dc birthday


Oh… wait, what? What do you mean today is the last day of Birthday Weeks? You must be kidding me, this can’t be. Oh, it is. :C

So be it! Cheer up and let me welcome you to the 5th season of Cosplay Blog! It’s be awesome, you’ll see. ;)

Legendary Week (The Aftermath Day):

Wonder Woman from DC Universe

Legendary post: Nightwing from Young Justice Cosplayer: Valeriya Darkelf
Photographer: JustMoolti [WW | DA | FL | VK]


Happy 4th Birthday, Jayla!

My niece’s 4th Birthday was September 30th and if you remember last year’s Avenger’s Tea Party Cake, she has adorably strange taste. This year, she wanted a cake from her new favorite show- Teen Titans Go! 

The figures are all fondant and chocolate, including the little Darksied stuffed animal, baseball and books/comics.

The Burrito couch is made from Our Character Death by Chocolate Cake, both dark chocolate and milk chocolate ganache, mini chocolate chips and chocolate creme’. Yum! 


Disney Screencap/Gif Challenge

  • 10 Songs [8/10] I’ll Make a Man Out of You
    "You’re the saddest bunch I ever met. But you can bet before we’re through. Mister, I’ll make a man out of you."