I think many of us still suffer from the delusion that the cool kids sit in the back. This is not the case at conferences. If it’s a session you’re really excited about, make sure to get a seat close to the front. This isn’t to score proverbial brownie points, it’s more to be prepared for human error. Sometimes there aren’t enough microphones, or a panelist just talks softly. Be the cool kid that sits up front and hears everything correctly.

A Trendsetter’s Guide to Conferences | Publishing Trendsetter

Getting ready for BEA? I wrote a piece about getting the most of attending a conference, particularly as a young person, after DBW 2014, and I think it’s about time to bust it out again. It may not be the sagest wisdom of all time, but there’s some wisdom here.

Happy 80th Birthday Alain Delon !

Le cas d’Alain Delon est particulier : j’entends souvent, autour de moi, des commentaires négatifs à son sujet. Tout le monde dit qu’il s’est monté la tête, qu’il est désagréable avec les gens. Je l’ai revu deux ou trois fois, récemment, et je l’ai trouvé amer. Peut-être parce que sa vie et sa carrière ne lui ont pas offert ce qu’il voulait et ce qu’il méritait. Et la grande amertume que traduit son visage passe sans doute pour de la méchanceté ou de l’impolitesse aux yeux des gens. Il n’est pas facile, pour nous acteurs, de ne tourner qu’avec des maîtres tels que Losey ou Visconti. La réalité est souvent déprimante. Quand nous nous sommes retrouvés à l’occasion d’une manifestation à Beaubourg, au cour de laquelle on a projeté des extraits du Guépard, il m’a paru très tendre, me serrant la main pendant toute la durée de la projection, me la broyant lorsqu’il se revoyait.
                    — Claudia Cardinale

(Alain Delon’s case is complex : I often hear, around me, negative comments about him. Everyone says he is arrogant, he is unpleasant with people. I saw him a few times, recently, and I found him bitter. Maybe because his life and his career didn’t bring him what he wanted and what he deserved. And the huge bitterness that can be read on his face might be taken for wickedness or impoliteness. It isn’t easy, for us actors, to only work with masters like Losey or Visconti. Reality is often depressing. When we saw each other again in Beaubourg, where extracts from the Leopard were projected, he seemed very tender to me, holding my hand throughout the entire projection, crushing it every time he’d see himself on screen.)


Unser Protagonist Ferdinand läuft verloren durch die unendlichen Weiten. Gottseidank handelt es sich dabei nur um einen Glitch. Nutzen wir den Moment für eine kleine Programmankündigung.

Linda spricht am 25. Februar beim 4. Gametreff NRW in Düsseldorf über “Ethik und Moral als wesentliche Elemente des Gamedesign”. Natürlich wird sie da auch über unser Projekt Die besseren Wälder sprechen. Und bis dahin hat Ferdinand hoffentlich auch wieder festen Waldboden unter den Füßen.

E-Reader and Tablet Ownership Double Since Sumer

To some it may seem like we’ve always had them, but the world of eReaders is still fairly new. But, as Apple releases its 3rd iPad to the world, it seems like they are here to stay. This past summer, 15% of Americans said they use an electronic reader device such as a Kindle, iPad or Nook to read books while 85% did not. Fast forward seven months, and that number has almost doubled – now almost three in ten U.S. adults (28%) are using one of these devices to read books while 72% are not.