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Detective Conan Meme → ten characters (1/10)
“There is no deduction that is superior or inferior… because there is only one truth.”

Philip Bailey | 20 | Son of the Director of the CIA/Unemployed | FC: Dave Franco

Unemployed, unmotivated, and unimpressed by anyone. Those things all could have once described Philip Bailey. Growing up completely spoiled by his parents only as long as he acted a certain way, Philip learned early that to get what you want, you sometimes have to pretend to be something you’re not. His father’s policies on how to be a “man” shaped Philip outwardly in a lot of ways, and for a long time he has tried to uphold the same views as the man who raised him. Growing up Philip was often loud, prone to outbursts when angry, and sure to see bed partners in his adolescence only as being there for his own pleasure. But only because that was what was expected of him.

In truth, Philip is more sensitive than that. Now that he’s moved out of his childhood home, he’s almost always free to act the way he wants. Though at times he does make a joke or two that could be seen as callous, Philip is for the most part very aware of other people’s feelings in a way that might make his traditionalist, insensitive father ashamed if he knew. There are occasions where he’ll have to act like his old self in public – a bit of a womanizing, unfeeling jerk – to keep up the facade (and keep his parents from cutting him off financially while he searches for a job), but for the most part Philip is able to be himself with those he knows best.

Though he’s still young and thinks that realistically, finding the person you’re meant to be with at only 20 years old is hard to imagine, he’s not closed to the possibility. Only having gotten out of his parents’ house a few months ago to start forging his independence, he’s never had a serious relationship, too sure that his father would look down on him for “settling down” so young. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t want a serious relationship now, just that maybe he hasn’t found the right person yet. And in the social circles he runs in, it’s hard to tell who’s genuine and who isn’t. Until he can decipher the social code of Washington DC, Philip is content to observe, cracking the occasional joke to amuse the masses and trying to find himself and what he wants to do for the rest of his life along the way.


Robbie Shaw (best friend)
Connor Bishop (close friend)
Matilda “Mattie” Price (friend)
Christian Adams (ex-friend)

He’s taken.

Joshua Bishop | 29 | Newspaper Editor (Politics) | FC: Ryan Gosling

By fifteen years old Joshua Bishop already knew he wanted to do something impressive with his life. He also knew that everyone’s standards for what is “impressive” and what isn’t differed greatly, but for him, impressive meant being in charge of something. Naturally talented with words from a young age, it took only the advice of one of his high school English teachers to convince Joshua that he was made to work in the news somehow. He managed to quickly work his way up through the ranks of the DC political newspaper “Roll Call” after double-majoring in journalism and political science in college. He was continuously promoted fast enough that some of his newspaper co-workers were envious and hated him, though others were easily taken in by his commanding personality, wit, and charm.

Imogen Harris was neither the latter or the former. She seemed, at first meeting, to be utterly unimpressed by him, though not maliciously. Her head was just always somewhere else, too focused on her next story to bother being jealous of his quick success (perhaps because she already had so much of her own) or taken in by his winning smile. That’s why, when it seemed like after months of trying she was finally starting to think he was worth her admittedly precious time, he made the first move, going all-in with a speech that probably would have been better fit for a dramatic television show. Whether it was his large vocabulary or him managing to open up to her that finally convinced her they were right for each other, the end result was a brief, but passionate relationship that ended with him stoically accepting her apologies as she dumped him – for what reasons, he’s still not sure, though he’s not too bitter. Sometimes people just don’t work out. Luckily, they’ve managed to remain somewhat friendly, still greeting each other with professional smiles whenever they happen upon one another at the office. He’s decided to simply focus on becoming editor-in-chief of Roll Call before he’s 35, as was his original goal. Lust, and possibly love, can wait.


Imogen Harris (ex-girlfriend, co-worker)
Karina Jameson (enemy, co-worker)
Jack Peterson (friend)
Connor Bishop (younger brother)

He’s taken.

→ Aubrey Kiefer | 18 | Daughter of Attorney General/High School Student | FC: Sarah Hyland

Aubrey was never one to be in the spotlight, although she never understood why. Since she was young, she saw girls become friends, later on befriending boys and even becoming couples. Through all this, Aubrey wasn’t able to make any friends, always watching from the sidelines. Aubrey was and still is a kind girl who could be a great friend, but her shyness made people overlook that, and sometimes she felt people saw right through her. At least she had Addi, who she met and befriended by some miracle at the age of five. Although the two are inseparable, Aubrey knows she’s pulling Addi down as she’s dead weight, and has recently decided to overcome her shyness and try to get to know her fellow students as well.

Aubrey doesn’t exactly see life with an optimistic view, opting to thinking that every situation is twenty times worse than it really is, and seeing the future in a tragic light. She wasn’t always like that though, as she used to be happy and bubbly, but her social status as the unknown outsider changed all that. Aubrey decided she was mediocre long ago, never studying hard in school or trying to look her best because she decided nobody cared. Hopefully, opening up to others will help Aubrey see life in a better light.

She's open.

→ Andrew Macalister | 18 | High School Student | FC: Paul Wesley

Known for nothing but being the school jock, Andrew has always been the “dumb football player,” the guy whose only personality trait was an affinity for sports. Although that’s not true, Andrew never tried to rid himself of the title. He preferred being popular rather than ridiculed, and he knew his fate would be a not-so-pleasant one if people knew about his real passion. Laugh all you want, but Andrew wanted to be a performer. Realizing he had a beautiful deep voice at the age of twelve, Andrew got many private vocal lessons, his voice slowly developing and maturing with age. Embarrassed to reveal his talent to the world, Andrew settled with his current reputation, deciding to put up with it for the remainder of his senior year.

When it comes to friends, Andrew has many, and meeting new people isn’t a problem for him. It’s nice being surrounded by lots of people during school hours, but when Andrew steps out of the bus he steps alone, preferring to spend his time without anyone else. His so-called “friends” are shallow and immature, and Andrew soon found himself despising them. Same with girls; Andrew had dated many in the span of his time in high school, but they were all with him for the popularity, never bothering to see past his jock reputation. Andrew hopes that once he graduates he’ll be able to find somewhere he can fit in without any pretense, but for now he’d rather fake it and remain liked and respected.

He’s open.

Savannah Lawson | 20 | News Anchor/Daughter of Chief of Staff | FC: Pheobe Tonkin 

Coming from a prestigious family may have helped Savannah land the job of her dreams but the road to success has been far from easy. Energetic, outgoing, and driven - from the outside it would seem that Savannah was made to be in the spotlight but being in the public eye since she was young has made Savannah grow cynical of the world around her. It’s not surprising considering that she grew up in a family who screwed over everyone close to them so that her father could get to the top.

The only good thing that her father has done lately was help her get a job. Though he remains tight-lipped about how he did it. Savannah assumes he paid somebody off and she knows that it could come back to haunt her. People in the industry are ruthless and Savannah’s sure that if anybody finds out that her career will be ruined. To make up for her guilt about it, she works twice as hard as anyone else, always with a smile and happy-go-lucky attitude. From her upbeat and kind attitude most people wouldn’t guess that Savannah came from her family - she seems to be a world apart from them - and she likes it that way.

Having everybody know your name and face has its perks but Savannah’s not yet convinced that being a celebrity is what she wants from life. Especially since her own family secrets are starting to leak to the public.

She’s open.

Erin Hartley | 25 | Assistant to The First Lady | FC: Rachel McAdams

As the heir to her rich oil tycoon father’s fortune, Erin’s grown up around business, money and lies so being in D.C. and working so closely with the first family shouldn’t faze her. The Hartley name may have got her where she is but she’s determined to prove that it’s not what’s keeping her there. Erin has a habit of quietly overworking, she’s sweet and composed on the outside but she is almost always ticking over inside.

Moving to D.C. three years ago was never going to be an easy transition for Erin. Coming from a tight-knit community in Alabama, she’d left behind all of her friends, family and broke up an engagement for a job. Never quite able to get used to the fast pace of the city, she sought comfort from the only person she knew. So, working for the President’s wife while simultaneously sleeping with her husband was probably never the best way to get settled into a new place but Erin needed someone. It was stupid and she knows that but President Hall was kind and her only link to home. Sneaking around the most watched building in The United States was a thrill and Erin hadn’t planned to get so caught up in it but once it started it became impossible to stop. Of course, it couldn’t last forever and Erin was “dumped” before the campaign for his second term began.

Now she’s stuck working next to his wife for another four years with a secret that could ruin her life. The only person she’s been able to confide in has been Ella Curtis who Erin swears is some kind of angel. But living in a world that she can never fit into with only one real friend is proving to be harder than she’d ever thought it would be and Erin is close to her breaking point.


Ella Curtis (best friend)
Charlie Foster (friend)
Evan Cooper (acquaintance)

She’s open.

Freya Milton | 19 | Daughter of Senator | FC: Selena Gomez

Freya has always been a little eccentric, she was the kid on the playground pretending that she was a witch instead of joining in with whatever games the other kids were playing. There’s this sense of wonder that follows her everywhere and Freya carries it with this certain type of grace that just can’t really be explained. The thing is that she’s different and most people who know her know that they’ll probably never meet anyone else like her.

She’s got a sharp mind but she can never seem to put it exactly in the right place. Instead of investing her intellect into study, she prefers to stay up ‘til all hours of the night watching a host of ridiculous documentaries on The History Channel and eating way too much food that only requires a microwave. Despite being the daughter of a well respected Democrat senator, Freya is totally anti-government. Fully convinced that her father is a member of The Illuminati or The New World Order, Freya’s always got a theory about something; most of which are probably fueled even further by her best friend Abbi’s produce.

But, she knows that weed is frying her brain and Freya’s made a commitment to quit this year, she swears she’ll be able to. She’s going to clean herself up and be the kind of person who can make a difference, or at least the kind of girl that Lennon Belov would notice. Okay so, she’s friends with his sister Lena (who makes the best food to eat when you’ve got the munchies) which makes it a little awkward, and Lennon’s first impression of her was probably not the greatest because Freya may or may not have told him that she thinks his father is a Reptilian. But, people have pulled themselves out of situations worse than this one, right? Armed with enough knowledge and wit, Freya knows that if she cleans up her act she can be anything.


→ Abbi Simmons (best friend)
→ Lena Belov (close friend)
→ Lennon Belov (crush)
Rita Milton (older sister, friend/enemy)

She’s taken.

→ Anna Hayes | 21 | Daughter of Former Congressman/College Student | FC: Emma Stone

Dangerous, highly explosive. Anna Hayes, the girl with the dynamite properties. Just like her red hair, Anna is mere seconds from blowing up in flames at all times. Everyone in Washington D.C knows to steer away from her, afraid of what the confrontation might do to them. Never holding anything back, brutally honest – these are Anna’s main attributes, or at least that’s what most people think. After everything she’s been through, Anna had to learn how to become tough, because sometimes the outside world forces you to grow up too fast. That’s what happened in Anna’s case, and since then she’s been too afraid to let anyone in, keeping people away with her outbursts. Soon enough, she found she couldn’t live without them, as when she tried to be nice she had no outlet to let her anger out, and became even more on edge.

The people to blame for Anna’s “messed up” life are her parents, more precisely her father. At the age of thirteen her father was involved in a scandalous affair with his secretary, leaving her family, and most of all herself, heartbroken. She decided the day she found out that she’d never fall in love, because to love was to hurt. It didn’t help that Anna had to find out by asking her fellow classmates why they were sneering her way. Never being able to move on with her life, Anna developed her tough exterior, although deep inside she’d want nothing more than to make it collapse, take it out brick by brick.

She’s open.

Amber Bush | 18 | Granddaughter of Ex-President/Fashion Major | FC: Cher Lloyd

Having a last name as distinguished as something like Bush in a place like D.C. would be fully embraced by any other young person but for Amber her name is more of a curse than a blessing. Sure, it’s an open ticket to every event, every party and every social circle but Amber’s never felt fully comfortable being the center of attention. Though, Amber’s never exactly been shy she still feels a weight in having to carry a name that ensures everyone knows who she is and more importantly, who her family are.

Unfortunately dumping her family is out of the question so Amber prefers to stage quiet rebellions. From choosing a major as far from politics as possible to attending concerts that her parents would most certainly disagree with - Amber’s found that the only place her insecurity lessens is when she’s in a crowded lecture room or concert hall.

Sharp minded, quietly quick witted and barely noticeable until she opens her mouth, Amber’s not the kind of person who anyone expects her to be. Of course, in a city like this a name can make or break you and Amber’s constantly struggling to fight against a legacy, to prove herself and show everyone that she’s her own person.


Katie Perkins (childhood friend)
Harley Cook (friend)
Ethan Harvey (friend)
Abbi Simmons (enemy)

She’s open.