just follow the advanced plan because it seems to mesh up with my current training level better and doesn’t have that awkward jump from 24 to 39 miles in one week. Plus the advanced plan eases you into the long runs more. The only advanced part of it (that I can tell) is that you net higher miles (those easy runs above are 2 miles longer) and speed work starts earlier and goes on longer. So we shall see.

In other news: I considered my bRUNch day a success this past weekend! I had the loveliest morning with emilydoesscience and runningwithcrohns. We spent most of it just chatting about life (a lot about weddings, actually. Sorry Matt) and eating of course. On that note, DC, next bRUNch is July 12 (first Sunday in July is the 5th which is basically a holiday so we’re postponing). I’m open to change of venue since my house is basically convenient only to me. So think on that DC runblrs!

Graphic T-Shirt Friday!

Fake it til you make it right? Okay, this was my first picture:

THIS WEEK you guys. Well the past couple of days more than anything. Crazy times and I really just wanted to throw my hands in the air a couple of times and say IDGAF and STFU. 

(by the way, I went to Starbucks and asked for a pour over coffee. I am officially THAT person. I can’t help it, it’s SO much better tasting than regular brewed coffee! I have a little ceramic pour over thing at home and I just love it)

I went to see a chiropractor last night for my plantar fascitis. She performed Active Release Therapy and Graston on my poor foot and arch. It was like a miracle, I’m not going to lie. I mean, I still had pain this morning but it was soooo much better than usual. I scheduled two appointments for next week. Hopefully we can take care of this in the next month and clear things up. Also, even with my insurance, it’s $30 per visit so I’m really really hoping that I don’t have to keep going for a long time. 

Not coincidentally, marathon training officially starts next week! As I mentioned, the Hansons plan takes you from 24 miles to 39 miles between weeks 4 and 5 in the beginner plan so I’ve been sort of basebuilding my miles on my own the past few weeks. I’m actually running more miles than the training plan but in this case Hansons recommends not changing anything and letting the plan catch up with me (instead of backing off and starting with the 3 miles runs in week 1). So I’m basically just going to keep on keeping on for the next month or so. It’s exciting stuff, y’all.

On that note, I’m going to take one more opportunity as a shout out to the DC Area: bRUNch: SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 10AM. At my house. PM me if you need details!

Aaaand now I have to do more work. Mallory, over and out!

Tumblr Tuesdays: Best Weekend EVER

Since you guys see my face on the regular, I thought I would show you what I see! This my current view: standing desk style. I might’ve cleaned it up slightly. Usually there are various pens and business cards scattered about (why, I do not know. I never reference people’s cards. I google them).

I had the best birthday weekend ever, you guys. Seriously, it was perfect.

We kicked things off with a wine and cheese party on Friday night! I may be absurdly proud of our set up:

And it was AWESOME (although, as people started arriving I was sure to point out the stairs: "Hey Liz, LOOK AT MY STAIRS!“ was pretty much the standard hello).

Then Saturday, my roommate and I went on a hike on the Potomac Overlook Trail. It was new to both of us and we were pleasantly surprised by it! I can’t wait to go back and maybe take those new trail running shoes with me….

And then Sunday we headed into DC for brunch at a restaurant my friend manages. We had plans to go to the Nats game but…enh.

The weather was perfect all weekend long. Truly, it was such a nice and relaxing time. I rarely have entire weekends off while I’m at home so it was nice to be able to do whatever I wanted.

OF COURSE THERE WAS RUNNING. I went out for an easy 8 on Sunday morning.Then Monday morning I went out for 5 and today was my swim day. 

All of these workouts, including this morning’s swim, have been struggles. It’s almost like I can’t get enough air into my lungs. Not sure why this is happening but I’m not letting it bother me. Too much. I still have a month before I need to even consider training again so right now I’m just going with the flow.

I should probably not go with the flow toooo much on the leftover cheese and crackers. And the chocolate. Why is it that my running "off season” also happens to be less clothing/bikini season?