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Dragonball Gals?

Um I know it’s not for the target audience but who’s up for a “Dragonball Guys” or “Dragonball Hunks” line?

I’ve seen enough of disfigured 18, Chi-chi, and Bulma figurines with basketball-sized breasts. When we gonna get:

- Underwear model Goku
-Sexy Saiyan soldier Bardock
- Pretty boy Trunks wearing only his long sword scabbard to cover his long sword style hehe
- Gravity room Vegeta with a stitch-busting bulge
- [censored?] Naked Broly in a healing chamber
- Dilf King Vegeta with only his cape for censorship
- Sexy nerd Gohan with a necktie. Only. And a book ;)

Never? Of course. But feel free to add your wishes :D

Things Fangirls Say Regarding DBZ Awesomeness

The thing I love about DBZ…the ladies.  From the very beginning they just kicked ass.  Vegeta and Goku are literally the most powerful guys in the universe and yet they are scared of their wives.  Bulma and Chichi are not only strong in different ways– physically and mentally, but they are also unwilling to take any of their husbands crap.

Things Fangirls Say Regarding DB Super

The whole show could be crap and I would still adore it for all of the Vegeta and Bulma fan service we’ve been getting.

I mean, we’ve seen conversations…

We’ve seen protectiveness….

We’ve seen family time…

We’ve seen touching…with no care of who’s watching

We’ve seen them nearly constantly be together…

We’ve seen proof of intimacy…

We’ve seen more intimacy then ever…

And I am just sitting here…