me: *watches anime*

me: *posts about anime*

me: *has anime character as icon*

me: *has anime character as header*

me: *has anime quote as blog title*

me: *downloads anime wallpaper*

me: *buys anime merchandise*

me: *learns lyrics to anime openings*

me: *downloads anime openings into itunes*

me: anime

person: wow you’re a weeb lol


anonymous asked:

Do you think Goku would be happier if he married Bulma ?

Nope. Because Bulma was a spoiled, fickle child. Whatever she might have tried to form with Goku, she’d likely ditch him when she decided he was too dense. That and she DOES put her foot down too and demand attention and getting her way. Goku’d still be butting heads with her in that sense. 

But Goku and Chi-Chi also have more in common. Both were fighters, both found it enjoyable. It’s part of why they had a connection as kids. That and Chi-Chi was the only other person able to ride the Nimbus cloud. And honestly, they’re pretty happy together. They’re just both very passionate and stubborn, and it can seem odd to those who don’t get them.


Desperate Measures.. to @sigmasurge , @fuckyoubrian696 , and Anon. Bet y’all thought I’d forgotten about this last Kiss prompt ;P. Sorry for taking so long.

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Piccolo. Wearing a Scouter. And Goku’s Shirt. Enough said.