Ok so I had been meaning to do some fanart for the awesome rp going on with the dbztumblr peeps.

Totally had this image of Vegeta standing in the ruins of west city just fucking raging insane when I first started reading the posts. I had to get this down before the thought left me completely. ;) BLAH I think it’s pretty ok for a quick sketch. I hope you guys like it!

ooc: I have this whole headcanon on how Kale acts when he's older.

He’s smart and strong, you know like Trunks is (since Iroki is similar to Bulma in the brains department), but he’s really polite kinda like Tarble.

He also has messy hair.

And he idolizes his dad, and wants to be all big and strong like him.

And stuff.


I wish I rped with DBZ tumblr way more when it was first developing. I’m glad I got to rp with some of them before they left. I am super happy for all the knew ones coming into and hope the rp grows on them like it has me

Goku had been out all night at Ox Kings preparing a special banquet for his wife and secretly for him as well, he did love Ox King’s feasts. But he did this to make it up to Chi Chi so Ox King happily agreed. It had taken them longer that Goku had thought. It was gone midnight by the time they finished and Goku knew Chi Chi would be devastated and extremely mad. He quickly picked some beautiful wild flowers for Chi Chi and headed home. 

Once home Goku found an empty vase and filled it with water, placing the beautiful bunch of roses in it and quietly headed upstairs. He cocked the door to the bedroom opening, noticing a beautiful lady lying in his bed. His beautiful wife. Goku couldn’t help the smile that appeared on his face. 

Goku slowly walked up beside Chi Chi and squatted down beside her sleeping form. The moonlight glistening on her oh so elegant white skin. But his face dropped when he noticed the slightly wet sheets hugged to her chest and streaks stained on her face. She had been crying and Goku had no doubt it was because he wasn’t there. He felt really guilty, but he knew that she’d understand tomorrow. He’d make it up to her. Raising his hand he lightly pushed her fallen hair out of her face and trail them along her cheek before kissing her the cold skin on her forehead. 

Goku decided he’d join Chi Chi in bed and keep her precious body warm. He quickly shrugged out of his clothes, leaving his boxers on and crawled into the bed beside her. Once he was settled in he squirmed up behind her, wrapping his protective, strong arm around her waist and pulled her against his always warm body, nestling his face her long flowing hair, taking in her sweet scent that had him drifting off to sleep in no time but his last words echoed in the silence of their room…

“I love you, Chi Chi..”