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sm workshops get fuckin lit man

T.O.P's life matters

Praying that TOP wakes up soon.🙏🏻praying that he gets well soon.

Now on to my post about this whole situation. People can you stop being Rude and saying hurtful things towards this human being. What’s with all the hate. And all the jokes!? How is it funny to make fun of someone who’s life is at stake??? Do you even have a heart??? No matter what your view is on a person never… Never make fun of them when their life might be lost or when they are at their lowest point. For all of those making those cruel jokes. You are heartless.
Another point.. all of those bringing their own bias into this situation and saying things like “oh I’m glad it wasn’t this person.” Or “this could’ve happened to this person.”
No. Just Don’t. This is not the time for that crap either. Don’t be bringing other people into this situation cause you know what they’re two different people! Everyone is different! Don’t compare. You don’t do that. Especially in situations like this.

Can’t everyone in K-Pop just stop the hate. Over fandoms and idols. Come together and be proud of the music that you listen to. The same way we come together when a group needs us for international promo.

Come together and pray for this person that needs our help. Have a heart.
I support TOP 100% and will stand by him.

Me: I love this sense of peace in my life

SM: Sorry to intrude, but SNSD’s coming back in July

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Me: Wha–

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SM: Super Junior is also preparing to come back this year

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Me: Wait–what the fu–

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Jaejoong: My album’s coming soon, so be prepared

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It was good while it lasted

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Just realized that I am not following enough active kpop blogs. Mainly looking for blogs about:

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And kdramas

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Great concept: Older members showing their love towards their maknae..

When they go all soft and sweet whenever their maknae does something remotely cute and adorable.
When they ruffle their maknae’s hair and pinch his cheeks.
When the maknae acts all cute to get something and the members scramble to fulfill it.
When the maknae does something incredible and everyone celebrates by patting his back/butt and hugging him.
When the maknae is sad and everyone crowds him to make him laugh because they don’t want their maknae sad.
When the maknae is asked who the best hyung is and everyone scrambles because they want their name to be called.
When even their maknae turns big and evil but he’s still everyone’s baby.
When the maknae is happy, the whole group is happy.

Sometimes I really miss second generation kpop. Not only the groups and music, but the way they interacted with each other and fans but also the type of shows and hilarious behavior in them. I really miss DBSK as five with that bond of brotherhood.  SS501 with the constant  bickering of Tom and Jerry. U-Kiss with Kibum and weird Alexander. Hanchul who stole my heart and Kibum of SUJU with his amazing smile. Ah, second generation kpop brought us so many wonderful groups to love, Wonder Girls, B2ST, 2PM, SHINee etc.  I am nostlagic today and wonder if I am the only one who misses this era.  Does anyone miss old style Kpop sometimes or just me?

아무리 봐도 윤호는 도베르만을 닮았다🐶🐕 나는 김병옥 형님을 닮았다😀🙌 김병옥 형님께서 엄청 좋아하셨다🏃🕺 윤호는 자기한테는 유로뽕 동해는 도로뽕 나는 희로뽕이라는 별명을 붙여줬다😀 그래서 내 별명은 방송에서 말도 못한다😐 윤호는 아직도 날 보면 “희로뽕~ 희로뽕형~🤗” 하고 다정하게 인사를 건내준다👋🙄 문제는 사람들이 날 이상하게 생각한다는 것이다😐 우리 쓰리뽕은 재밌는 추억들이 많다🍒 한번 풀어보도록 하겠다🎎 #TVXQ #SuperJunior #ShowMeYourLove 그러고보니 ‘Show Me Your Love’ 라는 노래가 있었군..🎼🎶 #아무말대잔치