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So, here we have Lapis and Lazuli with Lapis Lazuli’s dress and Lapis Lazuli with Lapis and Lazuli’s clothes :D

You guys have no idea how much I wanted to do this, it’s been like a year since I had this idea in my head, wonder why it took me so long.


When to watch certain cartoons
  • Steven Universe: When you want to watch something cute but meaningful, then you get an expected but not expected feels trip
  • Gravity Falls: When you're feeling like a conspiracy theorist, you mostly want to put the puzzel together but also want to have a few laughs in the process. Also a feels trip.
  • We Bare Bears: When you want something funny and cute and relatable. But be prepared for unexpected feels trips.
  • Rick and Morty: When your want something with more adult themes. Also when you're feeling like a theorist. But be prepared, each episode is either a really fun time or a really emotional heartbreaking time.
  • Regular Show: When you want something really weird and supernatural. Also when you want to be angry at blue birds for ruining things.
  • Star vs The Forces of Evil: When you want something funny with adult innuendos. You're mostly watching for a good time.
  • Spongebob: you're not watching the new ones. God don't watch the new ones, you watch spongebob when you're on a nostalgia trip, watch classics like band geeks, and the Alaskan bullworm.
  • Adventure Time: Another example of a theorists cartoon. You should be here when you want funny, post-apocalyptic, good times. May or may not cause feels trip
  • Teen Titans Go: You never watch Teen Titans Go. You watch Teen Titans.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Nostalgia for literal weeks. Watch this when you want a good laugh, memories, and when you want to figure out the timeline.
  • Fairly Odd Parents: Again. Don't watch the new ones.
  • Avatar The Last Airbender/ Legend of Korra: When you want fun uplifting adventures with a bunch of emotional superpowered teens, from first generation to third.
  • Scooby Doo (any): Come for the funny innuendos and animation, stay for the mysteries and music.
  • Superjail: If you're gonna watch this sober, come for the colorful animation, and the funny characters. If you're gonna watch this under an influence, you're gonna have a fun time no matter what.
On the topic of this whole “Female Broly” thing...

I think people are blowing this way out of proportion, from claiming it somehow confirms Movie Broly is “canon” too, to thinking this is somehow a sexist way of taking a character literally fueled only by emotion and making them into a girl and… it’s just getting silly.

So to clear this up: This is not Broly. Not technically. It is a new character, who happens to transform into a Broly-like design. The reason it amused ME in my original post, is that this is as close to a canon Broly the Broly fanboys will ever get, and I saw many of them becoming quite upset over the apparent change in sex.

That being said, there are a few interesting things to note, one of which is this: this new young lady has the potential to have far, far more character than Broly himself ever did. Consider for a moment, her design. When we first see her, she’s a small girl. Small, pretty, rather frail-looking and timid.

But when she transforms, she’s the opposite of that. She’s strong, powerful, built for strength, aggressive and intimidating.

The character dynamic this presents, and the potential it has, is terrific. We have a proverbial Jekyll & Hyde, a Bruce Banner/Hulk, it’s almost as if that’s her opposite, or how she wishes people would see her. It may also be a true duality of personality. Maybe she herself doesn’t like to fight, doesn’t like violence, but when she transforms she gets crazy aggressive. Who knows?

That’s why I’m actually interested in seeing where it goes, and why I’m amused that there are people who would rather have the generic screaming roid monkey over her.