Black Female Iron Man by Raffael Dickreuter

It has been clear that not only women but black women in particular have been underrepresented in movies. With maybe the exception of Halle Berry playing Catwoman there are no badass women showcasing what we can do and also serve as an inspiration to the next generation of young girls. 

Just a few weeks ago Marvel announced the very first major black female superhero: Riri Williams taking over for Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) in Iron Man. 

I saulte Marvel for being bold enough to trust a young black girl to come in as his successor. I can’t wait to see what all the character can do. #Love it!


“Come on we’re The Flash! It’s parallel universes. Grant Gustin is The Flash AND I’m The Flash! Don’t you see? It’s the Event Horizon, we crossed it baby.” - Ezra Miller