New kpop fans who don’t know about dbsk, big bang, super junior, 2pm, shinee, beast, mblaq, u-kiss, infinite, kara, t-ara, 2ne1, girls generation and after school (forgive me if I forgot more groups) are missing out on soooooooooo much. Even though most of these groups has lost members or some disbanded, they literally are legends who need to be respected and acknowledged for making kpop as big and international as it is today.

Honestly though, this whole trend of doing kpop gender tests has got to stop. I don’t even know why something as offensive and degrading as this exists in the first place. It’s just downright disrespectful and wrong in so many ways.

I’ve been wanting to say this for a very long time so I don’t care if I get hate for saying this or if I sound salty. I don’t even care if I lose followers.
  Army (not all of you) have been starting to piss me off a lot lately. I know you guys love bts very much and think they’re better than everyone else but you guys need to start being humble. You act like they’re the only group from a small company that reached success and are starting to look down and ignore the hard work of every other idol group that paved a pathway for newer generation idols to reach success. There are many other amazing groups from smaller company that reached success including infinite, beast, b.a.p, vixx, seventeen and more! They may not have blown up like bts did, but each of them are just as or even more talented than your fave. Bts could not have have got to where they are without the impact and influence of legendary groups like dbsk, big bang, super junior, shinee girls generation, kara, 2ne1 etc so get off your high horses.

Lemme tell you one thing. Every single idol group, whether they became successful or not had to work their asses off just to get a chance to debut. It doesn’t matter if they’re from a big company or not. Every group has to go through many different obstacles and hurdles to get where they are. This took me a long time to realize, but just because a group is from a big company (be it exo, ikon, got7) doesn’t mean they didn’t have to go through a shitload of hardships to get where they are. Yes they might’ve had a few advantages, but that doesn’t mean they could just sit by and have everything handed down to them. Each and every one of them had to work hard, lose sleep, endure pain and stress, go through unfair treatment, be away from their family, etc to get where they are. Stop downplaying the hard work of other idols for your own benefit. It just makes the whole fandom as a whole look really bad, which is extremely unfortunate.