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Detective Conan Meme → ten characters (1/10)
“There is no deduction that is superior or inferior… because there is only one truth.”

Smile’s Bio

Name: Lilian Cooper
Villain name: Smile
Physical Description-
Age: 18
Species: Human
Skin tone: Caucasian
Hair Color: Natural: Auburn Right now: Pink
Hairstyle: short just above the shoulders

Eye Color: Natural: Chocolate Brown Right Now: Violet (she wears coloured contacts)
Personal Information-
Personality type: Murderous to people she hates, but she’s usually all smiles and giggles
Sexuality: pansexual
Food: Anything Sweet
Drink: Tea
Animal: Dogs
Color: The Rainbow
Type of Music: Rock
Genre of books: Fantasy, Romance, detective
Place: Ivy’s place, her room in Ashe’s HQ, anywhere Red Robin is
Do they have any serious hobbies? Hurting people, stalking Red Rob, and eating sweets
Who do they live with? Um it’s complicated but She lives at Ivy’s then at Joker and Harls then at Ashe’s
Who is/are their love interests? She’s obsessed with Tim…..
Is someone in love with them? Eh, yeah
Do they know about the love? Nope

What is their relationship with their parents like? Uh bad? Actually more like she decided to completely forget about them
Siblings? nope
Do they have any pets? Yup
Names and species: a Doberman named Chaos, a Pomeranian named Smarties
Were their parents ever divorced? Nope
Was the character ever abused? Oh yeah
If so, by who? Her first boyfriend
What kind of abuse? All of them, physical, mental….
How long did the abuse continue? Uh well for a long long time
How was it stopped? By her killing him
What was their relationship with Grandparents? She never met them
Aunt/Uncles? Also never met them
Does the character have any psychological disorders? Yup
Personality disorders? PTSD, a Yandere kind of
Do they have any addictions? Red Robin is her addiction
“don’t forget to smiiiiiiile~ ”
“Holy moly how can sweets be so good?!”
“Harls! Ivy!😍”
“Don’t you dare you clown bastard! ”
“Hello little Red~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ”

Favorite Weapons: Trowing Knives, Guns