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Had the most epic 90s kid vs Milennibaby Debate today

Had the most epic debate of my life today between me the 90s (December 31, 1990) kid and the new Millenababy (January 4, 2000). We kept countering each other. I pulled out Dexter’s Lab, and Powerpuff Girls 

He pulled out Kim Possible and Fosters Home


I pulled out Dragonball Z

he pulled out Attack on Titan 


Batman/Superman TAS vs Justice League,

Coloring vs Computer lab, the battle raged on for 94 minutes neither of us giving in. Steve vs Joe (Blues Clues)  and Especially once we reached the Pokemon of the 150 vs his 600+

. We were both running low But this was the tie breaker that stole it. He never once had a certain drink This nectar helped steal the competition!

90s Kids 7, Millenibabies 6 BOOYAH. he couldve had me too if he remembered he had Avatar 

, Adventure Time and MLP FiM  u

But too bad