dc 65

Name: Kaliv

Type: Galor-class cruiser

Affiliation: Cardassian Central Command.

Captain: Gul Erak

Year: 2370

Background: In pursuit of a Romulan scientist named Tavorok. When they found him in the Federation side of the Romulan Neutral Zone he was in Starfleet custody aboard the Enterprise. The Cardassian transport sent after him was there too: disabled, its crew killed. They demanded his return, claiming he had committed crimes against Cardassia. The arrival of a Warbird complicated matters as they too clamored for his return, claiming he was a murderer. Picard was able to sort through the lies and that Tavorok had been telling the truth, he had developed a virus capable of eating dilithium crystals. The arrival and subsequent quick departure of a Ferengi Marauder confirmed Picard’s suspicions, that Tavorok was going to sell his discovery to the highest bidder. Both Erak and the Romulans withdrew, the Kaliv towing the dead transport. 

Appeared in Star Trek: TNG #63-65, DC-V2


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Name: U.S.S. Yutcan

Type: Danube-class runabout

Year: 2370

Affiliation: Starfleet

Mission Captain: Lt. Cmdr. Geordi LaForge

Background: Runabout, attached to the Enterprise-D Used by Lt. Cmdr Geordi LaForge to survey Beta Argotha, a planet with a rapid evolutionary rate. Accompanying him were Counselor Troi, Lt. Cmdr Jarvis Smithers, Lt. Cmdr Henri Gilette, and Ensign Haspan. When they arrived in-system they were hit with the energy of a collection of anomalies between the two suns accretion bridge and the first planet. They lost control and crash landed on the surface of Beta Argotha One. There they found another version of the Yutcan much worse shape and another crew, led by a different Commander LaForge. They had only recenltly discovered the system in their universe and were attempting to divert a tiny rogue star that would cause harm on the medieval-level population of Beta Argotha Six, a planet that did not exist in the other universe. Neither could prove in which universe they were. After a tense standoff and a firefight Ensign Haspan was able to prove that their own runabout had crossed into Commander LaForge’s universe. Lt. Cmdr LaForge ceded the runabout to Cmdr LaForge and his crew so they could diver the rogue star. Although Cmdr LaForge was successful in deflecting it, it is unknown as to whether he and is team survived the attempt.

Appeared in Star Trek: TNG #63-65, DC-V2. The registry number seen belongs to the U.S.S. Rio Grande.