Q: What is DBSK to you?

Junsu: Always by my side, no matter what. They’re just like my brothers who will always be by my side.

Yoochun: The thing which I treasure the most.

Jaejoong: My family. We are not blood related, but we spend more time together than our real family and do anything together. 

Changmin: We get along together…when there’s trouble, we like to have a brother to talk to.

Yunho: My friends and family, the most important treasure. 

My first attempt on making gifs XD It might suck a bit, but meh, it’s for my 5 precious babies, and their 9th year anniversary, anyway, happy anniversary again TVXQ and hope you continue to do well :D though it’s a bit late for those who live in asia and some other countries with GMT+, we’re still in GMT- XD so it’s still Dec. 26 :D