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henrycavill Hi Everyone! I’m back!
As you can see, I’m here in beautiful Paris. Far more beautiful than I remember in fact. So much so that its been inspiring me to get out and about and do as much running as possible. Which is a good thing because the Durrell Challenge is just around the corner. How’re you all doing with your running?
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Is Jackson actually, openly gay? (Or bi+?)

Either way, I am SERIOUSLY proud of DC for this.

“Why are you trying so hard to be different?”

An unfortunately common real-parent reaction…

…aaaand, confirmation.


…so good of them.

It really is good that DC has been writing their LGBT characters as smooth as silk into their stories lately, as normalizing it will always have a more profound impact on the marginalized than sensationalizing something as human as being who you are.

facts about ryan potter
  • was born in oregon to a japanese father and american-jewish mother
  • moved to japan but when he was 7 he moved back to the US where he was raised by a single mother
  • is trained in martial arts, stage combat, and stunts
  • supports gay marriage
  • believes in diversity
  • founded toy box of hope, a charity for children that live in homeless shelters
  • will probably cast himself as tim drake if he has to
Five times they pretended and the one time they didn’t [1/6].

Hi! It’s been a long time since I posted any content that are not requests or asks. The first one was this so check it out if you have not! There are six parts to this (as written there!) so hopefully you enjoy this one too.

You can find the second part here: [two].

You had not really wanted to see this Broadway show but somehow Bruce just had a way with words and now you find yourself waiting in the lounge, surrounded by people who are too far stuck-up in their own pretentious lives. All you wanted to do was to just curl up on your bed and read through the books you have long forgotten about but leave it to Bruce to know when to pull you out of your self-induced seclusion. 

You had been minding your own business when a couple appeared beside you. “Y/N? Is that you?” You turned out when you heard your name being called and regretted that decision almost immediately when you saw who the voice belonged to. 

(You were grateful that you had mastered how to control your facial expressions because you were quite sure you would have grimaced and flinched).

Standing in front of you was your ex-boyfriend. The same one who had dumped you because you had not fit his parents’ standards and also because you did not want to put out (apparently being close friends with Bruce Wayne automatically painted you in the same colour as him).

“Oh, hello.” Your eyes quickly scanned for Bruce - he had been pulled away by some business partners of his earlier hence why you were alone - but to no avail, you could not find him. “How are you?” The smile on your face was as fake as the nasty look your ex’s date is giving you.

Your ex smiled. The same smile that used to get you tongue-tied and tripping over your own two feet. Your eye twitched slightly: if he thought you would still be falling over for him just by having him smiling at you, he was wrong. It could not be denied that once upon a time, you would have melted but not now. 

“It’s good to see you.” You told him and glanced at the date he brought. “New girlfriend?”

The woman’s nose flared and a scowl appeared on her face but your ex simply pressed a kiss to her cheek. She melted against his hold. You almost barfed in your mouth but you still had a reputation to uphold. 

“Fiancé, actually.” He gave you a wicked smile before giving you a once-over. “I suppose you attended this alone?” He asked before leaning forward, causing you to tense. “I would not mind leaving her if you asked." 

Before you could even give a smart reply, an arm snaked around your waist and you are pulled closer to a warm chest. The cologne that filled your senses told you that it was Bruce and you relaxed in his hold.

"Congratulations.” Bruce offered smoothly and your ex seemed taken aback. “I’m sorry I left you alone for too long.” He whispered in your ear, causing shivers to run down your body and you gave him a smile, thankful for coming at the right time. You probably would not have been able to hold yourself back from punching your ex.

“What’s going on here?” Your ex asked pointedly looking at the lack of space you had with Bruce. You barely even gave him the time of the day and had always been strict with him when it came to public displays of affections. 

Bruce tilted his head to the side, ignoring the accusing look and burning jealousy evident in not only your ex’s voice but his posture too. “We are on a date as well - assuming that is what you are here for." 

Your ex shot you a look this time, the scowl back on his face. "I knew it! My parents were right about you too then.” He spat out, pointing an accusatory finger at you. It should not have hurt you but it did. He shook his head and pulled his fiancé close to him. 

Bruce’s warm hand on your back grounded you. You simply shrugged your shoulders. “I was a little bit slow - I mean, there was just no telling when you find the right one, right?” You gestured to Bruce and you could see your ex starting to seethe in anger but before you could even say anything else, Bruce cut in. 

“They have finally opened the doors - enjoy the show, both of you. Y/N and I have to get moving now. Have a good night.” Bruce nodded his head curtly at the couple in front of you before bringing you towards the hall. 

Once you were sure you were out of sight and out of range from your ex, you let out a sigh. “Thank you for playing my knight in shining armor, Bruce.” Bruce lead you to the reserved box seat and waited until you sat down before taking his seat beside you. “He is still so infuriating after all of those years! What did I ever see in him.” You huffed in annoyance. 

Your conversation was cut short when the door opened and a few more people trickled in. You resisted the urge to sigh out loud when you spotted your ex and his fiancé sitting not far from the two of you. You turned to give Bruce a look.

“Hey, let’s just enjoy this date of ours.” Bruce told you when he caught the couple entering too. He placed his hand high on your thigh - higher than one would have with a close friend and you could see the annoyed look your ex was shooting off at you. “I will make it up to you when we go back later.” He leaned in to whisper and you gave him a smile. 

“Alfred will be more than happy to set another plate on the table later so you should definitely join me for dinner.” He continued to whisper and you could not help but chuckle. Leave it to Bruce to really help you out. You nodded your head before reaching over to lace your fingers with his. 

“Alright, Mr. Wayne: you already have my consent the moment you mentioned Alfred. I missed his cooking!” You replied excitedly, the thought of having Alfred’s delicious cooking for dinner is too much to pass up. 

Bruce nodded his head before he leaned back against his seat. Holding your hand felt really nice, surprisingly. Bruce also liked how small your hand felt in his. With the hand still on your thigh, Bruce gave it a light squeeze causing you to flush and he chuckled. 

“You do know the other reason I have not walked out of this date of ours is because I just cannot stand to let him have the last word, right?” You leaned to whisper and Bruce turned his head towards you, brushing his nose against your cheek and he chuckled, nodding his head. 

“Of course." 

The rest of the night was spent by watching the show - it was surprisingly enjoyable and Bruce would not stop teasing you for tearing up at a couple of the scenes - and dinner at the manor. True to his words, Alfred had been more than happy to see your presence in the manor, insisting that you should at least make it a habit of getting dinner at the manor once a week, or twice a week, he would not even mind. 

When you finally reached your own apartment, you made yourself some tea, changed out of your clothes before making yourself comfortable on your bed. Just before you drifted off to sleep, you received a text from Bruce. 

Just so you know, you are the one that got away. Your ex’s date does not even hold a candle to you and suffice to say, I am a better trade. Thank you for accompanying me, Y/N. Have a good night. 

You fell asleep thinking of how nice it would be to have someone to hug and how nice Bruce had been tonight for helping you out.