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150705 smtown live world tour in tokyo - borelo (chen, kyuhyun & changmin focus)
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😭 I’m so proud of Changmin , he sang Bolero . Without his 4 hyungs, baby Changmin has grown up so much 😭😭Changmin you are not alone, Cassiopeia Wil always be by your side whenever and wherever. 🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈


150705 SMTOWN - Kyuhuyn, Changmin & Chen - Bolero (cr: HOMIN_BERRY)

To Bolero:

Yes I have watched the fancam from SMTOWN Tokyo Dome on 150705 sung by our Proud Changmin,EXO’s Chen and SJ’s Kyuhyun.

Yes it was a good cover. In fact, we know it’s unfair to say other hoobaes can’t cover good DB5K/TH5K songs considering how they always have either or both HoMin singing along with them. 

No I do not despise the fact that SME had been (is still) encouraging their own artists other than the Five members themselves to have all sorts of the originals covered. 

No, as a proud Cassiopeian for the 10th year myself, I do not hate or disagree any vocal/singing talent and ability your respective oppars have, like any of the majority from both Cassiopeia and Bigeast don’t too. 

But ONE, does not simply state how your oppas “can sing/sang the Original DB5K/TH5K song BETTER than the Original members”. 

There’s a reason why the Lawsuit ended ugly, why they were the only ones succeeded in paving the K-pop wave into Japan after BoA, why they were the first k-pop group breaking all sorts of records, and the only reason why SME can’t let go any of the members. 

동방신기 was formed after LSM/SME decided to go YOLO by slotting in FIVE BEST ALL-ROUNDER TALENTED Trainees at that time in the company instead of the norm of forming a balanced group (eg: Some in charge of vocal/dance/acting etc.), so Perfection in Harmony and Dance in all albums are IN EXPECTATIONS ever since their debut.

We don’t just boast their Perfection in everything they do (excluding their cold-jokes/gags and aegyos and drawing skills) simply because we are fans of theirs. We do because THEY ARE, and THEY WERE MEANT TO BE A GROUP OF PERFECTION.  

I understand and respect your different opinion and taste in ‘Perfection’ aka ‘My fav oppa/oppas will always be the best in everyfuckingthing’  because that’s what a fan spazzes about anyway, but I strongly believe this doesn’t give you any authority to stamp that ‘no other boy/girl groups are better than my bias’. 

I will definitely agree that your own oppas did a good job in singing our DBSK songs, but Never BETTER or PERFECTION. 

Just, No.