dc animated movie


Teen Titans The Judas Contract was better than I hoped it would be. Great story. Great characters and a surprise at the end! All the Character development on all sides!

I loved all the relationships. This is a family. 

I wonder where they will go with this…I’d like for a movie where Kory goes back to Tamaran and deal with Komand’r. Maybe have a forced political marriage. 


Dick’s in the red suit???

Also they got rid of Dick’s douchey Jersey Boi look and I’m honestly disappointed that I won’t be able to make fun of the smedium shirt and gold chain anymore. It’s a sad day in animated history.

me: i really wanna see the lego batman movie!! it looks cute, but i probably won’t get obsessed or anything

me, a day later, knee deep in batjokes fanart and batman content in general: haha whOops here we go aga in!!