Looking back at you…you’re 20 and you hated your life. You were a pro soccer prodigy kid with a cocky attitude and you were about to make it. One motorcycle crash and you lost it all. Then came the drugs. The drinking. The depression. You gave your life to something and it suddenly slipped out of your hands. You’re scared I know. You’re starting to feel like you’re not worthy. You’re with a girl who’s cheating on you but you won’t leave her because you’re scared to hurt her. You’re used. A tool. You have no direction. You’ve given up.

You decide to get to the gym and do some bench press. You haven’t been inside a gym since your soccer days. You throw on some weight to warm up. You do one rep and your collar bone snaps back in half. You get back in a cast and fail to complete the semester of school because you feel so sorry for yourself. You’re a failure.

You had just turned 21 in this pic, kid. Looking rough. What is that, a treasure trail? Nice work. I know you won’t believe this, but listen up.

By age 23 you’re going to be on the cover and centerfold of an international magazine that produced over 2,000,000 copies. Pretty cool man. You’re going to be plastered all over Cellucor.com. They make that new c4 stuff you seem to like. You’re going to be featured on bodybuilding.com and countless websites. People are going to interview you and ask you lots of questions. You’ll take 2nd in a bodybuilding competition, you’ll place inside the top10 in an international fitness model competition, and you’ll start two businesses. You’re going to travel outside of the county with Cellucor dude! Your first time out of the country. How cool is that?

By 24, you’ll land another cover, a centerfold, start another business, become an internationally published author, write an ebook, get signed by the same modeling agency that made Channing Tatum, and land work for sports authority, sketchers, and more. You’ll find the girl of your dreams, you’ll quit drinking yourself to sleep, and you’ll find happiness. You’ll change lives and help others love themselves. You’ll inspire hundreds of thousands of people and you’ll do it all while being a good person. Get to work… You have a lot of shoulder raises to do.

Keep your head up kid. I’ll see you on the other side. It’s fun over here, but we’re just getting started. PS - when you wanted to, but you were too scared to… Kiss her.

One of our favorite parts from the Chicago Workshop was hearing everyone’s story. With the start of a new week, think about what motivates you, what keeps you moving forward, what is helping you reach your goals? 

Feel free to share because your story might just be the motivation someone else needs :)

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Yep that’s my bed against the wall 😂.

I chose to sleep on the floor to make room for the screen printing equipment I bought with a sketchy 27.5% interest loan. I snapped a photo of my checking account and set it as the background on my phone. I totaled my car a week prior, days after dropping out of college and quitting my part time minimum wage job to chase my dreams.

I failed a few times between now and then…annnnd a lot has obviously happened between now and then. Definitely some ups, but mostly downs.

3 years later, here we are.

The truth? I didn’t go on my hashtag grind 24/7 and tell my followers about my #selfmade #perseverance like I’m some great God given gift to the world. I wasn’t taking selfies of myself while I hashtag worked on my grind, and I sure as shit never acted like I was some icon. In all honesty I just worked really really hard and treated people with respect.

Everybody asks me how to land covers, or how to get noticed, or how to find success in fitness, business, life, etc… My answer will always and has always been the same: Work really hard and be a really good person. Whatever you do, whatever you post, and however you act: do it in a way that can be of benefit to somebody else.

Also, Never give up. Idc what the awful situation may be. You can find a way. I’m no better than you are. If I can do it you can do it.


“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: you haven’t.” - Thomas Edison.


@tayyliana thank you for coming to Boone to workout with @fit4belinda and myself. It was a pleasure to kick ass with you today! @crushfit mass effect was no problem for you! Keep on killin it! Crushers Unite!

You tackled Jackhammer like a boss. You PRd all you lifts! Nothing short of amazing! When like minded people focus on a similar goal, things happen! I just wish more Crushers were in the area! You are more than welcomed to join us again!! 💪💯

Somebody asked me to share the changes I made in the first year. I was so proud of that conditioning. More proud of the smile. Wish I could go back and watch myself. That was the hardest I’ve worked in my entire life. I wanted something so I took it.

I’ll be sharing my entire story with pictures on my blog. It’s already typed up online at benwilliamsongroundup.blogspot.com but I’m transferring it to my website for you guys to get inspired.

Here’s your friendly warning Crush Nation: NEVER MISS MONDAY commences in about 10 hours for you early risers.

Here’s a few tips to help you get ready for your MONDAY morning:

Lay out your workout attire
Premix your preworkout and BCAAS
Charge your headphones
Get your breakfast/snack ready
Look up your workout and study unknown exercises
Get some sleep

It’s up to you on how you want your week to start. For me, I want Monday to set the tone in a positive way.

So if your ready to start your week off right, I’ll see you in the gym.

@crushfit @bbbenwilliamson @aubernutter @thegaintrainer are you guys ready to show the world how we NEVER MISS MONDAY?! Let’s do it! I’m ready!


Today’s NEVER MISS MONDAY. I set a big goal to loose an additional 60-80 pounds this year. In order to do so, I’ve got to remain consistent. I’ve got to start adding in more cardio. So I decided to utilize my rest times today and added in weighted box step ups and some core stability exercises.

My hope is by adding in 10-15 of cardio/core work during my rest times, I’ll aide my pursuit to loose major weight this year.

I’ve lost 55 pounds from June 2015 to now. My eyes are on the prize. I’ve put into motion a plan that’ll get me there. I’ve got my support system. All that’s missing is for me to continue to be a bad ass in the gym.

@bbbenwilliamson told me once that I’m dangerous. And he’s right. He’s been a great friend and one whom I look up to. He’s set big goals this year for himself and for @crushfit
Seeing him work hard everyday makes me excited to know that hard work and dedication will get you as far as you want to go. Nothing but mad respect and admiration for Ben and his team!

Now, let’s start this week off right and continue to improve our lives one day, one rep at a time!

Much love Crush Nation!

The life you desire is yours….Take control!

Whether it’s grabbing your first dumbbell, writing down a list of steps to get out of your current situation, scouring the Internet for new opportunities, or making the phone call you’ve been putting off for weeks. Take control of your life. Everybody says that they hate their current job / situation. Listen… You can hate it all you want, but nobody is going to drop down from the ceiling and present you with your dreams. Most people are struggling enough with their own shit to want to help you with yours anyway.

So what’s the step? What puts you one day closer to living the life you actually want to live? Maybe your step is brainstorming a plan, or seeking help from a professional, an opinion from a friend, or even something as simple as requesting more information. Small actions lead to bigger ones. Make your own momentum.

Don’t look back 50 years from now and wonder. Grab the dumbbell. Take the step. Idc how painful, awkward, or hard it may be. Just do it and see where it leads you. Worst case you fail.

I’ve failed 6 times. Get back up and try again.


Here it is! 🎉🎂NEVER MISS MONDAY🎂🎉

So today, I leave behind my 20s and I enter my 30s. I cannot believe that another decade has passed. I’ve spent my last decade getting married, bought a house and had twins. I let my health get away from me. This changed in April. I decided to take back my life. I knew I was about to turn 30, and I had enough. My kids need me. So I put down the Big Mac and picked up the Dumbbells.

I’ve met and interacted with so many of you the past few months. I want to take the time to thank you all! I’m truly inspired by everyone of you. I see how hard you work. I see how much you care for each other. This truly gets me up at 5am everyday.

Thank you for letting me share my journey so far. I’ve learned to open up about myself and it truly made me a different person. I’m not as shy as I once was (ask @fit4belinda). @crushfit has opened me up in a positive way. I love that I’m able to talk to you guys, I’m excited when I hear how you overcame a bad day and decided to hit the gym. It’s stories like this that make me happy.

Please keep it up guys! Keep on sharing your stories. I want to know when your down and I want to know when you succeed! We are here doing this together!

It’s the last Monday of November, my birthday, and let’s make this a the best NEVER MISS MONDAY YET!!!

I love you guys!



So last night @fit4belinda and I decided to celebrate my 30th birthday a few days early since we both work this coming Monday (30th). I asked for Sushi. I got sushi! Had a great night with her sister and brother in law, her aunt and uncle and her cousin and his wife. It’s not about quantity of people I choose to spend my day with, it’s the quality.

I totally wish I could have all my @crushfit fam with me. I say this because I’m beginning to learn who in my life are here for the right reasons. It’s a sad truth, but the day is coming when old friends will no longer be around. But I’m coming to peace with that. I’d rather have a few quality individuals I can count on than dozens of friends a cant.

Having been immersed in the fitness world for about 6 months now, I see a change in myself, my family and my friends. I’m forever greatful for those that I’ve meet and look forward to the friendships I will forge in the years to come!

As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, I’d like to say thank you to those of you who have encouraged me along the way. Without you, I know I wouldn’t be here writing my blog, sharing my story and making such strides I’ve made. This is a community full of like minded people who offer a nonjudgmental forum for others to immerse themselves in. This in itself is the reason why Crush works so well. To the new people who just joined, don’t be afraid to open up! This is what we are here for!

Now, Monday is coming upon us quickly. Let us end November on a high note! I want to see your smiling faces smashing goals on my birthday! I will be! Wear your new Never Miss Monday shirts if you’ve got them!

See you all in the gym!

Much love!


Today I’m feeling under the weather. Got myself a fever and feel like I got run over by a freight train. But I got a package in the mail and it turned my day around. @crushfit @bbbenwilliamson This Snapback is LEGIT! Out of the box, you guys had my SnapBack already fitted! Kudos! Seriously though, this made my day. You guys are awesome and I can’t wait to see what other products you come up with!