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DC Brau’s Space Reaper Double IPA (Picked up at Odd Provisions in DC). A 3 of 4. A solid DIPA that is well balanced – there’s quite a bit of fruity sweetness in the body that helps cut through the resinous body and finish. Mostly orange citrus hop profile and some faint floral qualities. Clearly a “big” beer from the first sip, although the booze doesn’t poke out too much.


My wife and I went to Lewiston, ME for the release of a collaboration beer between Baxter Brewing and DC Brau.  This beer was the outcome.  It was Daughters of Poseidon Black IPA brewed with oysters.  The Baxter version was brewed with oysters from Maine.  Before I get into tastes of the beer, let’s talk about the label art.  The art is beautiful!

DOP came in at 8% ABV.  There was a nice roasted flavor in the initial taste.  The roasted flavor became more of a coffee taste as I drank it.  There was also some pine lurking through the middle.  As I enjoyed it, malt added some sweetness.  This was great!


Washington, DC, is an up-and-coming metropolis. You want to know how I know that? Because, in addition to such things as restaurant openings and an ever-expanding bike share program, we finally have one more thing that was clearly missing: our very own locally brewed beer! Meet DC Brau, our Partner Feature this week, and the District’s first production brewery since 1956. No lie. 

Started by local beer fanatics Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, DC Brau is the fifth fastest growing brewery in the U.S., with over 35 unique beers brewed in its first two years of operation. They wasted no time at all.

You can feel good buying DC Brau, too. Skall and Hancock prioritize environmental friendliness, sending all of their waste to a farm in Virginia that converts the waste into animal feed and compost. In addition to their social awareness, they’re just rad folks all around. They have free tours and tastings at the Brewery on most Saturdays, and they offer a feature on their website called the Braufinder, which allows you to search which liquor stores and corner stores closest to you sell Brau. We love when our partners keep it convenient and keep the beers pouring–and so should you! Whether you’re a Corruption kind of guy, a Citizen kind of gal, or a Public Pale kind of patron (find it on tap at the 9:30 Club!), DC Brau has got somethin’ for you. Keep an eye next time you’re browsing a brewski list when you’re out!

Note, you must be 21+ to drink DC Brau. Drink responsibly!

-Mandy Brownholtz

DC Brau’s On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA (Picked up at Chevy Chase Wine and Spirits in DC). A 3 of 4. Smells of great tropical fruit and some strong citrus notes - quite pith-like in nature. The body is very, very bitter, but there’s some nice fruity balancing sweetness as well - a bit more malty than I was expecting. A very good, aggressive, Imperial IPA - but this doesn’t stand out of the pack for me.

DC Brau Brewing Company The Corruption, 12 oz., 6.5% ABV, 80 IBUs. If I was good at sharp political commentary, or was even willing to walk out on that branch on this blog, I could tie this one to the SOTU, drone strikes, GTMO, or some other pressing concern, but I’m not, so thumbs up for the Columbus hops and Victory malts in this American IPA.


A night with DC Brau and Big Buns. They don’t call them Big Buns for nothing.

Last night my boyfriend and I popped over to Big Buns at Ballston for a DC Brau food pairing. It was a very simple affair with sliders from Big Buns and DC Brau’s flagship beers. We were greeted with the beer of our choice, The Citizen has always been a favorite of mine (though this time it was too cold and I couldn’t taste anything). We munched on french fries, onion rings, and sweet potato fries while waiting for the late-comers.

We finally began our dinner with The Public (Pale Ale) paired with a Portabella Mushroom, Goat Cheese, Braised Red Cabbage, and Balsamic Glaze slider, followed by The Corruption (IPA) paired with the, Marinated Chicken, Swiss Cheese, Fire Roasted Red Peppers, Honey Mustard, then the Angus Burger, American Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, and Chipotle Aioli slider paired with their new beer The Rider, and finally The Citizen (Belgian-style Pale) paired with Wild Salmon Burger, Cucumber Chutney, Caramelized Onions, Spiced Tarter Sauce. We finished off the tasting with a Penn Quarter Porter float that was really delicious even with it being 30 degrees out.

It was a stark contrast to the fancy Stone dinner I had the night before but I enjoyed the simplicity of it. The sliders were great and as always DC Brau’s beer was phenomenal. Definitely check out Big Buns if you find yourself hungry and in the Ballston area!


My boy Jablair lives down in DC and drives up now and then to see his folks.  When he does, he usually hooks my boy Duce and I up with beer we can’t get up this way.

Though DC Brau started distributing more beer up north, this beer was one that’s hard to get even in DC.  This was On the Wings of Armageddon Imperial IPA.  The first sip made me think “juicy and dry”.  There were flavors of tropical fruit on the initial sip which then switched to a kick of citrus.  The bitter shows up early in the middle, but isn’t overpowering.  There’s malt in the background holding everything together.  It was 9.2% ABV, but the alcohol was well hidden.  It had a slightly dry finish.  This beer was great!

As always, beer friends are best friends!

Penn Quarter Porter (DC Brau)

Brewery : DC Brau
Beer : Penn Quarter Porter
Style : Porter
Variance : It’s Robust…

8 / 10

So apparently the most famous thing in the Penn Quarter in DC is Ford’s Theatre where President Lincoln was shot. Not to sound horrible here, but he was killed during a play called “Our American Cousin” by John Wilkes Booth and honestly it was probably for the best. Not because I wanted to see any president get assassinated but because I’ve been to a few Broadway shows and I’m just not a play kinda guy and I’d rather have my brains splattered all over the 4th row then have to sit through a single note from “Cats”. Fuck Mr. Mistoffelees. End rant now. This beer is damn delicious and I really enjoy just about everything I’ve had from these guys and I plan fully on visiting them as soon as possible. This starts with an initial hop flavor that quickly changes over into a smokey bitter coffee with some nice hints of dark chocolate coming through in the middle and end with no easing up of that strong bitterness. It’s definitely not your standard porter due to it’s more intense flavors then what I’ve had prior but the change is welcome for sure. With all the horrible shit that happens daily in DC with politics, scandals, Trump, and much more, it’s nice to see that a brewery can be such a beacon of deliciousness in our nation’s capital. Now that being said, this is not the best porter on the market but I would still recommend picking this up for the bastards out there or any lovers of the style. As for newbies, this might be a bit to harsh for those gentle taste buds of yours so you might want to look elsewhere for your entry point into the world of craft. Cheers and make American craft again!

Written by: Steve B.


Searching for the perfect beer to pair with your holiday festivities? Look no further than D.C.’s own DC Brau! Between their Public Pale Ale, Corruption IPA, and Citizen Belgian Ale, you’re bound to find the tastiest complement  to your holiday feast or New Year’s Eve party. In addition to being on tap at some of our favorite neighborhood joints (Boundary Stone and Satellite Room, to name a few), DC Brau is available at local liquor stores and at the brewery during Growler Hours

Along with being beer aficionados, Brau’s head brewmasters, Brandon Skall and Jeff Hancock, are devout music lovers. One of their favorite bands is Gogol Bordello, which is why we’ve teamed up with the dudes to give you a chance to meet Eugene Hutz and his band of gypsy punks at the Club on December 28! To enter the drawing, email contests@930.com with the subject Gogol Brau. The winner will be selected Tuesday, December 23 at noon.

Thanks to these guys, drinking and supporting local tastes so good. 

Join us in raising a glass of DC Brau to Gogol Bordello on December 28.

You must be 21+ to drink DC Brau. Drink responsibly!

A pint of DC Brau’s Citizen Pale Ale on tap on the patio at the Washington DC Hilton. A 3 of 4. A Belgian pale ale, this delivers what you’d expect in a simple, good package. Some citrus and candy-like notes in the nose, as well as the sweetness you’d expect. The body is thicker than most, which is refreshing. Not that bitter - the focus here is on the yeast, and it is quite good. Very drinkable and the thicker body makes it pretty awesome.

WE LOVE OUR PARTNERS: Amsterdam Falafel, Capitol Hemp, DC Brau, Red Onion Records, and Songbyrd Music House

As you may recall, we’ve written before about each of these partners in one way or another. This time, though, they get a joint post because they currently all have something in common (other than just being the bomb) - they’re all giving away tickets to see AND meet The Growlers here at the Club on October 10! That’s right - thanks to these five rad local businesses, you’ll be movin’ and shakin’ with the psychedelic rockers in just a matter of time!

Each partner has a different way for entering the contest, so visit their social pages to find out!

Amsterdam Falafel - Facebook, Twitter

Capitol Hemp - Facebook, Instagram

DC Brau - Facebook, Twitter

Red Onion - Facebook, Twitter

Songbyrd Music House - Facebook, Twitter


I needed t try out my new bottle opener design so I figured I would also try some beers I haven’t had yet as well.  DC Brau, The Corruption India Pale.   I don’t know why but I shy away from cans but I am getting over it.  This is really good beer.  Great, well balanced hoppy beer.  I love every beer I ever tried from Great Divide and Hoss is no exception.  This rye lager is a great cool weather beer.  The bottle opener works great.  I made it from some maple branches I cut out of my neighbors tree after Sandy.  It had great smooth bark so I sliced it up and dried it out in the kiln (oven), sanded the crap out of it so it’s silky smooth and finished it with two coats of tung oil. The metal is up cycled old circular saw blades. Opens cans really well too.  Available in my shop as of today. Hint. Hint.