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yes yes yes yes "As MADE progressed, he became less GD and more Jiyong" this so much!!!

Remember everyone freaking out over seeing the gummy smile after so long at those fanclub-taken pictures of the first MADE concert in Seoul?

And then it just-

He nearly cried when they won at Inkigayo that first time in May, remember?

And then by the time Happy Together rolled around he’d started to loosen up and laugh

and he kept smiling while performing at Sketchbook

And then he was basically Jiyong throughout the whole of We Like 2 Party, for every performance

Running man was jumpy happy goat Jiyong

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And by the time Infinity Challenge rolled around he was just

And now on social media he’s

This comeback hasn’t just brought back BIGBANG. It’s brought Jiyong back to the surface, and this makes me so very happy.