dbz sunday

uh oh Goku got stuck in a 90’s shoujo anime where everyone ran around rushing to school with food hanging out of their mouths oh man here we gooooo.

I literally had Ranma ½’s Omoide Ga Ippai in my head on loop, like, you guys don’t even know.  those anime openings were the beeeeeskneeeess

DBZ Sunday or whenever I wanna post it yea!

beeteedubs many thanks to my dear buttbuddy Kat for scanning this properly so my lines don’t look like mushy balls of lard n’ saving me time! <3 


But can we talk about what amazing parents Gohan/Videl probably are?

Like, they’re super supportive of everything Pan does/wants to do. If she wants to join ballet, you bet your ass they’re at every recital. If she wants to do soccer, you know Videl is cheering like a mad woman in the stands and arguing with the ref while Gohan takes a zillion pictures. They’re totally Team Pan no matter what and are her #1 Fans.

And unlike most kids who would be totally embarrassed by this stuff, Pan is 100% for it and anytime a kid tries to talk smack about her “dorky” parents she straight up punches them in the mouth. Which isn’t always the best way, but eh what do expect when you’re the daughter of the woman who bet up thugs/ran into burning buildings on a regular basis in high school?

But her overly-protective nature probably causes a lot of awkward conversations with the local elementary school.

Principal: “Well Mr. Son, it appears Pan punched an older boy who was trying to take some of the younger children’s lunch money. While we appreciate your daughter standing up against bullying, we also can’t be having our students being shot through fences and thrown across the playground.”

Gohan: “I have no idea where she gets that temper from! It’s not like we’re a violent family or anything!”

Videl: *turns and stares at the camera like she’s in an episode of The Office”