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Diana being precious and supportive with kids remains the Most Important Content, reblog if you agree.

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henrycavill Hi Everyone! I’m back!
As you can see, I’m here in beautiful Paris. Far more beautiful than I remember in fact. So much so that its been inspiring me to get out and about and do as much running as possible. Which is a good thing because the Durrell Challenge is just around the corner. How’re you all doing with your running?
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facts about ryan potter
  • was born in oregon to a japanese father and american-jewish mother
  • moved to japan but when he was 7 he moved back to the US where he was raised by a single mother
  • is trained in martial arts, stage combat, and stunts
  • supports gay marriage
  • believes in diversity
  • founded toy box of hope, a charity for children that live in homeless shelters
  • will probably cast himself as tim drake if he has to