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What`s it like becoming Tumblr famous?

I know what I’ve done is a good thing for people who’ve been bullied, but I feel guilty I’m getting all this attention xD I don’t really consider myself famous but if I can spread positivity through my passion then its all good.  My Goal in life is to be the best I can be. When I workout and train and push myself to limits and beyond and with each new step I feel like I’ve greatly ascended past what I thought was possible. When I was a chubby anime fanboy getting beaten up daily I felt helpless

and had no outlet to make myself better but with Fitness a whole new world has opened to me. 

Now there are levels I can never dream to attain since they require Drugs and I wanted to see how far I can go naturally and thats what its about, Becoming the best me possible

I don’t workout for people to admire me 

I workout because I genuinely enjoy the affects it has on me. 

And if I can find a way to share and pass my enthusiasm to train onto others and make their lives better then I know it will all be worth it. It be nice to have a ton of people respect me for what I do but at the end of the day I do it because its fun. Thats a main reason I made my Youtube channel Its fun and I enjoy making people laugh and feel better about themselves haha

Also I like to eat a lot

Gohan in Fukkatsu No F

Oh Gohan.  He’s been getting so much shit from the fandom for his pretty piss poor performance in the new movie. 

No one seems to accept or believe or respect his decision to live a normal earthling life and not keep up with his lazer karate like the rest of the squad.

I totally understand this.  I like to think if I could fly and blow up planets I prolly would not be reading a lot of books. 

However, I have a theory regarding why Gohan ended up the way he did.

And the theory is the cell games.

For many, this is Gohan’s finest moment.  The ultimate realization of the limitless latent power alluded to throughout the series. 

But if you think about this episode from Gohan’s perspective it must have been absolutely horrifying.

His power completely overwhelmed him.  He was acting more like saiyan saga Vegeta than like his own father, or like himself.

He wanted Cell to suffer, not just die.  He brutally murdered all of the Cell juniors.  He became the saiyan his father was meant to be. 

We even kind of see this again when he becomes mystic against Buu.  “Fight you, no I want to kill you.”

Unlike Goku who has brain damage.  Unlike Trunks and Goten who seem a lot more human (i.e. no tails) and unlike Vegeta who after decades of introspection and through his own incredible will power (maintains rationality in oozaru form, resisted babidi’s mind control), manages to control his baser saiyan impulses, Gohan always seems walking a tight rope of civilzation and savagery. 

Gohan more than any other character seems to be barely keeping his saiyan bloodlust in check.  Too much violence, too much power, and he might slip up.

I think Gohan fears himself and his own potential more than any possible enemy.  I think ever since Cell, deep down Gohan would rather be defeated than become that cruel warrior his blood wants him to be.

So if Gohan doesn’t train or expose himself to combat or violence good for him.  Honestly. I think the braver thing would be to face his instincts head on and conquer them like Vegeta.  But I can only imagine how hard it is to be born a saiyan but only want peace.  

And besides dad and uncle veg are gods now so who needs him, right? 

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Do you like DB/DBZ fanfictions?

I do like DBZ multiverse but there was this one Fan Manga I read years ago on Deviantart that I LOVED it was called DBON

DBON is Crossover Fan Doujin by Taresh which features Characters from

Dragonball Z, Bleach, One Piece and Naruto.

Basically it takes all the characters and brings them into this universe so they can have a tournament and the loser’s planet will be destroyed. So Goku being ya know the Super Hero guy is like “Look I don’t give a damn who you are you are not putting other innocent people in danger” so Goku is about to rush him but the guy says “In this realm all the powers are on equal terms, so you won’t be blowing up any planets here”. Basically they are all on an equal playing field so their powers match and Goku isn’t OP. So they have their battles and this guy gets all their personalities on point. So they have their battles and the rival battles so its like

Goku vs Ichigo

Naruto vs Luffy

Vegeta vs Sasuke

Zoro vs Renji.

and then they have various characters from the anime interacting with each other Like Usopp being scared of Piccolo and Tien, Trunks and Goten being friends with Chopper. Also Luffy and Naruto get distracted from their fight cause they see how badass goku is haha.

and all of them teaming up at the end

Its really Awesome and funny. I first found it in 2010 and Ive read it every year. Heres a link. Just follow the instructions in the description, there are 8 issues but they are all well drawn and worth it!