dbt week

partial update

this is my second week of partial and it’s been transformational for me and my recovery even so far and i have 8 more weeks to go.

i have a lot of goals but my main goal is to quit cutting. im working hardest on this and know i won’t be discharged until i have a handle on it. it’s been going well my therapist was super encouraging and helpful with my perspective on it. to take it one day at a time.

we’ve also talked a lot in group about noticing our emotions and what it serves in our lives. i start a DBT program next week and i’m really excited to see what that will do in my recovery.

this is a vague post but maybe I’ll post more detail tomorrow.

I got this in the mail today was so excited to finally have it! I am being really corny and sentimental, a girl I have gotten really close to is finishing dbt in 5 short weeks and I wanted something to remind her to keep choosing recovery. Brilliant thing is the pages are like that in a colouring in book so I’m going to (badly but hopefully not butcher!) decorate a few pages, and get some of the other girls to do their own too. It’s nice to know people care, right?