“kanshi- watching, surveillance”

This Vegeta has been in my drafts for months, and it’s been finished for so long, I just wanted to space out all of my Vegeta fan art haha! Ok, this is actually the first DBZ fan art I ever did, and I really love it!! Traditional sketch plus digital coloring! 

Obviously used a ref, but I found it on my phone months ago, and I can’t find it… It’s some shirtless man in sneakers chilling with a rock. Really active looking guy, good ref haha! 

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Thought so do Saiyan's tails only grow back if they lost it as a child? i.e. Goku and Gohan both grew theirs back as kids, but not as adults? i.e. Vegeta's tail. Also in DB they showed Goku struggling to walk without his tail, but didn't do as much when Vegeta lost his you would think it would take Vegeta longer to adjust since he grew up with his tail.


That’s a good question.

I do wish Veggie got his tail back, if only because I’ve read some really, um, interesting fanfiction featuring it…

I guess it only grows back when they’re kids and not when they’re adults.

About Vegeta losing it as an adult and quickly recovering from its loss, I have no idea why that was. Maybe because he was older, and he was physically much stronger than Goku was as a kid, he didn’t feel the difference the way a child did?

He was also able to control his Oozaru form, something Goku and Gohan could never achieve either, perhaps Vegeta had greater control over his body?

He was still pretty messed up afterwards anyway, since the battle against Goku was so brutal and it took so much from him…

I guess we’ll never know, but it’s kind of sad we’ll never see an Oozaru transformation again (unless little Bra has a tail, which I doubt).

He also looked so adorable when his tail puffed up like a giant kitty!

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“Listen, it’s for science.” Would fit Bulma testing or examining the Namekians

(Bless, I’m gonna use my Namekian OC for this if that’s okay)

The table was cold and hard and uncomfortable and whatever metal it was made out of was sticking to Katatosho’s bare thighs. He squirmed, unsticking a leg from the table and adjusting the flimsy paper gown he’d been given to wear. He wasn’t sure why he needed it. The tiny doctor human–Bulma?–had said something about modesty, but Katatosho didn’t think it was that much of an issue.

Bulma bustled around the lab, scrawling things on papers and gathering increasingly scary-looking metal instruments. Katatosho eyed them warily. He didn’t like any of this, but Bulma and her family had been so helpful and compassionate towards his people that when she’d asked for volunteers for her research he’d felt obligated to help out. Now, though, he was starting to have second thoughts.

“Okay!” Bulma turned to Katatosho with a cheery grin on her face and a long, slim, metal tool in one hand. “Ready to get started?”

Katatosho squirmed. “I suppose.”

“Listen, it’s for science.” Bulma twirled the tool as she approached. “Don’t worry, this shit looks a lot scarier than it is. I’m just looking for some cheek swabs, nail clippings, dead skin, you know. Nothing that’ll hurt.” He nodded, still apprehensive, though her reassurances did help. “Great. Open wide.”

“Open…what?” He cocked his head slightly, staring confusedly at her.

“Your mouth. Open nice and wide so I can stick this in there.” She held up the tool with some kind of cotton on the end of it. “It’s just a cheek swab, so it might be uncomfortable, but it won’t hurt.”

Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Katatosho complied. Bulma gently scraped the side of his mouth and immediately retracted the tool, grinning at him. “There, see, was that so bad?”

He felt his face go purple. That was all? “No,” he mumbled.

“Thanks for all this, by the way.” Bulma deposited the cotton in a small round dish and set the tool aside, picking another one up instead. “Our resident Namekian would never let me get this up close and personal, but if he’s sticking around I’d like to have a general idea of how his body works in case something happens.”

“It’s no trouble,” he replied, holding out his hand when she gestured to it. “After all.” He cracked a wry smile as she trimmed off the ends of a few nails. “It’s for science.”