VEGETA: Android Saga VS. Black Goku Saga

Android Saga

Episode 132:

Black Goku Saga

Episode 47:

Episode 50:

Episode 52:

 Episode 54:

Episode 62:

Episode 65:

This last saga has allowed us to see the best side of Vegeta, mainly as a father. The evolution of this character is INCREDIBLE. Since he does not give a shit that his wife and son were about to die, to the point of risking his own life to protect his son.


DBX Aigis vs Noel Vermillion.

Conceptual Art of Bulma: DBZ’s Design VS. DBS’s Design

Comparative study of differents style of Bulma’s art conceptual: Interestingly changes between Bulma designs along the series.

There’s a big difference in the proportions of both series. In Dragon Ball Z, Bulma’s eyes were drawing excessive big and large to camparation her eyes on Dragon Ball Super. The physical from DBZ was corpulent (Typical of the 80′ series), she had more boobs and waist. Instead, the current Bulma is more stylized and slin.

VEGEBUL Moments that you NEVER saw of: ‘Fukkatsu No F’

I recently saw the Resurrection ‘F’ in Latin Spanish, and I found some little differences in the adaptation that I found interesting and it makes me think the translators are VegeBul Shippers.

I don’t know if other adaptations translated the same, but While in the Japanese and English versions, Goku simply says to hurry because Bulma will make angry to Frieza (’You know how Bulma gets! We’ve gotta get here before she say something to piss off Frieza.’ -Goku in Japanese), Here, he literally threatens to Vegeta to hold his hand, warning that they may hurt Bulma, referring her (mockingly) as “Your dearly Bulma” (little but funny wink at the ‘Battle of Gods’ ;) ). 

For Vegeta, she’sHIS Bulma”. Well, here, for Bulma he’sHER Vegeta”. (For things like these, I love the Latin Spanish dubbing)

Here’s a look for them to check it:

Wow I can’t believe I almost forgot to show this work of perfection off. This was a commission done for me by the fantastic David Baron. Go check him out if you haven’t already. Sadly commissions are closed for the moment, but his art and characters are amazing.

I’m so happy with how this came out. They both look so precious, no?

Context: Amaranth is my majin character from Dragon Ball Xenoverse and yes, she is that tall compared to future boy.